Seattle Side Mission 03: Memories Past (Part 2)

Written by: Marius           Played on: 27 Jan 2012
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This is a follow up entry in Wheeler’s journal he obtained from his great-great-grandfather during WWII. The team was given a choice of characters (of which 2LT Benjamin Johanna was required). Besides the 2LT, they took SGT Tex Jacobson, CPL Kyou Fujioka, PV1 Olaf Lang and PV2 Sorley Morris whose profiles can be found in the first journal entry.

The character and equipment sheets the players could choose from can be downloaded here.

The party was advised that, following their heroic efforts on D-Day, they had been reassigned to the OSS, the Special Forces / CIA of their day. They joined the ranks of such famous Americans as Julia Child.

August 20th 1944

2LT Benjamin Johanna 267th Special Recon Battalion with the Office of Strategic Services (OSS)

I had a meeting with the Major today. We are being sent back into the field. We only just got back from that last thing this morning and we will be heading out again. The men are battle wearly, as am I. this is the first time in a month any of us will get to sleep in a bunk and get hot chow. Better make the best of it. Tommorow we drop by air behind enemy lines into France, our mission is to capture a Nazi scientist, Dr Kuno Haenicke, suspected to be working on the Nazi nuclear initiative. He has expressed interest in defection; this will be hard.

The team was given a choice of entry options, marching overland, taking vehicles along the roads or dropping in by air. Each had their benefits and their hazards. They chose to drop in by air.

August 21th 1944

We are bedded down for the night now. Saw a bit of action this day, We dropped in after passing through some AA fire, our pilot had avoided the hot spots. We dropped in and had to take immediate cover due to Jerry being aware of our presence. No one said it would be easy, right? We landed in a field and took cover in the nearest place, an outcropping of trees. We grabbed up our chutes and took them with us, as to leave no sign.

One of us got made and one of the krauts called out to the others. Our Japanese radio man leapt into action, driving a knife into one of them, while a discharge from my Thompson quickly silenced the man who had yelled. We quickly dispatched the others and made a break for more dense woods before any others could arrive.

We walked a good distance and made it to a camping spot about 3 hours later. We bury our parachutes and tend to our wounds. We stopped here about 24 hours, hoping to time it right to make Paris about 4AM the next morning.

August 22th 1944

The squad sets out again. We make it to just outside Paris, but the sun is coming up. We decide to wait until nearly dusk to go into town. Oka and I sneak down toward a few houses to steal some civilian clothing. It what would have been a funny exchange had this not been a war and therefore serious business; we were caught. The lady of the house yelled at us in French, I held my finger to my lips and pointed at the American flag on my sleeve. She escorted us inside and, thankfully, her husband spoke a bit of German. They allowed the rest of the squad to rest inside this day and fed us bread. I gave them all the chocolate we had in trade for their hospitality. They provided us with civilian clothing and some bags to hide our weapons in as well.

Once darkness fell, we set off into the town. No one had mentioned a curfew, and in our battle weary state before we left I had never thought to ask. We were soon the only people on the streets, we did our best, but were spotted by a patrol and questioned. At one point, one of them pulled a gun and demanded to see my bag, I stabbed him in the neck, but I must have missed the throat because he shot me in the leg. I manged to shoot him down with my pistol, but not before being bashed in the face prety good by a rifle. It was quite the struggle to kill him as well. He got my pistol away from me at one point. Morris shooting at him was the distraction I needed to pick it back up and put one through his head.

The other squad mates held their own. Fuji stabbed one to death, Olaf took a knife to one of them, Morris fought hard with his guy before a knee to the face took the Nazi out of the fight. Fuji finished a fleeing man off with a shotgun to the back.

We hear German yelling in the distance. A door opens nearby, and Frenchmen pour into the street. They help us drag bodies into a basement door, we grab weapons and a bunch of them soak the sidewalk down with buckets, washing away any trace of our dirty deeds.

Viva Le Resistance!

They put us up for the night, feed us and tend to our wounds, albeit poorly.

August 23rd 1944

We awake and dress in the German’s uniforms, freshly laundered and repaired. They would not pass close scrutiny but should be fine from a distance.

Utilizing the French resistance fighters for a distraction, we get into the facility, con our way in (my German rank helped), contact and escort Dr Haenicke out. We get to the motor pool and hijack the truck they are loading the other scientists into. We also grab a bunch of documents the krauts keep loading ito the truck. We take off, leaving Olaf unfortunatly behind. When Fuji hit the gas, Olaf fell out.

A poor roll on Olaf’s part resulted in him taking a tumble out of the back of the truck as the Nazis in the motor pool chased after them. Much to their chargain, I refused to reveal Olaf’s fate, saving it for a potential future entry.

We rig the radio and communicate with command to set up an extraction point. Once that was done it was back to HQ for a debrief.

All in all, NOT my most fantastic leadership, but I learned alot from this failure, we would not learn for a while what became of Olaf…

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