D&D: The Eighth One – Session 4

Written by: Aunwynne           Played on: 19 Feb 2011
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Previously the group had battled with some of the invading forces of chaos. We got a report of what had happened before our arrival, where I learned that not only was Pop Pop stationed here, but that he was also turned into a three headed skeleton by the apparent leader of the invading forces.

“Pop Pop” was Aunywynn’s grandfather and was stationed at Haven. He was killed in the initial attack by the forces of chaos. The leader of the attacking forces was a powerful necromancer, who resurrected every fallen member of the Divine Guard as he went into a shambling undead creature, building a more and more formidable force with each passing moment.

Outside of the temple, they also found a carved tablet with text written in an ancient, unknown language. The party took a rubbing of it, unsure if they would ever be able to decipher it.

After meeting back up with the Commander, Mom, and Margoloth, we made our way to the chamber where the tablet was being held. The doors were closed, but there was evidence of a recent opening and closing of the doors.

The doorway they encountered was sealed and required two control crystals to be  inserted to open the door way. They had to track them down before they could enter the holding room that contained the tablet.

We followed a trail of bodies to a storage room towards the back of the building, where there were several minions of chaos. Including spell casters and six armed skeletons that exploded during battle. During this battle I sustained injuries that required me to use the rest of my healing surges and my two healing potions.

While searching through the room and the remains, we found the crystals that could be used for opening the chamber’s doors. After a quick breather and restocking of weapons, we made our way back to the tablets chamber.

Upon opening the door we found more spell casters, six armed skeletons that explode, regular skeletons, and what remained of Pop Pop. There was also the apparent leader of the invading force, holding the tablet, but he escaped before any of us could stop him. I engaged in battle with Pop Pop, trusting the rest of my group to take care of the other threats in the area.

Pop Pop was the “boss” of Haven, the necromancer escaped through a portal with the tablet in hand to fight another day.

During battle two of the heads on Pop Pop were destroyed, but I had received so much damage that I lost consciousness. The next thing I remember was having a potion shoved down my throat by Longthorn and being surrounded by fog. Due to the eminent danger and my own weakened state, I remained still on the ground until the coast was clear, then I moved quickly for cover.

The remains of Pop Pop were finally destroyed and the other threats were likewise dispatched. Mom found out that a statue in the middle of the room was actually a friend of hers. It was yet another day of loss for our group.

As the battle finished, they discovered a statue at the middle of the room was actually a stone, petrified Emmy, a druid Scith was particularly close to. Inside was also an ornate chest with a padded, silk lining obviously built to hold the seal they had been seeking and this room seemed custom built to protect. Finally, they found some additional carved stone text that matched the tablet outside the temple. This particular carving, however, also had a matching translation to a modern language. This gave them enough to start translating the text.

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