Seattle Mission 15: Cover Up – Part 1

Written by: Chekhov           Played on: 02 Feb 2013
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I called Boe Saggat today. Really, I’ve had no reason not to keep in touch with him, but just like everything else back at home, it’s been on hold; hold until I can settle this fiasco that’s put me out of commission for a year.

It was still good to hear the goof, dumb as ever. I don’t know how that guy manages to keep himself out of trouble, how deep he is into EarthFirst!. And yet, he knew nothing on the subject I sought him out for. I should have taken that as a sign.

My team received a call from someone claiming to be ranked in the Knight Errant law enforcement agency. They had “misplaced” a set of prisoners, which Johnson claimed were known members of the group EarthFirst!. Being that they were already heftily embarrassed with recent failures we may or may not have had part in formulating, the man offered us a job to take care of this problem of lost prisoners on the down low. Considering how slow it’s been the past few months when it comes to pay, my team accepted.

The whole thing already seemed a bit strange, but most runs usually are. I caught a vibe of distrust from my fellow runners. Apparently, when they inquired who suggested our group, the Johnson gave the name of someone they had previously murdered. Outdated information, I suppose. Moreover, looking into our own sources within Lone Star, the targets of the job did not appear to have the record suggested. I think most of them barely showed much of a connectable record among each other, let alone anything within EarthFirst!. That suspicion was confirmed later when I gave Boe a ring and he knew nothing of the people or their escape. Someday, we will learn to trust our gut when a deal smells foul.

Mr Johnson mentioned claimed that he had gotten their  name from was Justin Darien. Previously they worked for Darien, doing a job spying on the Triad, and later they assassinated him at the behest of the Triad. The team assumed he had recommended them to this new contact before said assassination.

While listening in on a group call to John Eaglefeather, I couldn’t help noticing Cho eyeing over one of the photographs of the targets. She joined in on the conversation whenever pertinent, but her attention was definitely drawn aside. Even though a lengthy amount of the discussion was on the probable destination of our targets being an out skirted outcast tent city edging the sight of a natural disaster, Wheeler had to repeat to her why we were later packing up to go there.

The tent-city Puyallup is built under the remnants of a fairly recent volcanic eruption. I had heard of it, but it had been a while since I’ve seen anything of its like. A massive under-bridge for people who don’t want to be, or are not welcome, anywhere else. It reminded me of things I had only seen while running with EarthFirst!. Still, it was away from the norm, something more organic. Again, I felt reminded of what I would rather be doing.

Our leads were pretty slim as to where we might find our targets and authority is not taken with a beaming smile in Payalup. Therefore, our team split up and tried to cause as little ruckus while gaining what information we could about recent passer-byes. I myself came across a lady missing an eye who seemed very interested in spending intimate time with me. I managed to get out of her that a few rough persons recently went through the town, seeming to pass right through. That was about the most I could tolerate before feeling… awkward.

This scene was played somewhat fast and loose. Rather than trying to roleplay out every person they questioned as they canvased the area, I intended to simulate it by having them make appropriate Etiquette, Intimidation and Con rolls along with bribes for each person they spoke to. For each roll they made, they learned a few bits of information from a list (some useful, some not) based on the number of hits they got and they paid a small bribe, except in the case of Intimidation and Con rolls. I had rules sketched out for myself where, after making so many rolls, the bribe amounts would increase as word got around town that some guys were looking for info and willing to pay. They could get out of a few bribes by Intimidating or lying to the people in town, but that had diminishing returns as it caused the bribe amount to increase faster and became less effective as it was used (you can only push a desperate group of people living in a ramshackle city just so far).

This worked out pretty well on the whole, though I found my players kept trying to get into roleplaying to learn more as I told them what info they found out after a roll. There are worse problems to have in players than a deep desire to roleplay, I suppose.

My mates had about the same luck with information. The biggest tidbit we could gather was that several gang members had recently been found dead. Others confirmed that our persons of interest had been bullying out supplies from the city. No one knew where they were taking them. However, the dead gang-bangers did have a hideaway out in an abandoned geothermal plant. Seeing as they were dead, it was the only real lead we had as to where our targets might be stowing away. Packing up, we left the city to return to our van, and headed out to the plant.

I caught Cho eyeing the photograph over and over. I couldn’t help but finally inquire if she knew the person. “Yes,” she replied. I pressed her for more but she seemed sore about the subject, save to say that if possible she’d like to talk to this man before we murdered him in the name of money. So much baggage in this group, surfacing from moment to moment. Still, there was a look I don’t think I’ve really seen on her before. I can’t quite place it, but it was… sad.

The plant was more than off the road. Our commlinks had lost all signal except for the direct satellite feed. Not knowing what to expect from a shoddy fortress of outskirt gangers, Cho and Bear went ahead of the group to deploy a drone outside of the building.

Back in the van, we followed along with the feed from her mechanism. It appeared that the rest of the gang were all dead and thrown outside of the building, which… if anything, better confirmed our suspicions that our targets were inside. Though the building appeared inactive, Bear detected what was likely a sentry ward outside of it. Hoping to catch them in the act of leaving, we decided to sit out and wait, continuing our reconnaissance with Cho’s drone.

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