Seattle Mission 08: A Really Bad Idea – Part 1

Written by: Marius           Played on: 04 Feb 2012
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Prior to this session, the players were informed that Detrius had not found all the information on Matthew Sparks hard drive and commlink that he had been hoping for. Since they had not gone to the trouble of bugging the servers on the floor the last time they were there, he was asking them to go back in a second time.

I expected this would be a pretty planning heavy session, so in the interest of minimizing this we actually held a shorter play session earlier in the week online. Any players who were interested and were available were invited to get on, run down contacts for information and go about setting up their plans for the run. This was good as it really let me focus my prep for the game based on what they were planning to do, let players who didn’t care about the planning as much to skip out and we wasted far less time during our valuable, actual play time.

Detrius also moved back to Seattle to join the party to assist with this run. Both he and Pilot, Wheeler’s friend, now live with the party in their new residence.

The weeks turned into days and soon the anticipation was palpable. The team had been preparing for this day for nearly a month. Everything was in place, and as per usual; the day would progress with more and more line items on the plan getting crossed out with red pen.

Item two on the “shit list”, Jade had come down with a major case of food poisoning, she must have eaten someone that did not agree with her. Her words to the team through the bathroom door were “You guys go on with out me, it’s coming out of both ends…” she was interrupted by vomiting. “…violently” added Detrius. Bear and Marius chuckled, then returned to the table for some additional discussion prior to leaving for the day.

An actual quote from the player when she called at the last minute to let us know she wouldn’t be able to make it to the table that night. No one said I gamed with classy individuals.

Item one had been Cho backing out as well, for reasons that were her own. This created the need for Bear to move into the security roll for this run, forcing Marius to go it alone in IT.

Cho also, unfortunately, had to drop at the last minute. For far less gastrointestinal reasons.

About a week prior Jade, Bear and Marius had met with a man named Mark Janson, at Detrius’ insistence. Mark was the former Information Security Administrator, and may have the ability to get members of the team into the systems at Mercury Express.

Marius walks up to the front door of Mr. Janson’s. He knocks. The sound of bottles clanking can be heard through the door of the upper middle class condo. After about two minutes the Elf knocks again, louder this time. Additional noises, a moment or two passes and a man in his mid forties answers the door; he is unshaven and not wearing any pants. The interior is covered in dirty dishes, and empty bottles. “What?” he asks.

“Mr. Janson?” Marius says inquisitively.

“Yeah, what do want?” The man fires back, impatiently.

“Well Sir, I would like to offer you some work.” The Elf comes back.

“Oh..” He pauses. “Would you like to come in”?

The Elf replies, “Why don’t we meet later for dinner.” Mr Janson, looking around his condo in embarrassment, quickly agrees and gives me the name of a place nearby that is private. An Italian Restaurant. Jade, Bear and Marius arrive early and secure a table.  Mr. Janson arrives a few minutes after five and takes a seat.

After several minutes of hushed discussion an agreement is reached. The team will pay Mr. Janson the sum of 10,000¥ and in return he will hack into the Mercury Express systems, inserting the team into the security and employee files. He will provide them with commlink credentials as well as RFID bracelets that will act as the “keys” to doors and other points of authentication. The other, possibly even more valuable thing our shadowrunners attain is information. The intel was good, Mark said, as long as nothing has changed in the last month or so…

Bear, the Native American Dwarf puts on one of the two security uniforms that were purchased for the days activities. He feels confident wearing the bullet resistant flak vest. The rest of the uniform is as you would expect for a building security officer, Blue pants and long sleeved shirt, which would hide his cyberware arms, a thick black belt and a firearm holstered to his side. Marius had given him a quick course on how to use it, but the Ares pistol was there only for looks, Bear prefered a more traditional method of defense should things get ugly.

Wheeler also donned the security uniform. Noting that the short brimmed cap did little to hid his cyberware, his metal head glinted beneath it’s bill. Unlike Bear, Wheeler’s weapon was not just for show. An Ares pistol outfited with recoil compensation and an image link system. He was better then most in a firefight.

Marius donned khaki pants and a black polo shirt. Information Technology employees do not get to carry firearms and the Elf felt naked without the familiar weight of his sidearm. In it’s place was a folding multi-tool purchased for this occasion, though the Elf wondered why he had never carried one before, this thing had everything… except a gun. He also pocketed a bit set in a mock-leather pouch and an electric screwdriver. “Yes sir,” Marius said aloud, “I look like a proper nerd don’t I?”

“Shut up,” Chekhov said, “At least you get a knife; I am going in there naked”. Chekhov put on a pair of denim jeans, they had to be quite large to cover his substantial Orc frame. Chekhov was playing multiple roles; a civialian, a delivery driver, courier and possibly the security manager, depending on how things went in the security room.

Detrius was staying back at the clinic, to both set up the gear he had purchased to process the data and to do any hacking that needed doing last minute.

Once the Team was dressed, and loaded into the van they set out for downtown Seattle. Their target was a 100 story office building that served as the global headquarters of Mercury Express, a shipping and freight transportation company that was into some under the table stuff, as most global corps are these days.

Detrius had been able to glean that Mercury Express was being used as a front to funnel money and resources to another operation, Nyx Genetics. Unfortunately, all the files referencing the location or the operations was contained on the data servers located on the 97th floor, right outside Matthew Sparks’ office.

Several blocks away from the building the van is parked, the group leaves toward the building at differing intervals, according to the plan laid down weeks prior and meticulously memorized by each member of the team. Bear and Wheeler head in first, dressed as security. “Five guards are in the lobby,” Wheeler tells the rest of the team via the subvocal microphone that has been laid under the skin on his throat. “In the roof there are heavy duty tracks with large automated machine guns in place. Looks like things have gotten a little heavier since our last visit” Bear and Wheeler get in the longest of the six lines for the lifts. Leaving space enough for other employees to bump their way through, which a few of the more rushed wage slaves take advantage of and cut in.

Chekhov walks in, disguised as a random face. As he clears the security scanners a different sounding beep is heard. One of the five security officers looks in his direction as Chekhov moves toward security and announces that he would like to speak to the security manager. He is motioned over to a desk officer who asks how he might assist.  “I think I have info about the recent break-in and I would like to speak with your security manager.” Marius is not sure if the Orc sounds unsure of himself because he is, or because he is pretending to be a civilian in an uncomfortable situation and is good at it.

“You think you have information”? the desk clerk fires back in that cocky tone reserved for high-school gym teachers, security officers and politicians.

Chekhov clears his throat, “I do have information, and I would like to speak with your security manager as it pertains to some of your staff”, standing a little taller, and with a little more authority in his voice, you fucktard the Orc silently finishes. The security officer tells the shape-shifting Russian to tell him what he knows and he will decide if the manager needs to be bothered. “Look”, Chekhov says, clearly loosing patience. “What I have to say is of a sensitive nature and I will only share it with your manager, do I need to talk to someone else?”

A few people look over and the security officer decides that this is no longer worth the hassle, “Allright fine, Marks show them up to the office”

“We can take him, I am headed up there anyway” Wheeler states. After explaining that they were new and had to check in with the office anyway, the desk officer agrees, but sends Marks up to show them the way.

“We are in the lift,” Bear announces over subvocal to Marius, who has been walking around outside. The pale Elf enters the lobby and clears security without a second glance. Getting into the elevator he presses the button for the 35th floor where IT is located.

Bear, Wheeler, Chekhov and Marks, the building security officer, arrive on the 25th floor where security is located. As they enter the office Bear turns to Marks and says, “Thanks, we got it from here”. Marks nods and walks back toward the elevator banks.

Bear and Wheeler enter, expecting to find a room of officers staring at consoles and a managers office with the door closed, instead the manager was looking at a displa, and facing the door. This made things more difficult, as they could not approach him in private, but instead in front of 4 armed security officers.

An angry drill instructor type, the manager asked in a raised voice “Who the fuck are you?” when he saw the three enter the room. Wheeler was the first to speak.

“This guy said he had some information about the recent break in, and so we brought him up”.

“OK and who the fuck are you two?” he asked as he stepped closer.

“New guys, we just got here,” Bear said. The Man’s 6’2″ frame made it difficult to read his name tag, which said only “NEWARK”.

“Transferred in from the East Shipping facility I expect?” He asks, calming down a little, but still remaining abrassive and hostile. Bear nods. “Why wasn’t I told about any transfers? Who was your prior manager at the East facility?”

Bear makes a drawn out noise to indicate that he is thinking, before finally settling on saying “We worked mostly the night shift.”

“Annnnd you commander’s name waaaaahhs…” asked the manager, getting impatient.

“Well we were not there that long you see,” Wheeler says, “But we must have done ok if they sent us here.” he feels he has done well dodging the question, but asks Marius for the name of the manager at the other facility via subvocal anyway. Marius fires back with a random name, but sounds very confident.

“Look, do you know the name of your prior boss or don’t you? This is not a hard question.”

“Marcus Trent” Bear says using the confidence Marius used over the comms.

“Right… Well, I don’t know the night guys that well… ok.” This human seems much more calm when he has nothing to yell at, Bear thinks to himself. “You, what’s your story?”

“Well sir,” Chekhov begins calmly and with confidence, “I have some information about the recent break in and I would like to speak with you about it.” The manager stares with a sort of ‘so talk’ look on his face. “In private please, this matter concerns some of the buildings employees”.

“Look,” Mr Newark starts with a huff, “This is the security office, only security people can possibly hear you in here. It is perfectly safe to share anything you may know.

Chekhov takes a long look at one of the other guards, then looks back at the manager. “I really would prefer if we could speak in your office, the matter concerns… some people who work here.” He takes another quick glance at one of the other security officers, who looks back in interest.

“Fine, whatever. Lets go.” He rolls his eyes, turns and walks toward the office. Bear and Wheeler follow close behind. As Newark turns and sits he notices the two new guys have followed into the office, the shorter one is closing the blinds, “Hey wha–” and it’s the last thing the mustachioed  human is able to do. Chekhov and Wheeler both give Bear an approving nod, he has turned Mr. Newark, the security manager, into stone.

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