D&D: Elderyn – Campaign Conclusion

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Looking back on this campaign, I had a lot of fun and good memories. Compared to my other games I have run, it was definitely far more casual. Compared to my other, concurrently run, games, I got to play this one far more frequently. While my Shadowrun: Denver campaign was run once every two to four weeks, this campaign was played weekly (generally) on a fixed schedule. Getting to play that frequently was awesome!

That said, I do feel like I didn’t do much to “push” my game. It was very casual, very safe and very by the numbers. I don’t find anything wrong with that specifically, it was still one of my first campaigns (my second actually, followed closely by my D&D: The Eighth One campaign) and I had new group of players whom a number of were new or inexperienced to tabletop role-playing games in general as well as playing in a system I was new to.

While playing often was a lot of fun, it did demand far more of my week to week spare time. While running this campaign, I was also finishing up my Shadowrun campaign with my original group, preparing for and eventually playing the D&D game that group played between Shadowrun campaigns as well as preparing for the follow up Shadowrun: Seattle campaign for the future.

All of that meant I was doing a lot of tabletop prep work every week. While it was fun and rewarding, I don’t think I would do it again, or at least I would be vary careful about doing so and would insist on running a game that took less week to week prep work. While I didn’t completely burn out from the process, I definitely felt the lingering danger of it and I chose to put a lot of other things on back burner to allocate time.

If / when I were to run another campaign, I’d like to push my game a little bit further out of the completely linear, story focused experience I’ve always done so far. I would also like to start exploring prep-lite games run with more spontaneous interactions and events, especially in an situation where I might be running multiple campaigns simultaneously. I’ll probably never fully break away from some structure and front end planning for the campaign arc, simply because I do enjoy that aspect of GMing.

Because I suspected my players wouldn’t be interested in doing them and given the expected length and involvement in the campaign, I also chose not to give my players character logs to do like I did for my other group. On the one hand, I feel like this made things go a lot smoother between games. I was never harassing my players to get me a log or worrying about a player not delivering a promised write-up. On the other hand, documenting the adventure and the decisions made, both for this blog and for my own notes, created a lot more work for me. As became evident, this quickly overwhelmed my ability to keep up. If I were to do another campaign with this group again, I’m not sure how I’d resolve this issue. On the one hand, I enjoy and want a record of my games, both for myself, my players and for putting up here. On the other, doing it myself is a significant burden given my other duties as GM.

Overall, I’m glad I took the opportunity to play with this group of players and that I put together and told my own story (albeit with plenty of “inspiration” from other sources). It ended up being a lot of work, but the best things usually are.

– Geoff

NEXT: D&D: Elderyn – Home

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