D&D: Elderyn – Act 2: Session 9


Leaving the Kor’Kron political office behind, Nedda returned to the rest of her party flush with enthusiasm. Gleefully, she explained her dealings over the last few hours. Scourage and Herald did not seem particularly amused with her actions, though Clotor didn’t care much either way. Finally they agreed to allow her to continue her ruse to see if it would result in any new information.

Trivia note: The Kor’Kron party name was stolen from a World of Warcraft guild I played in for a short time, the Kor’Kron Warband.

Returning to the Kor’Kron office later in the evening, Nedda again met the gruff dwarf from before. He even got up to shake her hand as she came in. “Oye, welcome back, lassy. ‘Scuse my shortness with you earlier, my name’s Bo Silverax. We get lots of potential workers with little in the way of brains and even less in the way of skills, but that’s obviously not you! Stick with me and I’ll make sure you’re well rewarded, assuming you’re willing to do what is necessary

“Speaking of, I got some more work for you. Ya see, one of the other parties is causing some trouble down in the Undercity. That’s where the classless dwarves live, not real dwarves like all of us up here. They’re not intelligent enough and not dedicated enough to Dwarf Culture to be granted full citizenship. Most of them are just criminals or other scum. The Hammersmiths, they’re taking advantage of that, using their connections with the classless to smuggle goods in and out of Erberek without paying the proper taxes, the taxes which keep our city running! Further, to get more work out of them, they’re trying to leverage their connections to get elected where they’re promising to give them all full citizenship! Can you believe that?”

The gruff dwarf flopped down in the chair behind his desk. “So here’s what we need you to do. We need ya to go down to the Undercity and stir up some trouble, disrupt their smuggling operations. There’s three ways I see you can do that; one, you go down there to where the Hammersmiths are keeping the food supplies they use to pay off the classless. You destroy those supplies and they won’t be able to pay the hired hands, sure fire way to stir up some trouble. Two, you go down there and find one of their shipments they’re bringing in through the old tunnels. Get that shipment and bring it here to me, that should get the Hammersmiths plenty riled up. Or three, if you’re feeling squirrly and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, the smuggling operations are run by two brothers down there, pseudo guild leaders. You go down there and ensure they can’t… continue to lead the ‘guild’ and that’ll disrupt their operations for a long time. Your choice… do it how you want. All we care about are the results and you’ll be well paid.”

Nedda nodded and then took her leave. The job seemed simple, but she couldn’t shake the ill feeling in the pit of her stomach. Returning to her party, she shared the news with Scourage, Clotor and Harold. “I don’t like it.” Scourage’s words mirrored her own feelings. “I feel like we’re helping the wrong people… and we’re not getting any closer to our goal of finding whoever was responsible for Liam’s Point.”

“I agree,” Harold chimed in. “And I don’t like what we’re being asked to do. Maybe we should take what we know and tell the Hammersmiths of the Kor’Kron plan. Maybe they can offer us some aid.”

“I don’t care what we do, but we can’t keep this pace up or we’ll never catch the men who killed Father Opdrop!” Clotor finally exclaimed.

My plan in Erberek was to have the party choose one of the three political parties to ally with. Whichever one they chose, they would eventually be given information or have the opportunity to find information which would lead them to their goals. Each party had different goals and methods of achieving them, so it was up to the party to choose which one they wanted to join up with.

Unfortunately, I didn’t make it very clear that they could abuse their relationship with the Kor’Krons to learn what they wanted to know. Many of the players viewed it as an unnecessary side mission and wanted to skip past it to the meat of the story. I did a much better job of selling them on the “help this party help yourself” idea with the second political party, the Hammersmiths.

Having decided on a course of action, the party made for the Hammersmiths office in the merchant district. Reporting what they’d been told, the Hammersmith representative thanked them for their time and paid them a small reward. He offered to pay for their lodging for a few days if they would wait until he could learn more.

All was quiet while they rested up until the next morning when a sharp knock came at their door. Answering, the Hammersmith representative from the day before appeared panicked. “We… they… the guard… it appears they’ve taken matters into their own hands. They’ve sent guards down to take some of our shipments. They’re killing any who try to stop them! Please help us! If you do, we’ll help you find the ones you’re looking for…”

Nodding, the four quickly gathered their arms and armor and headed out into the streets. Finding the commotion in the Undercity wasn’t difficult. Entering the building where the majority of the noise was coming from, they found a small squad of city guards throwing crates into a pile while holding two dwarves hostage. Two other dwarves lay on the ground, bleeding from their wounds.

Seeing the senseless deaths, Clotor let out a bellow and charged the nearest guard. Harold opens with a blast of lightning, catching one of the guards completely by surprise. The dwarf shook violently in his armor before falling to the ground. Knocking one of the guards to the side, Clotor cocked her head to the side as Scourage yelled out a command to attack the guard captain, standing near the back with his two captives. The paladin charged with her sword held high. As the guards turned to watch the heavily armored dragonborn, Nedda slipped in from behind and buried her daggers one at a time into different targets.

The battle was quick but brutal and soon the four and the two dwarven captives were the only ones remaining. As silence rested over the battlefield, a few dwarves drifted in from outside. Seeing it was safe, they began carting the bodies and their weaponry out of the building. Quickly, it looked like there had been no battle there at all.

As the party turned to leave, one of the dwarves stopped them. “Here, take these. Its the least we can do as thanks.” One of the dwarf brothers handed Harold a folded up set of robes and a small pouch of gems. Thanking them, the four left and returned to the Hammersmiths office to report their success.

“Oh, thank the Paragons! I cannot thank you enough. As I said, we will help you as best we can, however, we have somewhat limited resources and much of them are tied up in the election. The election is to take place in just less than two weeks, however. If we were to win the election, we would have the full resources of the city and the city records to assist you with tracking down the individuals you seek. I think there is a way we can both help each other. Please, let me introduce you to our candidate, Maglynn Ironshard. She will tell you what you need to do…”


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