Seattle Mission 05: Bring Down the House – Part 2

Written by: Marius           Played on: 26 Nov 2011
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Continuing after our waitress brings us another round, “Wheeler dropped us off at the sewers entrance, parked the van about 10 blocks north and took a cab back to where we were. It is late in the evening by the time we made our way to the base of the building. Cho planted the explosives while several of us assisted as needed and double checked things. The explosives worked perfectly, blowing a nice clean hole into an elevator shaft.  The elevator is on the first floor so we climb up past it.” The ladies seem more interested now that there are explosions and shit. Tina puts her hand on my thigh.

“Jade was the first person up the cable; Bear was right behind, then me, then Chekov, Wheeler, and lastly Cho.  Jade called out that she had hit the top… And she had lost count.  We decide that the floor in front of me is the 97th floor. I slowly opened the doors, while invisible. I could see an empty reception desk. I continued to open the doors. I saw the floor marker indicating the 97th floor. I also saw a ground drone.”

“Below me Cho entered the 91st floor. Bear let go of his climbing thing and leapt toward the doorway to the 97th floor and landed in a roll in the middle of the room. I followed behind and stepped out of the doorway, I raised my rifle, “I’m in” I said sub vocally.  I heard Cho announce that the other elevators are not moving. Chekov said to Bear, “You are armored up sir!” at that moment the drones opened fire, one at Bear, one at me.  Bear rolled, me… not so much. I took a blast right to the abdomen. I dodged the majority of the blast but two rounds manage to penetrate my armor. A searing burning feeling shot into my belly. My pain was sobered by the sound of Jade speaking over comms, “That was a nice move, dwarf… Why not Jade? Here I GO!!!” I heard Chekhov screech like a little girl.  Jade landed in a low crouch on the 97th floor LIKE A BOSS.”

“Cho and Wheeler announced that they were in the stairwell heading up.  Bear launched one of the drones into the elevator shaft and let go. I unleashed a hail of gunfire at the second drone, sparks erupted from it’s internals and it seemed to power down.  Chekov rolled onto the floor, and kicked the drone in the elevator shaft as it fired in our direction. The immediate threat is over.”

“Wow, did you really pick one of those drones up?” asked Hailey. Haley was the better looking of the two and certainly smarter as well. Tina was the living stereotype of the dumb blonde; Large bust, glassy eyes, no formal education, and little common sense. What Hailey, the intelligent, medium bust possessing, college senior was doing hanging around this bimbo I had no idea.

“Hell yeah I did!” Bear stated confidently “With Magic”. Normally Hailey would be the one I would have picked out, but Bear had called dibs the moment he saw her… oh well, he deserves it, after the amount of times he has saved my ass, he can have his pick. She scoots a little closer to him now. And it’s not like there is anything wrong with Tina; well, nothing physically wrong anyway.

I continue the story as Tina’s hand takes a position further up my thigh. “So, as I looked around I see two empty conference rooms behind the reception desk. There was also another door with privacy glass on the left, possibly Matt’s office, and a windowless door on the right. Chekov heads for the door on the right, approaching with caution. At Cho’s request I look at the elevator indicators. I tell Cho that the other elevator is still at the 98th floor.” I pause for dramatic effect.

“And then…” I smack my left hand on the table for emphasis and squeeze Tina’s thigh with my right,  “Jade is riddled with lead, she had opened the door to Matt’s office. I run towards the stairwell door to let Cho and Wheeler in. Bear ducks under Jades legs and launches a manna bolt.”

“Wow, you are a powerful Mage aren’t you,” Hailey says, I can tell she has her hand in Bears lap. Awesome. I gotta talk him up a little more, I’ll get him laid for sure.

“Well you know, I have been doing this a while, you pick things up, you know.” He is doing a good job appearing modest.

“So it’s right at that time that Jade turns around and levels me to the floor with an epic kick, I took it right to the face.” Tinna giggles, simpleton. “You see, Matt had used his control rod to tell her to do it. I hear Marius yell for me to neutralize Matt as soon as I can, and he would do his best to cover me. Well, before I can even think, another one of those drones is in the office and lets loose another hail of gunfire, striking Jade and myself. She took most of it, but I was tore up.”

The basic rules I’ve used for the tattoos and rods was that it allowed non-magic users to use a Mind Control spell on the party. They can take longer and focus to cast a group mind control spell, effecting the whole group, or they can cast it on a single target just like a mage casts a regular spell for a much shorter duration (about one action).

The former is much more effective and useful for dramatic moments like at the beginning of the run where the villain has the drop on the party, the latter more useful for combat situations though the players have a much better chance to resist its effects. It keeps the bonds as an integral part of the game when they encounter these ‘boss’ enemies and ties back into the story. Plus, its always fun to have the giant troll kick one of her teammates in the face.

“You are tough, though,” I interject. “And Jade got out of your way pretty quick, you see ladies; one of the soldiers in the office had thrown a grenade into the room. Jade yelled and ran INTO the office! Chekov and Bear here both resisted the urge to panic and instead leapt into action. Just like that, the grenade was covered with two magic barriers, that act saved the rest of us from being shredded when that grenade went off. I heard gunfire from the stairwell, and via my peripheral I saw Cho and Wheeler enter the lobby. I duck into the doorway and shoot the damaged drone, disabling it. My arm burned as Mathew sparks said ‘Marius, Kill that mother fucking troll!’ ” He had actually called me ‘Mort’, but these are details I don’t need to go into right now, I need to wrap this story up after the next round of drinks so Bear and I can bed these lovely ladies. “I was able to grit my teeth against the burning sensation. I focused on something else, looking around the room I saw beautiful columns, a large wall of glass behind Matt and, as he realizes that I am not his puppet, he ducks back behind a lovely oak desk.”

“Yeah it was a NICE office” Bear adds “It’s a shame we had to fuck it up.”

I continue, “Chekov cast a fireball into the room, it struck one of the men with guns quite squarely. The remaining drone’s gun burst to life once again and the wall near the door was riddled with rounds. I heard both physical barriers pop. A few bits of metal stuck into my armor, but I felt nothing except a light pressure on my skin, big thanks to Bear and Chekov on that one.” I raise my glass in a salute, downing the rest of my beer.  “Looking back into the room, I saw an adept shift out of the path of Jades Super Warhawk.

Its always fun to throw something the party uses regularly back at them, specifically this time a melee focused adept with a high Agility, Reaction and Close Combat abilities. Both Jade and Bear regularly tear through most combatants in melee combat. It also marked the first time I got to knock out the exceedingly resilient Troll.

I heard Cho yell “Frag out!” as she slamed the stairwell door shut. The adept female Orc leapt onto Jade and rode her unconscious body to the floor. She stood up, removing her blade. Bear went NUTS and charged into the room blades out. He leapt into battle and slashed her from hip to nipple, there was alot of blood, but she remained standing.  Wheeler took cover at the doorway and shot at the adept.” I motion for the waiter as Hailey puts her other hand on Bears chest as she looks over, and slightly down at him.

“Wow, that is awfully brave of you to run into the fray like that, weren’t you concerned about getting hurt?” Hailey interjects.

“Well, I mean, sure. But when a member of the team is in mortal danger like that, you just gotta’ put that stuff aside and do what needs to be done. I do sometimes go a little overboard though and take some risks I should not take, but so far it has always worked out.” Bear looks back for me to continue as he finishes his beer as well.

“So at this point it was my turn to do something bad ass, I put a three round burst through the last drone, dropped it, and another burst through the last guard, who crumpled to the ground. Chekov broke from cover and sprinted toward the desk. I heard gunfire from behind me, from the right stairwell. I also heard a massive explosion from the left stairwell. Cho yelled ‘We have more hostiles here, I’m on it!’ I continued to hear gunfire. My gaze moves from the dead guard to Bear and his caster opponent, blades are a whirl; Bear took a bad slash across the chest and collapsed.”  Hailey looks visibly concerned.

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