Seattle Mission 14: Magnum Delta Theta P.I. (Part 1) – Part 2

Written by: Marius           Played on: 21 Dec 2012
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We arrive at the Haliburton Suites. I take some of the bags up and walk the ladies to the room. I drop the drone in the room and head back down to the limo. As I am leaving the team and I have an argument that I lose about Bear going into the room invisibly. I take the limo back to the depot and call a cab for the return trip.

The girls break out the Bliss. Bear struggles with his urge to shoot up, ultimately staying in his corner. I have just arrived and am heading into the hotel room. Bear announces that he is following the two girls into their darkened room, two drunk, drugged out beautiful college coeds.

“This is not creepy at all Bear, in case you were worried,” I say over the team channel, as I make my way up to the room the parents rented us for the night. The two girls climb into bed. Once I am in the team suite, I don my armor and assemble my rifle. I take a seat on an easy chair, ready to fight at a moments notice, ever vigilant.

“We got something here,” Bear says over the com channel. My head jerks back up as I awake. He describes a spirit manifesting itself in the room.

My original plans did not have peeping tom standing in the room with the girls for the night. As such, I ended up modifying this scene on the fly significantly to make something work.

“Knock the girls out first,” I say into the comm, but it’s too late. I can tell by the grunt Bear makes over the channel that he has already loosed magic. Cho is able to see the spirit manifest on her drone’s camera feed. It acts a little funny and then lunges toward one corner of the room, presumably Bear’s corner. I grab my rifle and head for the door of our suite. My body armor and helmet will prevent the ladies from knowing that I am the same person that drove them.

Wheeler and Chekhov head for the balcony. Cho follows me toward the front door of the suite, she has her sword on her back. Cho pulls her pistol and unleashes a volley of sound suppressed armor piercing rounds into the maglock. I shoulder the door open and charge in. The other team members are engaging in combat with spirits, the girls are screaming.

Chekhov and Wheeler have already cleared the balcony and are attempting to break into the room through the outer door. Cho enters into the main room as I am sprinting for Julia’s room. I see a blinding blue flash under the door. The spirit grabs Julia and starts to exit the window, with Julia in tow. The second spirit in the room engages Bear in close combat. Bear yells to Wheeler on the balcony, “Kill that spirit before it takes her away!”

As I reach Julia’s room, I hear the soft pops of Wheelers sound suppressed Ares Predator outside on the balcony. I throw the door open as Cho rushes past me, she grabs the girl and engages in a tug of war with the spirit. As Wheeler hits the spirit with additional rounds it disappears and Julia swings down on Cho’s arms and smashes face first into the wall of the building. Bear is still in combat with the second spirit. Wheeler announced that another girl is being drug through the window in the room opposite Julia. Another two are being drug through to the balcony through him and Chekhov.

Chekhov casts a physical barrier blocking both the door and windows. I make it to the girl and pull her in. “Stay down and be still,” I tell her. I charge into the next room and grab the next girl, engaging in a tug-of-war with the spirit.

“I’ve got Julia and her friend in the bathroom,” Cho announces over the radio. With the knowledge that our ward is secure a wash of relief comes over me and I am able to fight with renewed vigor. As I am pulling I feel a sharp tug as the barrier containing the spirits fails.

“Shit!” Chekhov announces. I hear the rhythmic popping of Wheeler’s Predator. I release one hand on the girl’s ankle, leaving only one hand holding her. I raise my rifle, unleashing six rounds. The girl falls! “SHIT, SHE IS FALLING!!!” I yell as she swings into the building. My hand tightens around her ankle, her soft pajama pants allow her to slide from my grasp, leaving a scrap of light pink synthetic material with rubber ducks on it in my hand as she plummets toward the ground. As she falls my stomach falls with her.

Chekhov casts levitate on her, “I got the girl,” he says.

“No, I got it!” Bear says. “Away!” I look to the left and see Bear leap from the window. The girl halts in mid fall, Bear does not. The pit in my gut about the girl begins to subside as I see her fall slow, but it is then replaced by another as I see Bear fall past her. I also see Chekhov lose grip on his two girls. We now have one girl levitated and three girls being taken by spirits.

Every once in awhile, I do my best to egg my players along into doing something equal parts rash and awesome. Diving out of a window and falling while casting levitate on several targets, hopefully including himself before bouncing off the pavement, was one of those times.

“If I drop one of these spirits can you catch the girl?” I ask Chekhov. He says he thinks he can. I raise my rifle, letting lose three shots I miss both, leaning out the window is not the best firing stance I guess. The spirit is dispelled by Chekhov instead. He catches the girl with levitate and returns her safely into the room where she is instructed to run to the bathroom with the other girls. One of the spirits is almost out of sight with it’s victim.

Wheeler shoots at the last spirit, which is hard to see without vision magnification. His pistol clacks as the action slams back, then a second time. I drop to a knee and take two long bursts; the creature disappears.

“Bear, CATCH!” I yell as the girl begins to plummet.  She slows and comes to a halt. Bear, along with all the girls, are levitated back into the hotel.

The girls are all crying and shaking. Cho has been doing her best to keep them quiet up until now. She switches into asking them if they are ok. We continue to calm the girls and call the fixer. He shoots us the address of the girls home and we get the fuck out of this hotel room.

As we walk through the lobby, we shield the girls from the view of the Knight Errant on the scene. They were chatting with the hotel night manager about a disturbance on an upper floor. I imagine they would have taken notice of us had there been any reports of gunfire. I am thankful for sound suppression. The valet goes to get our van. I am invisible and sweating bullets. Another police vehicle comes up and then another; finally our van gets here. We head back to Julia’s house, dodging questions the whole way.

Logan Scott calls us a bit later. He transfers the rest of the money to us. A few days later I am able to sell the footage of our escapades to John Eaglefeather for 500¥.

The result of this run was quite different than I had planned. I planned on at least one of the girls being kidnapped and the team having to hunt down her kidnappers and ultimately discovering the source of the reported string of kidnappings.

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