D&D: Elderyn – Act 2: Session 12


As the party returns to the entrance hall, they’re suddenly aware of a tremor in the stones beneath their feet. With each passing moment, the strength of the tremors grew. Making quickly for the door, the first sign of the coming danger emerged as large stones were pushed out of the entrance hall roof and fell to the ground below behind them. Attracted by the deafening blows of the iron war drums in the burial chamber, the Kruthik returned to the Citadel of Kaga’Chik.

Out in the hallway they sprinted for the entrance. More of the creatures burrowed into the hallway around them, seeking new flesh. As they fled out across the bridge leading away from the burial chambers, their gaze looked out over the citadel where hundreds of the creatures, large and small, burrowed from the walls and crossed the grounds towards the hammering blows they had sensed from miles away through the rock.

The escape was another challenge. If the players had utterly failed it, there was a battle with the Kruthik planned, not that it came up. In retrospect, this would have been an excellent opportunity to change up combat to have a running escape against a large or limitless horde of creatures.

Fleeing back into the tunnels, the party was fortunate to avoid the surge of Kruthik that sought out their disturbance. Once safely into the deep tunnels again, the party retraced their steps to Erberek. Just as their journey to Kaga’Chik, their travel took the days.

As they entered a familiar, burned out outpost, just outside of Erberek, Scourage felt the small dark hairs on the back of his neck begin to prickle, a sensation that had served him many times in the years before. He placed his hand on the hilt of his sword as their progress slowed through the outpost. It was only a rustle of stones that gave away the ambush before a flurry of crossbow bolts arced out of the ruins.

“Ambush!” Scourage cried. Dwarven war cries joined the fray as a squad of Erverek City Guards broke from behind a half collapsed wall and charged the party. Clotor met their cries and charged headlong, bending the horns of her helm forward and piercing the first guards shoulder as she crashed into him. Nedda pulled her crossbow from her belt and fired it with a thundering snap at one of the crossbowmen arrayed in the ruins. Harold unleashed a dazzling burst of arcane missiles from his hands, toppling one of the dwarves out of a second story window.

Scourage unleashed two quick shots from his crossbow, then dropped it to the ground and drew his longsword, crackling with electric energy, as the guards reached melee range. He and Clotor cut through the first rank of guards with a series of swift strikes. As Clotor cut down one of the guards, Scourage slipped into the middle of the group and swung his sword at the guard captain at the rear. He uttererd the arcane rune carved into the sword’s hilt, unlocking it’s energies which arced out from the guard captain to the nearest two dwarves, shocking and burning them where they stood.

As quickly as the ambush began, the party cut them down. Continuing their journey, the party emerges once again in the great Citadel of Erberek. Returning quickly to the merchant district and the Hammersmith’s political office. As they enter, Maglynn Ironshard is in deep conversation with her planning committee. She turns half a glance their way and then do a double take before standing with a half smile. “Did you find it? Do you have the proof with you?”

Entering the room, Scourage produced both the seal and the parchment, laying them on the table. “We found them, but we were also found by a contingent of city guard outside the city. Obviously the Kor’Krons are on to your play.”

“That may be,” Maglynn answered confidently. “They rare obviously scared and with these we now have the upper hand. You requested my aid, you will have it. Once this election is secured, we will have the full resources of the government at our disposal. We will pay for rooms at the inn for the next few days. We have much to do, please, leave us to our tasks.”

Reluctantly, the four nodded and followed an errand boy back to the inn with enough gold to cover several nights stay. Four days passed before the errand boy again appeared at their door, this time all smiles. “Sirs, the election is finished. The Hammersmiths have won! Long live the Hammersmiths! Maglynn Ironshard wishes to see you immediately at her father’s estate.” Just as they had done four days prior, the party again followed the errand boy to Maglynn.

At the Ironshard estate, servants were busy scurrying everywhere packing and moving items for the family’s move to the capital. They found Maglynn in her fathers study, personally packing the belongings she will need as the High Chancellor of Erberek. “Greetings!” Maglynn was all smiles. “I trust you have heard the good news.”

“We have,” Harold answered. “Congratulations on your election.”

“Thank you. I could not have done it without your help. You have broken the Kor’Krons stranglehold on Erberek. As promised, I have been looking into the previous administrations involvement at Liam’s Point and trying to track down this artifact you believe has come to the city. The captain of the guard proved unhelpful to our cause, so I appointed a new captain with more… Sympathetic views. My brother, Khor Ironshard.

“I have had my brother digging through the old captain’s records. The prior chancellor, Zandak Swordsteel, managed to destroy most of his records prior to our taking office, but the captain was not so thorough. It seems Zandak and his representatives travelled all over Elderyn, including a recent trip to Liam’s Point. It appears they were seeking some sort of tools, much like the dagger you say they found. It also appears they took several long trips into the Deep Roads, trips forbidden for others to make by the previous administration. A trip Zandak has made in as recently as the last day, taking a contingent of his personal guards, his top aides and even a few humans with him into the deep roads.

“We don’t know exactly what he is up to or where he was going. However, my brother has been very persuasive with a few of Zandak’s trusted guardsman, and they have agreed to escort you into the deep roads and take you as far as they can along Zandak Swordsteel’s route. My brother and a contingent of his trusted guards will escort you along the way. I pray to the Paragons that you find what you are looking for and find a way to stop Zandak from whatever it is he is planning. My brother is outside waiting for you now. Travel safely.”

The four bowed their heads and then left the manor. Outside, they found Khor Ironshard with a small detachment of some twenty guards. “Greetings my friends! These dirty swine here have agreed to lead us on a grand adventure. I trust you are ready to depart?”

The group travelled for several days through the deep roads. As they progressed, the pair of guards grew more visibly agitated and fearful. Nedda sidled up beside one and attempted to find out more about where they were going and what it was that made them so fearful. They muttered something about Mordania.

Approaching Khor Ironshard about it, the captain laughed at the thought. “Morodania? Superstition. Nonsense. It is… Dwarven underworld. Dwarven hell. It does not exist. They a just trying to scare you. Fear not. We dwarves will protect you.”

After another day of travel, the tunnel ended at a pair of massive, black iron doors adorned with rubies and carved with glowing Dwarven runes. Harold approaches the doors and can readily tell that the runes are a simple magical trick designed to induce a glowing aura in the doors’ writing. A rise in the dwarves muttering behind him drew the wizard’s attention. The other guards now sharered the concerned looks of their guides.

“Blessed Paragons…” Khor Ironshard’s voice was breathless. “The Gates of Morodania… The Gates of Hell.”


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