Seattle Update 02: The Interrogation of Nighthawk

Written by: Nighthawk           Played on: 03 Feb 2013
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This was another email based update provided to the players. Our previous run had gone long, so rather than play out the interrogation of the surviving squad member, especially since he was going to be more than forthcoming with the answers he had, I elected to end game and send them a written transcript of the events. 

The long, brutally hard fought battle ends first with a bang, then a whimper.

The last drone is crushed under Chekhov’s massive bear paws. Cho is already screaming past him for the stairs, rushing to Matt’s side. The shattered tooth compartments and the fading bonds burned into Matt and the one surviving elf’s arm tell the story; one last command issued to the troops of the mage who appears to have escaped in the confusion. Matt is gone in what feels like the longest minute of Cho’s life. Her cries reflect the physical pain everyone has endured.

Among the bodies in the rusting, half constructed geothermal plant, Chekhov finds one that is still breathing. The ork, knocked unconscious early in the fight, was not awake to carry out the last command issued to him. Restraining him is easy. Removing the poison tooth compartment difficult, but not impossible. The bond, the burning blue flame tattoo of a wolf’s head, still burns on his right forearm.

After being treated for his wounds and resuscitated, he is initially fearful, a shadow of the placid murderer he was an hour ago. He calms down a bit, his eyes filling almost with a bit of sadness, when you show him the bonds on your own arms. He tells you his name, Lawrence “Nighthawk” Mallard. A street samurai out of LA until he got pinched by Lone Star during an data steal gone south about two years ago. He only spent three months in a jail cell, though. People, he’s not sure who, bought him and carted him off. Most of the next few months are hazy, but he remembers pain and surgery after surgery as they adapted his body to their needs. He’s spent most of the last year either locked in a dark box or out on missions like this one.

They don’t tell him anything. They don’t need him to know. They just need him to follow orders. Which he did, even though every fiber in his being wanted him to stop. He did at least get to talk to the others. Carson “The Iron Hammer” Daley had been there the longest. He’d been taken right out of his home in the middle of the night, day before a championship Blood Bowl match. He’d been operated on and out on these assignments for years and had seen plenty of squad mates come and go as they died. In “service to the cause”, whatever the cause was. Matt Torrence had been there a long time too, plucked out of a long stint in a prison near Denver for weapons trafficking and a couple of murders he didn’t commit. The other sniper, Nancy Grey, was a shadowrunner in Texas. She hadn’t been nabbed by the police, but they found her somehow, just like they had The Iron Hammer. Terry Malone, an orc ganger serving time for assault; Tina Michaels, a Shadowrunner in Seattle; and Scott Foster, the self proclaimed best pickpocket in Florida, had all come to the team recently, he didn’t know as much about them. Getting close to them, when they could die the next day for reasons out of their control, just seemed like a waste of time. Unsurprisingly, he swears h’s not a member of EarthFirst! and he wasn’t on his way to prison when he broke out with the others. They’ve been waiting here for several days. He didn’t know why until the team showed up to the ambush.

Their handler was one of the few long term people he met. Their captors rarely used names when they were around, but occasionally they got sloppy and referred to her as “Shakira”. He’s pretty sure its a nickname, not her real one. The cold hearted bitch had led them on numerous operations against their will. A lot of the memories are hazy or absent, a side effect of prolonged use of the bonds, but they’d traveled to cities all over North America as well as a few in South East Asia somewhere, the Middle East and Africa. It was a little hard to keep track of the details since they never told him where they were traveling and it wasn’t like they flew commercial air. She was either Military or Corporate, but their primary employer was definitely military. They got tasked with a lot of suicide and behind enemy line type missions. The only concerns for the mission were to accomplish the assignment and to bring Shakira back alive. Everyone else was expendable.

They used to store the group in an underground facility in Seattle. They were often monitored and visited by an individual they only knew as “The Doctor” who seemed to be monitoring their development. That suddenly ended about six months ago and they were transferred to a new storage location. They also got occasional visits from an elderly, stately Chinese man he heard one of the guards call “The Dragon” or something like that. He seemed most interested in the bonds and developing Shakira’s control of the team members. They hadn’t seen him in just as long. The only other name person he can think of is a man they called “Notorious”. Apparently, he was the man calling the shots and assigning Shakira her missions. He never met the man, as far as he knows, only hearing his name in passing.

Wheeler seems lost in thought at the mention of the name, finally telling the rest of the group when pressed. Notorious is a nickname he has heard before. It belonged to a Special Operations soldier named Knowle Rohrer. Wheeler didn’t serve with him, but knows him in passing. He was assigned to another company in the same unit during his Active Duty time with the UCAS. Wheeler got out a short while later but his reputation, even then, was that of a thorough and effective operator. In a lot of ways, he reminded Wheeler of himself back then. More machine than man both mentally and physically. His performance had warranted the attention and accolades of the unit commander, Brigadier General Bezalel himself.

With his story told and his apologies made, Nighthawk looks upon you all pleadingly. He doesn’t want any trouble and he never wanted to hurt any of you. He just wants to try to rebuild his life and stay away from whoever it was that made his life hell for the past few years.

After this, the team elected to send Nighthawk off with the pay they had received from their last run. This netted him as a contact for them that might prove useful in the future.

PREVIOUS: Mission 15 – Cover Up – Part 2
NEXT: Side Mission – Rat Race Round Two – Part 1

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