Seattle Mission 08: A Really Bad Idea – Part 3

Written by: Marius           Played on: 04 Feb 2012
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It’s 10:00 am before Marius makes it up to the 97th floor. The receptionist tells him there are two other IT guys doing “maintenance” in the server room. The gunslinger is dumbstruck for a second and, unfortunately, is not subtle about it. “Uhh… are you going to go in?” she asks

“Right… In a minute, perhaps… Where is the restroom on this floor?”

The receptionist points right next to the elevator banks where the restroom is located… the same place it is located on every floor. “Right, thank you” The Elf says in an embarrassed tone. He walks into the restroom, and calls down to the team. “Guys, can you get eyes on the server room? The receptionist says there are other IT guys in there.

Bear pulls up the camera shot of the server room, two IT guys are in there screwing something on to the rack. “Hey, what is going on in the server room on the 97th Floor?” Bear asks aloud to the room, while key’d in on his comm, so Marius can overhear.

“Oh, today is the last day for some upgrades that are being done. They are installing new physical security for the servers and a new camera. In a few minutes they should call us to let us know the camera is going offline. the rest of what they do does not affect anything.” This was the woman on the radios.

“Thanks, it looked a little suspicious on the camera,” Bear stated. He relayed the news to Marius.

“Ok, thanks… Should I wait until they are done?”

“How long should it take, like total?” Bear asked, again to the whole room.

“They will be done by noon, usualy” The woman stated.

“Noon, We should move ahead now.” Wheeler stated. “We had to do a bunch of work down here, you may have to get your hands dirty up there as well.”

Chekhov came over the mic, “You do not know the half of it, Wheeler” he said flatly as the smell of human feces overtook the room. The dead body of the security manager had just evacuated it’s bowels.


“Allright, shit…” Marius paused. “Ok, I’m going to go in there and assist them with the install, then I will know how this goes in, so I can take it back out.” Marius said. He had already been in the restroom for a good ten minutes. “I’m going to call Dee for some info.” Not wanting to repeat the situation the security team got into, Marius got all the pertinent info from Dee about the IT managers names and such. After about 20 minutes he walked out of the restroom and into the server room.

“Hey guys, I’m Salvatore, Mr. Smith sent me up to help out with the install.” Marius said to the two IT guys in the room.

“We have it under control, are you new”? a shorter guy named Ron asked.

“Yes, I transferred from the east shipping facility. They wanted me to get hands on with this new equipment, because I may have to go back to that other facility to install these same new security measures there.”

“Oh, ok. Well that makes sense, I’m Paul,” the other guy reaches out and shakes the Elf’s hand. “Nice to meet you”.

Marius reaches for Ron’s had as well, Ron places a screwdriver in it. “Why don’t you check to make sure all the screws on the first two racks are tight,” he says coldly. Marius looks at the tip on the screwdriver. It is a cross point, like a Phillips, but it only had three points. Marius did not have a screwdriver tip like this in his kit. He checked the tightness on the screws.

Paul ascended a ladder and began to grab camera equipment from Ron. “I’ll go ahead and install the next one if you two want to do the camera,” Marius offered.

“Yea,h ok,” Paul said.

“Whatever,” Ron said. what an asshole Marius thought. He reminds me of the guy who used to manage the store I worked for in college. That guy was an asshole too. Always disrespectful and superior.

“Guys, should I silence these two assholes or what? They could alert other IT personnel to my presence if I let them leave?”

“Uh, I guess you could,” Bear said. “But if you are going to, I would wait until they take down the camera.” About that time Paul pulled out his commlink and called down to the security station to let them know he would be pulling down a camera.

“Well, better decide fast,” Bear said.

As Paul unplugs the old camera, Marius makes a snap decision. He removes his Multitool, opens the serrated folding blade, locking it in place. He reaches over to Ron, who has his back turned and is staring up at Paul on the ladder; Grabbs him by the shirt and drives the 4” blade into his throat. Ron makes a noise and clutches at his neck casuing Paul to swivel around just in time to avoid Marius’ knife, which strikes him in the back of the shoulder instead. Paul, the bigger one says “What the hell” and swings a fist, which the Elf sidesteps with ease, driving the knife into the side of Paul.

Ron grabs at his attacker, Marius spins around to slash his throat open, but gets stopped a little short, and instead drives the blade into his gut. Paul jumps on his back, “Run Ronnie, run!” he shouts. Ron heads for the door, Marius shouts “Quick, grab it before it falls over!” thinking that if the receptionist overheard yelling, it might sound like they were just having trouble with some IT stuff.

As Ron reaches the door, Marius grabs him by the hair, yanking his head back and drives his knife into his throat, slicing quickly to the side. Ron releases his grip on the doorhandle and falls to the ground, dead.

Paul slips off the Elf’s back, probably getting weak from the blood loss of his two wounds.  “Why?” he says. The Elf moves closer and Paul raises his arms to defend himself. Marius slashes his forearms a few times. Paul trips backward over the toolbox knocking his head on the hard server room floor. Marius reaches over and finishes him by cutting his throat. “Oh Martha…” he moans as he bleeds out.

Fuck, what have I done. Marius thinks to himself as he looks upon the carnage. Why did these guys have to die, they had done nothing! Even if they did tell someone I was up here it would not matter… FUCK. Marius drug the bodies into the far corner behind a server rack where they would be less visible to the camera. He removed his shirt to search it for blood, surprisingly there was very little. His pants were also fine. Huh… lucky. He thought. He points the camera at the roof and reconnects it.

Marius’ recurring violence and his guilt over it has become somewhat of a recurring theme throughout the Denver and Seattle story lines. He repeatedly jumps to violence as a first option, only to realize after the fact that there were other options and / or the individuals who ended up being harmed weren’t the threats he rationalized them into. So I keep putting him in the same situations to see if he’ll ever learn… He hasn’t so far.

By the time Marius has the locks cleared off of the drive racks, it is almost 11:45. He radios the front desk and tell them to send the boxes up. They begrudgingly agree. Marius then calls down to the Security desk. “Security,” the woman answers.

“Yes, this is Paul up in the server room on 97, I am going to have to take a server offline, we had some complications with the install up here. I should be done in 30 minutes, but it could be up to an hour.” she acknowledges and hangs up. At exactly 11:45 Marius pulls the first drive and stacks it by the door. He yanks them as fast as he can, but is only halfway done by noon when the porter knocks on the server room door.

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