Seattle Mission 05: Bring Down the House – Part 3

Written by: Marius           Played on: 26 Nov 2011
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“Wheeler screamed as he dropped someone behind me. I depressed the trigger as Bears opponent looked up with a triumphant expression, made eye contact and a three round burst dropped her like a ton of bricks, I ducked into the room.” Tina’s hand moves further up my leg, she is now gently rubbing me through my pants. Our waiter finally comes by and we all order another round.

“Chekov yelled a mighty battle roar as he charged Mathew Sparks. I heard Matt yell in desperation, ‘STOP!’ but Chekov continued. As I took cover on the inside of the office, Chekov tackled Matt. I turned back toward the stairwells and began moving my rifle toward the now opening elevator doors. Three new individuals entered the lobby from the elevator doors.  One of them raised an MP5 and shoots at Cho, she was struck with a three round burst. Another one fired at Wheeler as he turned and raised his own gun.  I was shouldering the rifle, things seemed to move in slow motion. Cho droped a grenade in the lobby and leapt past me into the room. The rifle butt sunk into my shoulder as I inhaled and held my breath. Wheeler let loose one last round as he cleared the doorway into the room. I blinked… I saw the third guy dive into the room and fling the grenades into the elevator.” The ladies are leaning in waiting to hear what comes next.

“I felt the trigger as I depressed it, missing the sliding, rolling target. A second round also misses as he slides to a halt.” They both seem to be saddened by this. “ ‘Target is secured’ I hear Chekov yell. I felt a few light thuds as one of the soldiers let loose with an MP5, he hit the wall but a few over penetrated and bounced off my armor. Another soldier does the same and struk me with a few rounds. I felt my chest thunder as the rounds broke through my armor. The grenade goes off but I barley felt the heat over the thundering pain in my sternum.  Cho yelled ‘We have your boss, STAND DOWN!’ as she shot at the guy on the floor, striking him. Wheeler stood behind me also taking cover behind the door. He shot at the guy on the floor too; he took another hit, got up and sprinted for cover. I let loose a barrage of gunfire towards one of the MP5 guys, clipped him as he is running. A second barrage struck him and he stumbled but kept running.“ Our last round arrives. Better hurry this along, if I finish this story right as we all finish our drinks it would be the perfect time for the ladies and us to head upstairs.

“One of the guys shouted for us to surrender, said the police are surrounding the building. Cho took off toward the VIP while Wheeler and I covered the door. I yelled back some stuff and we entered negotiations. It’s not going so hot when the guy poped up, opened fire and struck me with a few rounds through the doorframe. I returned fire with two three round bursts. I hit him… I’m pretty sure. He fell behind the desk.”

“Is Bear just passed out the rest of this story?” Tina asks.

“No, I’m getting there, hold on, Cho knocked out Matt with a shock glove. Wheeler shot a guy who had ducked behind something and shot him right through it. I saw the last remaining guy drop a grenade pin, I missed a few shots and yelled for Wheeler to shut the door, he did. The door exploded and I lost consciousness.”

Bear takes over as he drinks half of his fresh beer in one swallow. “So, you were on the ground when I woke up,” Bear explains “Jade was trying to bash out the widow, it started cracking. Chekov had healed me. Cho had the Prez strapped to her chest in preparation for the jump. She chucked a flashbang toward the door. She announced that the elevator is headed back down. At that point Wheeler shot past Cho through the windows… which freaked me the fuck out. I am knocking a bunch of photos off the wall, looking for your goddamned 20 million nuyen, Marius. Chekov got charged by that girl that shot you, she stabs the fuck out of Chekov. He was still standing but pretty hurt.”

“That is fucked up,” Tina says “The grenade did not get her?” she is downing her drink pretty fast, I think in an effort to keep up with her friend, who is nearly done as well. They seem almost as anxious to be done talking and head upstairs as Bear does.

“Nope, shit keeps going from there. Chekov is kinda useless in close combat in human form. There is a big gust as Jade knocked the window out. Wheeler shot at the chick grappling with Chekov.”

“Did… did he shoot Chekov?” Tina asks. Again, with the dumb fuck questions… Man I am going to do some weird shit to her, the dumb ones are always ok with anything.

“No, but the bitch stayed standing. Chekov blocked her next attack, and tried to move so that the rest of us had a shot. Cho carpes the fuck out of that… what’s Latin for opportunity?” Bear looks at me..

“… The fuck should I know?” I say.

“Oportunitas.” Hailey fills in.

“Right… carpe oportunitas; which in this case meant that she shot her right in the back, dead as shit, that’s when Chekov woke you up.”

“So, I woke up, prepped for the jump, grabbed the computer from the desk and secure it in my bag. We all got ready to wait for Cho’s order to jump. As we leapt, I heard an explosion far below from the explosives Cho had thrown from the window. The wind pushed us all a little off course, about two blocks. We started packing up our chutes while Wheeler jogged toward the car. We hid in a nearby alley. We all loaded into the van, with Mathew in tow, and drove toward a secure location for the interrogation; but that, ladies, is a whole nother story.”

“You know what was fucked about this entire thing?” Bear asks, to no one in particular, as he finishes his beer. “Blowing a hole in a building is a terrible way to sneak in to someplace, furthermore, we should have disabled the elevators prior making our ascent.”

“Yeah, I guess it was a little fucked.” I reply.

“A LITTLE fucked, that was probably the WORST plan we have ever had. We have had worse encounters, but that was usually due to no planning at all. This was a plan that everyone decided to move forward with, that was just a fucking awful idea.” Bear rants.  “Well, you ladies want to head upstairs, we rented a double room for the evening”

We all four get up from the table, man I love this job.

While laying in bed, I thought back to when we interrogated Matthew Sparks.

We originally called the session at this point. It had run on long and no one really wanted to stop gaming in the middle of the action. Instead, we all got together online a few days later to have a group video chat where we role played the interrogation of Matthew Sparks.

We had a much better plan for this, but the execution was a little off. Bear failed to break that fuck Mathew at the beginning. It is a mistake any of us could have made. He started making deals for answers instead of breaking him. He let that ass hole run the interrogation from the witness chair, allowing him to be cut free of his bonds, allowing him out of his chair.

We received little in the way of answers. All we really know is what Mathew didn’t know. He did not know who gave him control over us, presumably some anonymous mystical force. Who else has control over us (IE the owners of the other tattoos)? Didn’t know. How did you learn about us? He managed to dodge that one, and we never got back around to it.

He did tell us that the control rod is the only way to control us. That is the only thing of consequence we learned.

We also managed to squeeze 60K nuyen out of him, it was supposed to be 500,000. But he fucked us. An act which has me planning to kill him the next time I see him.

That day we returned home and hastily packed our shit and got out. We knew that Mr. Sparks knew where we lived and would most likely send the police. Most of us also burned our SINs and purchased fresh ones.

All in all, that whole situation was fucked; we were doing better than most, but I still felt we were not living up to our potential as a team for planning and execution.

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