Seattle Mission 14: Magnum Delta Theta P.I. (Part 1) – Part 1

Written by: Marius           Played on: 21 Dec 2012
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It is late in the evening, the team members are all chilling. Our relaxation time is interrupted as the channel rings. A blond haired, blue eyed Elf introduces himself as Logan Scott, He mentions that he got our names from Jonathan Eaglefeather, a “mutual friend” as he says. He offers us a job babysitting for 24,000¥. He brings  Mr and Mrs Johnson onto the line once we have agreed to hear them out.

Their daughter, Julia, turns 21 and they have arranged a party. They need bodyguards that will not make their presence known unless needed. We ask the usual questions and receive the usual answers. Turns out there have been no threats, the parents are only worried due to the recent string of kidnappings in the area that are, as of yet, unsolved. She attends UW Law School. They have a full plan for the night, Logan will make that information available to us.

We press Mr. Scott for additional cash. He puts an argument back our way, but we  make some good points. He gives us 3,500¥ extra, but we give him 2,000¥ back to get me in as the driver for the girls, instead of the company driver they hired.

I shoot my mate John a list of the clubs. He gives us a brief description and let us know that even the “dive” bars are tame by our standards. Nothing to worry about from the environment itself.

We walk through the clubs a few days in advance and get familiar with the locations.

The recent kidnappings seem completely unrelated other than that they are timed once a week. Old, young, black, white, human, elf, adult, child, on the way home from work, home invasion in the night. Nothing is consistent. No ransoms are ever asked for. No bodies have turned up. Investigators are baffled.

We get ready. Cho picks up one hell of a little black dress. I use my action suit, packing my narcojet in its holster, and my rifle disassembled in a case in the passenger footwell of the limo I am driving. Two rifle mags and a narco reload in the glove box. Bear is riding shotgun invisibly. Wheeler is driving the van with Chekhov riding shotgun, my combat armor is in the back. Cho will be going into each bar in advance on her motorcycle.

I pick up the 5 girls, our first stop is at a mexican restaurant. The team eats at a nearby table, I had let the girls know I would be meeting some friends, and to text me when they were about 10 minutes from leaving. From there we head to Club Kharma. I wait in the car as the girls enter without the line. Cho and Chekhov enter the club. Bear goes around the back to chill by the back door. As I wait outside, I monitor everyone coming and going.

The team members report in one by one. Cho is on the floor, Wheeler in the van, Chekhov is on the second story keeping a watchful eye on the scene, Bear is by the back door.

“There are a few young bucks that are buying a round of drinks for our wards,” Chekhov announces. They approach the group and engage the ladies in conversation. Eventually most of them make their way to the dance floor with their prospective mates. Many more trips to the bar are made. A row of shots is lined up. Julia staggers after her last shot, she is going a little too hardcore. On the dancefloor one of the gentlemen offers Julia something from his jacket, presumably drugs of some illicit nature. Cho stages a clever maneuver and gives herself a better view, she is able to tell that the drug is Bliss. The same drug our teammate Bear recently kicked.

The bar scenes were pretty tame in terms of action. The team was, effectively, presented with a timeline of events for the evening as the girls celebrated and partied. They could interject at any time and would have to deal with the consequences of action or inaction as they occurred.

The girls and guys head to a dark corner to do the Bliss. They return to the floor, most of them have coupled up now. Julia and this guy are getting hot and heavy with the flirting, they head to one of the restrooms to fuck. Julia appears to not be fully in control of herself, which means she can not legally give consent. After some discussion between the team, a  decision is made that this must be stopped. Chekhov uses his orgasm spell to bring the situation to an early close. Chet or Brad or whoever falls back and takes a knee, Julia does not seem to notice. She flutters about the club blissfully. Brad is trying to compose himself, he does not reapproach Julia.

“Looks like his evening has…” Chekhov pauses to put on a pair of sunglasses, the strobes were a bit bright for him “… Climaxed.”

“Yeah,” I say.

Face palm.

“Nice work, Chekhov.”

The girls text to let me know to bring the car around. I alert the team. Bear gets in as well. We jump ahead to the last stop; the Blue Moon Tavern, the final stop of the night. We leave from there without event.

PREVIOUS: Side Mission 07 – The Bleeding Edge, Chapter 3
NEXT: Mission 14 – Magnum Delta Theta P.I. (Part 1) – Part 2

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