Seattle Mission 08: A Really Bad Idea – Part 2

Written by: Marius           Played on: 04 Feb 2012
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Up on the 35th floor, Marius was doing his best to walk around like he was going somewhere in particular, this was difficult since he was going nowhere in particular at all. As the Elf turned down a row of cubicles, he was stopped by a man that most IT professionals would call a ‘user’.

“Excuse me, my computer is broken,” the man said. He was a short man, with a balding patch he was trying to cover up by cutting his hair short. The look was not flattering on someone with such an oddly shaped head, thought Marius.

“Yes, ok, what is wrong with it?” Marius asked, trying to sound concerned.

“It won’t do anything. It was fine one second and now it won’t do anything.” He folded his arms across his chest.

Marius sat in the users chair and moves the mouse. The terminal seemed to respond fine. “So, what is it that you are trying to do right now?”

“I’m trying to access the accounting file server to retrieve some expense reports submitted last week, you see I have typed the path in right here,” he points to the screen. Marius looks, there is indeed a file path typed in.

“Ok…” the Elf replies. “What else is it not doing?” Marius was now stalling. The longer he asks for information, the longer he could look like he knew what he was doing.

“Well, that’s it really,” the man replied.

That’s it? Marius said to himself. THATS IT? A moment ago you said ‘nothing works’ and now it will only not perform this one single task! What the fuck is wrong, why can’t you articulate what is wrong without blowing the entire thing out of proportion?! Marius’ brain was alive with hate, how could people say such stupid things… did he not think I was going to investigate?! “When was the last time it was working?”

“It worked fine yesterday, you guys must have changed something.” Ah HA! The Elf had an idea, a way out of this hell.

“Yes, well, we made some changes to the networks… Backbone configuration this morning. They are still finishing up some of the cross connections. The splines are going to be matriculating all morning. It should be up by around 1 PM, I’ll check back with you around then.” The explanation seemed to satisfy the angry little man. “Do you have anything else you can work on? I would hate to think this was ruining your workflow.”

“Yeah, sure. I guess it’s no big deal. I’ll try it again this afternoon”

Marius got up and headed for the elevator. This is way harder than any bullshit those guys are facing down there, they have it made.

Bear, Wheeler and Chekhov were all standing around a stone version of the Mercury Express building security day manager, and all three had a similar ‘now what’ look on their faces. Wheeler was the first to speak. “So… How do we kill a man, quietly, who is made of stone?”

“Don’t look at me” Bear stated in his defense.

“Ok, everyone one chill. Let me think” Wheeler commanded. He paused. Everyone paused. “Allright, what if we.. No.”

“I got it. We break his neck,”  Bear said, the rest of the team looked at him as a way to remind him of how dumb that sounded. “No, no, listen; Chekhov will hold him, I’ll wrap my arms around him, and you cover his mouth, I’ll drop the spell and break his neck.”

“That’s actually perfect, except I think I should do the breaking, since I have longer arms.” Wheeler added. The rest agreed and they set about pulling the manager off of his chair and dragging him to the floor. Everyone got into position as Bear dropped the spell.

As Wheeler felt the skin soften he reared back to jerk the mans head around. The man turned his head; this allowed Wheeler to realy give it a go and soon the manager was crumpled on the ground, staring nearly directly backwards.

“That was a good plan,” Chekhov stated, as if awestruck. He assumed the identity of the departed manager. The Orc walked back out and asked one of the security personnel to show the two new guys around.

“You two, Johnson, Wilson; Show these two the stations, I’m going to have them relieve the two of you.”

“Sir, you want the new guys to fly solo on their first day?” this was Johnson asking the question.

Is he questioning the boss Chekhov asked himself, would this guy take that, he did not seem like the kind of guy that would take that. I should come down hard on him. But before he could do that Chekhov heard himself say aloud “Yes, if you could please show them around.” Shit, that did not go well.

“Please?” Johnson said, clearly surprised.

“Yes, NOW!” Chekhov got an angry look and then turned around and shut the door to his office a little harder then he needed too. Not a bad recovery.

Johnson showed Bear and Wheeler around the stations and told them what everyone does.

Bear asked specifically about radio call signs. “Well, we only have one code that we use,” this was Johnson, the radio man “And that’s ‘Oscar Kilo’ which is of course ‘O’ and ‘K’, we use it to determine if a security officer is within earshot of another employee before relaying sensitive information.”

“Like what?” Bear asks the obvious question.

“Well for example, if I was going to asks Fredricks downstairs to respond to a situation on the 15th floor break room I would just say that, but if I was going to ask Fredricks to escort Johny Q Who-Ever-the-Fuck from his desk to the door because he has just been fired I would first say ‘Fredricks are you oscar kilo?’ to which he would respond ‘no’, move to a more private space, and then he would call back in ‘Fredricks, Oscar kilo’ and I could then relay him that information.”

Nothing realy out of the ordinary there Bear thinks to himself. “Anything else I need to know, radio wise?”

Johnson starts back in “Two more things, if anyone ever uses a color code on the radio, like ‘Fredricks here, situation in the wherever is Green, we are all-clear’ this is a code. We DO NOT use color codes here, everything is plain-English over the radio. So if someone uses colors on the radio this means they are under duress and a general alarm should be sounded. Got that?”

What a bunch of stupid bullshit, Bear thought, why don’t they just use subvocal mics, they could say whatever they wanted. “Crystal clear, what is the third thing?” The Dwarf asked.

“Well, when certain events take place in the building, for example a lockdown, Corporate is called automatically by the system. They will ring us here by phone and the manager will need to give them a code, he is the only one that has this code. That’s the major stuff, the rest you will pick up in a few days”

While Bear had been learning about the radios, Wheeler was being shown camera controls. Then Bear was shown the alerts console he would be watching, and Wheeler was shown a few other things. Eventually their trainers finished, about this time Chekhov poked his head out.

“Marius, are you doing ok?” Chekhov asked over comms.

“Yeah, got trapped by a user, but I am clear now. Whats up”?

“Well, we have taken the manager out, I have assumed his role. The other two are being shown around the security stations by the other guards.”

“How many stations are there?” the Elf inquires.

“Four, a security camera station, a radio station, an electronic security station, and a personnel monitoring station. Where do you think our people should go”?

Bear joins the conversation, speaking extra quiet as to not be overheard by his trainer. “I think someone should go on the personnel monitoring station.”

“No, no, put someone on the cameras and someone on the server security. We have credentials that will cover us on the personnel side, but the other stations we need under our control,” Marius recommends.

“Alright, yeah that makes sense.” Chekhov agrees. He goes about searching the office for any signs of the codes for corporate.

“We are all done out here,” Wheeler says subvocally. Chekhov gets up from the desk and places the captains comlink back down upon it. He throws open the door.

“Johnson, Smith, the new guys are going to take over your stations. Go join Team Two downstairs on patrols.”

“Yes sir,” They both get up and walk toward the door.

Chekhov says to the rest of the room, “I’m going to be talking to this guy for the next few hours. Unless the building is on fire, I do not wish to be disturbed”. He shuts the door. “Marius, you are all clear, we have the security room.”

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