Seattle Mission 08: A Really Bad Idea – Part 4

Written by: Marius           Played on: 04 Feb 2012
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“Looks like we are going to see a server alarm on the 97th floor,” the radio woman announces to the room. “IT fucked something up and they have to take the executive server offline.”

“Got it” Wheeler replied. A few minutes later an indicator flashed across the screen about a Hard Data Drive going down, and then another, and then another. About 15 minutes from the first alarm the radio woman answers the telephone, and after a few moments asks Bear if he can get the boss, she has corporate on the line for him.

Bear gets up and walks to the door, He knocks. Chekhov opens the door and the smell of human feces comes wafting out. Oh, what the fuck, Bear thinks to himself. “Uhh.. Corporate needs to speak with you, sir,” he says aloud. Subvocally he adds, “Did you find the code?”

“Yes,” Chekhov responds over the teams secure channel. “Ok, I’ll be right behind you.” Chekhov follows Bear back to the consoles and takes the phone from the radio woman.

“This is Newark,” Chekhov states impatiently into the handset.

“Hey Newark, it’s Stanley, You guys have a server in alarm over there, what the hell is going on?” Stanley is quite friendly and casual over the phone.

“Yeah, IT had a little trouble with the new security hardware install. They had to take down the server to repair something. It should be back up in another 30 minutes, but they said it could be up to an hour if it does not go well.”

“Ok, I’ll make a note of that here. Expect another call from me in one hour to check on the progress,” he pasues for a few moments. Fuck, I hope this is the right code, there is a color in it, I wonder if all that ‘no color’ stuff was only for this building, or if that applied to daily codes, or what… shit. Chekhov was hoping his nervousness was being hidden from the man on the other end of the phone. “And can I get your daily clearance code?”

Fuck, fuck, fuck…  “Sure, it’s Mark Bravo Two Seven One Why Zero Three” he stated into the mouthpiece, pronouncing the “Y” as a letter rather than saying the color, he immediately regretted the decision. Fuck, just accept it you wage slave corporate tool…

“Ok, thanks, I’ll speak to you in an hour,” and the call ended.

“I’ll be in my office,” Chekhov barked as he headed back toward the sealed chamber, reeking of excrement.

Back in the server room, Marius was breaking quite the sweat pulling server drives as fast as he was able. His stride was interrupted by a knock at the door. Marius double checked to make sure the bodies were not visable from the doorway, and slowly opened it. Outside was a young pimple faced human. His atire was considerably more casual then the rest of the office workers. “You have the boxes?” Marius asked

“Yes sir” the Porter responds.

“Ok, I am going to bring out some Hard Data Drives, I need you to package them carefully and place them in the boxes.” the porter nods and the Elf hands him the drives he had pulled so far. “I’ll have a few more in about 15 minutes, Please wait here, I can’t leave the drives unattended.”

Shit, I gotta hurry this along, it’s almost noon! Marius decides it’s time to alert the rest of the team to his progress. “Guys, the porter is here loading this stuff up, you should probably be prepared to move out in about 10-20 minutes.”

Chekhov leans out of his door and tells the radio woman “Get Johnson and Smith back up here,” He turns toward Wheeler, “You two are going to escort this guy back down stairs, I am done talking with him.”

A few minutes go by before the other two guards return and releave Wheeler and Bear; who return to the office.

“Fucking dragon eggs” Wheeler says as he enters the room, he places his shirt over his face. “I’m so happy my nose is not cyber-enhanced right now.”

Chekhov rolls his eyes as he transforms back into the mystery informant. Almost immediatly Bear notices that he carries himself differently, he slouches a bit and his head is not held as high. Bear wonders if the Orc is a really good actor, or if he is more comfortable in certain personas then he is in others.  “Lets get the fuck out of here,” Bear says.

Bear and Wheeler escort Chekhov out of the office as the informant. They are waiting at the elevator, it opens…

Fuck. Marius thinks to himself. “I was supposed to be out of the building before you guys came down the elevator,” Marius says to the team subvocally.

Bear, acting quickly says, “Excuse me, we are going to need you two to step out of the elevator, this is a security matter,” Marius rolls his eyes and gets off, the porter follows. The elevator doors close leaving the porter and Marius alone on the floor, waiting for the next elevator.

“Those guys are dicks,” The porter states flatly. Marius nods in agreement. The next elevator comes soon enough, the pair board, boxes in tow and head down to the lobby.

Marius brings the boxes to the front desk staff. “I’ll be leaving these for a courier”. The Elf says.

“Which one” the security guy inquires.

Frack… uhh who is a courier company… “Western Shipping” Marius says. Double shit on a fucking rail.. now someone has to come in AS A FUCKING SHIPPING COMPANY. We never got a damn uniform, or credentials.

This was sort of a trick question. After all, they were performing a robbery at Mercury Express… a shipping company. But in the heat of the moment, that little detail seemed to slip Marius’ mind. 

“Ok, it will be here for them.”

Marius nods, and turns, following the crowds of people leaving for lunch out of the building. Hell… “Guys, we need to get delivery credentials for a shipping company onto one of Chekhov’s SINs NOW!” Marius states to the team.

“Uhhh… I’m out of SINs” Chekhov says as Marius climbs into the van.

“No problem,” Wheeler says, “Chekhov can disguise anyone, Marius you have extra SINs right?”

“Yeah, sure” Marius agrees. “That’s a great idea. We need to snag a uniform too, this company wears yellow, there is a clothing store up the road a bit.”

Marius ring’s up Dee and has him add shipping credentials onto one of his IDs, “These won’t pass heavy scrutiny, don’t cross a boarder with this.”

“No worries there, I gotta go, we are pulling up to the shop,” Marius and Bear look around in two different shops and find nothing. “Screw it, we will go in without a uniform” The Elf states.

The team pulls up to the building loading zone, to see a big yellow Western Shipping van outside. Fuck… ok, we will follow the guy for a few blocks and then jump him…  “Ok team, I got it…”

Marius is cut off by Wheeler, still in his security uniform, leaping out of the van, “Bear, on me; follow my lead.” Bear jumps out after him with a confused look on his face. “Get the van out of here, circle the block,” Wheeler says via subvocal. Marius slides into the driver seat and complies, pulling away just as the Western Shipping guy leaves the doors with four boxes on a cart.

“Bear, walk around the front of the truck and then circle around on the sidewalk so it looks like you are on your way too the building, bump into him and lift his keys,” Wheeler says as he heads the other direction. As Bear lifts the keys, Wheeler goes around the other direction, and walks toward the building. When he gets about 15 feet away he turns around and enters the line of sight of the Western Shipping guy who is loading the last box “Hey, they have a few more inside that just came down, can you head back in for them?”

The courier lets out a sigh, like he has had one hell of a day. “Yeah, I’ll be right in.” He shuts the doors and turns his empty cart around.

Wheeler nods a thanks and walks past him toward the street. Pauses, like he is waiting for something. “Ok Bear, head back this way.” Bear had been milling about on the sidewalk a few feet away turned around and walked past the courier toward the truck. They both reached the doors about the same time, jumping in, The dwarf tossed the keys to his cyber enhanced companion and the two drove off into the noon-day sun, leaving in their wake a screaming delivery driver, who’s day had just gone from bad, to worse.

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