Seattle Mission 06: Profitable Catch

Written by: Marius           Played on: 09 Dec 2011
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This log ended up being written well after the fact by a player that hadn’t taken notes on the run at the time. As a result, the details are a little fuzzy.

Checking the teams message box I found a single file. I shot a quick text to the team and soon we all gathered around the main trid screen. The face of a middle aged elf in a slate gray business suit appeared. Short blond hair and piercing blue eyes completed the look of the corporate business man.

“Good day. Word on the street is that you and your team have a bone to pick with Mercury Express. I’ve got a job that should tickle your fancy. Meet me at Venus’ tonight at nine. Room number three at the back.”

Our team had just recently been double crossed by my former employer; I for one was eager to get revenge. “What do you guys think” I asked the team. “Interested?” After everyone had agreed we got ready for the meeting.

Arriving about a half hour after the club opened we were subjected to a SIN scan by two armored bouncers at the door. Another set of armed bouncers blocked the way into the VIP rooms in the back. “The VIP rooms,” Wheeler directed. We all walked back there, where we were again subjected to a pat down, much more through this time. Inside the 3rd room Mr.Johnson was waiting with a stripper in his lap. The busty blond is whispering something into his ear, he laughs and asks her to come back in a few minutes, giving her a slap on the ass as she slowly rises from his lap.

“Gentlemen and ladies, the job I have for you today is quite simple. A hijacking. There is a Mercury Express shipment carrying something I need and you are to acquire it for me. Sound doable?”

We haggle over price for a few minutes and, after an agreement is reached, he shares additional details. The shipment is leaving a Seattle shipping depot. Not the main hub, but a smaller hub, and from there heading to Tacoma. We are to ensure it instead makes it’s way to Olympia.

After much researching we decided to hijack it in transit. There was only one logical path out of the area the hub was in to I-5 so we had a good spot picked out. We decided that all of us in the van was not the best plan, as the crate we needed to steal was quite large; we instead opted to utilize some bikes we had “acquired” on a prior escapade. I rode one while Jade rode a “fatty chopper” that used to belong to a Fire Knife enforcer.

The motorcycles were the ones that belonged to Rocko and his gang that they stole from the Fire Knives early upon arriving in Seattle.

We approached the back of the truck. The van stayed back behind the delivery truck while the two motorcycles passed on either side. On the drivers side I opened fire onto the armed guard through the door. He returned fire but was quickly dispatched. I was left with a slightly damaged armored coat.  On the drivers side, Jade motioned for the driver to take the next exit. He did so. As he came to a stop in a rundown shopping center parking lot, Jade opened his door and yanked the man free. “How do we open the back?” she growled, shoving a Ruger Super Warhawk into the man’s ribs.

“It opens with this,” he said, taking off an RFID bracelet.

“Get the fuck out of here!” she barked, shoving him to the ground. The short, balding man got up and ran off.

“I’m going to see if we can take the whole truck,” Wheeler said. Cho tossed him the RFID/GPS/Bug scanner, to make sure the truck was free of tracking devices. I trotted around the back with the scanning bracelet and opened the truck.

Cho, Jade, Bear, and myself were all caught flat footed by two guys inside the back of the truck with mounted machine guns. It was not something I had considered. We returned fire, but got pretty tore up in the exchange. The van also took some fire, being parked right behind the truck.

I’m sure they didn’t have mounted machine guns back there, but, like a good fish story, a Shadowrun retelling gets bigger, better and more outrageous with the retelling.

After a few minutes Wheeler called up, “I got two trackers, but the third is wired into the ECU, I can’t remove it without taking more time than we have.”

“Leave it, are you guys stupid?” Cho asked over the comm channel. Jade, Bear and I grabbed the crate, Cho quickly headed over and lightened the load as did Chekov. Wheeler jumped back into the drivers seat of the van. Once the crate was in, Jade and I remounted our motorcycles and drove ahead of and behind the van. “I found a tracking chip on the crate.” Cho announced as I saw something fly out the rear firing port of the van.

A few minutes later, I noticed a small drone following us. “Drek, we have a small drone on our tails, I’m going to see if I can take it out. Bear, can you give me a hand?”

“I’ll see what I can do” the dwarf confirmed. seconds later the drone came to a near stop in the sky as it slammed into an invisible barrier. It dropped suddenly and then began to pull up and head straight for the van. I unleashed a barrage of gunfire, but the small air born object would have been hard to hit even if I was not riding a motorcycle. A few rounds hit home, one of them must have damaged the drone, it began to smoke and it’s maneuverability dropped. Two rounds from Jade’s Super Warhawk penetrated the drones hull. It dropped onto a small Japanese sedan, which darted into a freeway abutment, taking the drone, car, and driver airborne for just a second before slamming them back down into the fast lane.

“I would not want to be commuting right now,” Chekov said.

“I’m going to double check that crate,” Cho announced.

“Please do,” I said, “We have additional pursuers I think.” The beating of rotors could be heard in the distance.

“Drek,” Jade barked. “This sounds bad.” Three helicopters were approaching. Two smaller gunships and a larger troop carrying chopper.

“Oh man, you guys. I am not feeling good right now. We need to get off this freeway to somewhere more defensible. These choppers are going to shred us,” I moaned.

“There is another exit in two miles, hang on I’ll get us there,” Wheeler said.

The first two choppers entered firing range. Chancing a look ever my shoulder, I saw that they were smaller, one-man craft. They were armed though. The first chopper dropped to about 7 meters above the freeway, it’s cannons barking to life. I felt a large bore slug slam into my back and a second partially penetrated my armor and pierced into my shoulder. My left arm shot forward with the impact, cocking the wheel to the side; I corrected, but a bit too much. Somehow I was able to keep the bike steady.

The second chopper spun to the right, tracking the van sideways it’s cannons also roared on, laying fully automatic heavy weapons fire down in front of the van, asphalt shot up everywhere. This model did not have personnel armor like our van in Denver, the team was going to be feeling it if those cannons turned on the van. Barrels poked out of firing ports and windows; fire was returned. I saw a puff of smoke form the cabin, Bear had probably lit the pilot on fire. The helicopter shot skyward breaking off it’s attack.

I dropped a gear and shot forwards, avoiding another volley from the first choppers cannons. As I scooted past the van on the passenger side Jade fired from her Super Warhawk. The chopper lifted into the air, no doubt trying to avoid Jade’s hand cannon.

“Watch out, the rear chopper is going to come down,” Bear said over the team channel. I was able to steal a glance rearward in time to see the small rotor-wing craft slam into the asphalt. “Hard to fly when you are made of stone.”

“We still have two more to contend with. The exit is about a quarter mile up,” Wheeler said. The second chopper must have swung around behind, I felt several rounds slam into my armor, My vision started to fade. I slammed my foot onto the rear brake and put the bike into a slide… When I awoke I was staring upward at Chekov, dripping with sweat, brow furrowed in heavy concentration. I felt hot, all over my body, the familiar feeling of mana flowing through my bodies tissues. The stinging in my shoulder and back was fading a little. “What happened?”

“We took out the 2nd chopper. We got real cut up by the third, it was full of commandos. We dropped it just as they were getting ropes ready. Well, Cho dropped it. Thank goodness for heavy explosives, eh?” Bear informed me. Chekov was starting to breath heavy with exertion. I felt the heat fade away and the stinging of my wounds had been replaced by a dull ache. Chekov, now finished with his healing incantation turned his magical attention to Jade, who also had some big holes punched in her.

“Most of us got shot up, you took it the worst.” Bear concluded. “As usual, Cho used bullet repellent before the run, so she is actually unharmed”

“We are nearing the warehouse” Wheeler called back. “Everybody be alert. Cho get that gun out.” Wheeler swerved around solid concrete blocks that forced all approaching vehicles to slow and turn.

As we pulled up to the gate of the Shaiwase warehouse, I could see a security checkpoint from where I was in the back. I sat up to look out a window. The facility was large, and clearly favored thick solid walls over smooth lines. The guard and Wheeler exchanged words, until Wheeler remembered the password, “Glass key,” he said. Then we were allowed to pass.

We all got out to meet the Johnson. He had a few dock workers with him. They removed the crate with a forklift. One of the workers pried the top open with a pry bar when nodded to Mr. Johnson. Leaning over Mr. Johnson inspects the cargo.

“Looks good, you managed to avoid damaging it I see.” From the angle I still cannot see into the crate. “You all have been well worth the investment. Here is the remainder of your fee, I hope to have need of your services again in the future.

PREVIOUS: Mission 05 – Bring Down the House – Part 3
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