D&D: Elderyn – Act 3: Session 13


Clotor was the first to speak, she turned to the guides, “Is this where Zandak went? Is he in here?” They nodded, yes. “Then we follow them.”

“I will not take my men in there. I will not enter Morodania. You are fools to enter there.” Khor Ironshard’s voice had not regained any of it’s previous confidence.

“You would abandon us here?” Scourage’s voice was filled with distain. “Maglynn Ironshard spoke better of you than that.”

“Yes… Well, Maglynn did not foresee Morodania. I will ask my men for… Volunteers. If any of these men here wish to travel with you, that is their own fate. You will find none here.” Khor turned towards his men, holding his arms out from his sides as though daring any to volunteer.

From one side of the room, a rustling of armor could be heard. One stocky dwarf pushed his way to the front. “I, Leaf Ironguard of Clan Ironguard will see them through the gates of Morodania.”

This week, the nephew of one of my players was in town and was interested in playing for a session. The bulk of this adventure was written in response to that to incorporate a new character, briefly, into the adventure. I made use of the Dwarf Fighter pre-generated character sheet, conveniently one of the left over character sheets out of the six the party had originally chosen their characters from. He was advanced to level three to match them and I gave him a few magical items to balance him out with the rest of the players. We did a quick orientation and hammered out a few basic character details in an accelerated version of character creation I did with the party, then got down to playing.

Khor could do little to conceal his surprised expression. Glancing around, he turned back to the party. “Very well, you have your guard. May the Pragons watch over you… Though I suspect not even they set foot in that blasted place.” Khor turned away and headed back into the tunnels, leading his guards away and leaving the party on their own in the tunnel.

The four greeted their new companion, then turned and pushed upon the black iron doors. Beyond was a cave like tunnel that led deep under ground. Following it down, it ended in a round chamber with a magic circle carved into the floor of the room. Surrounding the circle were numerous Dwarven runes. With Leaf’s help deciphering the old Dwarven language, Harold determined that the circle was in fact a magical portal that would transport them to another, matching portal somewhe far away. To activate it, the user had but to stand on the portal and speak aloud their darkest secret about themselves. The secret would become known to the one who created the portal.

This was another event blatantly ripped from a D&D webcast, this time from the PAX 2011Penny-Arcade game.

The party stood in silence. Finally, Scourage seized the initiative, stepping forward onto the portal. “I once had a half brother… He stole something from me as a child and I… In my anger… Killed him.” In a flash of red light, Scourage disappeared.

Taking a deep breath, Clotor stepped forward. “When I was young, still uncontrolled and more beast than woman… I snuck into Father Opdrop’s study and I stole something from him…” She waited expectantly, but the flash taking him away did not come. She sighed deeply. “I ate one of his toes. That’s why he walked with a limp.” There was a flash and she disappeared.

Taking his stand on the portal, Harold said, “When I was a young man, I was forced to study Acadamia by my father instead of ballet like I wanted when he found out I preferred… Petite males…” There was a flash and he was gone.

Nedda cast a sidelong glance at Leaf. “Before I left with Harold to go adventuring, I had a secret dog. He was a runt, a stray. I kept him in the woods outside my school, because we weren’t allowed pets inside. When we left… I knew I couldn’t take him with me and I knew he wouldn’t live without me… I didn’t want him to suffer, so I killed him.”

Left alone in the room, Leaf stepped forward onto the portal. “I carry an amulet of my father’s, bearing a crossed sword and hammer. I took it from him after he died… He died because I was not there at his back to protect him during a goblin attack. I failed my father.”

Leaf felt vertigo in the pit of his stomach, the feeling of twisting through the air over a great distance. As it settled, he looked up and saw a chamber very similar to the one he had just stood in, only the other four adventurers now stood around the room, checking it’s walls. Assembling, they head out the tunnel down deeper underground to another set of black iron doors. Pushing them open, the tunnel beyond was hewn out of the very stone. Molten lava dripped through cracks in the wall, running in small rivers along or out cracks in the floor.

Travelling miles through the underground tunnels, they suddenly could hear the sounds of battle and clashing steel echoing through the tunnels. Hurrying forward, the came out in a tunnel that narrowed to a choke point. A single dwarf warrior stood in the tunnel entrance, fighting back a small army of skeletons. The party rushed forward to his aide, drawing their weapons as they charged.

Between the six of them, they made short work of the skeletons. Leaf rushed to the old dwarfs side but, even as he reached him, the dwarf stiffened and was bathed in golden light. As the light faded, his wounds were healed and his vigor returned to his old face. The dwarf squared his shoulders and turned to them, his battle scarred axe still glittered as though it was new, his silver shield glissened, the crossed sword and hammer emblazoned on it caught Leaf’s eyes. “Thank you for your assistance, brave heroes. I am Thorak Ironguard.”

“Thorak Ironguard? Paragon of Clan Ironguard!? We believed you lost over three hundred years ago. Shortly after you were granted Paragon status for your actions defeating an army of goblins at the Citadel of Shaz’Kar.” Leaf bowed his head to the Paragon of his clan.

“Three hundred years? Has it been that long already? I lose track of time in this… Place.”

“How is it you are still here after all this time?” Herold asked.

“I came here some years ago… Three hundred you say? I came here with a band of adventureres; the great Elven ranger Trillian Longarrow, the mighty paladin Shath Helath and the wise wizard Morgan of Feidol. We came to battle the Avatar of Evil Tiamat. Before the avatar was defeated, he opened many portals in the underground tunnels. We slew the dragon and retreated out, but we could not allow the evil contained herein to ever access the surface. I made a deal with my god, Moradin. In exchange for eternal life and strength, I promised to stand vigil at the entrance to these tunnels to safeguardthesurfaceuntil my life was no longer needed. Through his divine will, I have stood watch here all these many years.

“Over these many years, many adventurers have come and gone. Many more have come than have gone… It becomes difficult to keep them all straight, to remember who came just yesterday and who left a hundred years ago. They come to seek their fates, to test their skills in the tunnels and to seek their fortunes.”

“Was one of these men a dwarf named Zandak Swordsteel?” Clotor interrupted.

The old dwarf turned to the dragon born, “Swordsteel… Yes… I remember a man by that name. He visited here…yesterday? Or was it a year ago? I cannot remember time so clearly these days. But I do remember where he went. I could point you after him.”

“Then do so. We must find him immediately.” Clotor was buzzing with anticipation.

“Calm yourself young warriors. Over the years, many adventurers have explored the depths of these tunnels and closed many portals that Tiamat opened. I sense that my service here is nearing and end. I will direct you to the last remaining portal. Go there and close it, prove to me that you are true warriors. Do this for me, relieve me of my burden, and I will tell you what you wish to know.”

Following the Paragon’s directions, the party delved deeper into the depths of the tunnels. After many hours of walking, they came upon a large chamber. At the center, brimming with energy, a portal was projected from a pedestal. A small army of undead skeletons wandered the open area, waiting to assemble enough forces to advance on the dwarf again.

“Ready?” Scourage asked. “Clotor and Leaf, take point.” Following the two warriors down, the other three readied their weapons. The first skeleton turned, it’s bones scraping, and raised a mace above it’s head, jaw open in a non existent war cry, before Leaf’s battle axe cut through it. Harolds spells flew out while Nedda and Scourage’s bolts lanced out and into targets, the warriors led the charge, cutting a swath towards the portal. As they neared it, the pedestal supporting the portal began lashing out with angry red lances of energy. One seared across Leaf’s body, leaving a raised welt beneath his armor.

Summoning his magical energies, using Clotor as a shield to get in close, Herold unleashed a fireball that consumed the pedestal and the undead just exiting the portal. As the firre cleared, the pedestal fizzled and cracked and the portal collapsed. With the steady stream of reinforcements cut off, the remaining skeletons were easily and quickly put down.

Sifting through the remains of the pedestal, Harold picked up a shard of the rod that maintained the portal. Inspecting it, Harold realized he could use the rod to channel old energies and enhance his spells. Pocketing the rod for later, the party returned to the dwarf.

At the tunnel where they left him, they found the Dwarven Paragon. In the last few hours, he seemed to have grown older, more frail. His weapons and armor did not glint the way they used to, appearing more worn and used than they had before. The dwarf settled against the wall, a slight stoop in his back.

As they approached, his old, lined face broke into a smile, “You have done it, brave warriors. Truly, you are warriors of legend. You have released me from my contract with Moradin. I will tell you what you seek.” Briefly, he outlined the route Zandash Swordsteel had taken, pointing them down a nearby tunnel. Clotor was off before the dwarf had finished his sentence.

Leaf knelt next to the old man. “Sir, what is it that we can do for you, for a man of your lineage? Where will you go?”

“I think I will return to the dwarves. Yes, I would like to see the citadel one last time before I pass.” The old man nodded, more to himself than anyone else.

“Then I will guide and protect you, Thorak Ironguard.” He turned to the others, “Forgive me, but I must see him home. It is only fitting given a man of his honor. Good luck in your quest.” The party bid their fairwells, then turned and walked down the tunnel after Clotor. Leaf watched them go for a moment, then turned and took the old warrior by the arm, leading him out of the caves.


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