Seattle Mission 05: Bring Down the House – Part 1

Written by: Marius           Played on: 26 Nov 2011
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Years from now, Marius and Bear are in a bar. They are among the oldest guys there and yet, every week, a gaggle of young attractive women are around them to hear their stories of years past…

When Marius wrote the log, I told him it was rather optimistic on his part to assume they would survive that long…

“This is one of our craziest stories I think…” I say to the two ladies Bear and I are chatting up. “We got a call from Mrs. Johnson, she asked us to meet her in a construction yard. We arrived and looked around. Saw nothing out of the ordinary so we got out for the meet. Mrs Johnson stepped out of her limo and asked her driver to take a walk. She is an attractive woman in her early thirties, very attractive. She was wearing heels, no easy task in loose gravel. She says it is good to see us, and Mr. Johnson is also happy to see us. At this point my tattoo ached with that familiar burn, you ladies remember those tattoos Bear told you about?”

The lovely blond responds in the affirmative. Her brunette companion nods. I continue, “I was frozen in place as I heard the door open and close, and footsteps approached in the gravel. ‘Turn around,’ Mr. Johnson said. I recognized the voice, Matthew Sparks… We turned around, sure enough, son of a bitch. ‘Gentlemen, it’s good to see you. It’s too bad you have been such a poor corporate asset, now you have to get shot down by police after being caught in an illegal drug buy with my colleague here.’ He grinned and said ‘Kill Her’ while pointing an obsidian rod at me”.

Matthew Sparks is the former employer of Marius Finnion, formerly Mort Mercer. Prior to becoming a Shadowrunner, Marius worked for the man previously as detailed in his background story for the Denver Campaign. Not mentioned explicitly in his background, is that the company he worked with was Mercury Express, a delivery company. That was later established in as a side point in during the Denver Side Mission, Deliver Assistance. By that point, I knew the basics of what I was planning for the Seattle campaign and so I seeded that detail early. There’s a few other foreshadowing details in that log if you look closely.

I am interrupted by Tina, the blonde; “Wait what?” she asks. I go on to remind her that the tattoos meant that we belonged to someone and that, based on Matt’s words we clearly were not an investment that had panned out very well. “Oh, ok right. Please go on.” she says while taking a sip from her long island iced tea.

“Right, so Matt orders me to kill her. ‘WHAT’? she screams,  She starts to back away as I put a round through her stomach, and chest.  Mr. Johnson leaves; I am frozen unable to move as we hear sirens get closer and closer. We all seem to unfreeze at once, I grab the certified credsticks, Jade grabs the body and we all sprint for the van. My heart is beating a mile a minute.”

Bear jumps in, “I remember yelling about how fucked we were as I leaped in the back of the van. As soon is the doors are shut, Wheeler accelerated the van, fishtailing it expertly in the gravel saving precious seconds of making a three point turn. We pulled out of the lot. Three police cars pull in about half a block behind us while three more pursue us. Wheeler reminded us all to be cool as he casually drove down the street, cool as a fucking cucumber that guy.”

I continue, “Wheeler, still cool as your favorite vegetable, says something like ‘They may not have seen us yet, everyone be cool. We might be good here’. He made a few twists and turns, but the police continue to follow, they were catching up. It is clear we were not “all good”. Wheeler sped up and went on the defensive.  We made some evasive maneuvers; Bear here used a physical barrier to cause an accident, blocking an intersection, I fired out the rear window and disable a cop car. We managed to loose them, and head for home.”

“Well not right home,” Bear ads. “We spend the next few hours driving home via back roads, backtracking, checking for tails, parking and looking around, etc… When we arrived home and discover the place not surrounded by police we all breathed a sigh of relief.”

“Right, thanks Bear, I had forgotten about that. So once home we check in with Detritus’ and discover Matt Sparks is President of Operations, as well as VP of Seattle Operations. He works out of the corporate headquarters in downtown Seattle. The 97th floor houses the executive offices. With my memory we are able to kind of piece together the basics of what that floor plan might look like. I used to work there before moving to Denver,” I fill in as I see Tina about to ask a question.

“Back in the day while hacking Mercury Express, Dee was looking for info about our parents.” I continue, “ He never found anything.  But he had a theory that our parents may have been mixed up with Mercury. Dad worked there. Dee requests that I get access to the comlink and HDD from Matt’s office terminal.” Bear looks like he has an interjection, I kind of nod in his direction. “Yeah go ahead Bear”.

“Dee actually called us back a while later and told us that Lisa Simpson’s comlink was mostly a wash; she does have door codes however.  He also got a partial list of contacts. We now have Matthew Sparks commlink number, or perhaps office number,” Bear adds “Lisa was the woman Matt ordered Marius to shoot earlier.”

I continue, “One of Cho’s contacts gets us the blueprints. The bottom 50 stories are call centers, shipping and operations, customer service etc.. The next 30 floors are administrative offices, HR, lower level executives, personnel offices. Floors 80-100 are higher executive offices, corporate penthouse suites, and on the 97th floor is almost all dedicated to one large office/executive suite.  The top 3 floors are penthouse suites. There are 6 elevators, two with roof access, and two stairwells, only one with roof access. No loading dock, no freight elevator, there are no vaults or wall safes called out on the blueprints.” The girls are starting to loose interest, so I speed the story along to the good part.

“Everyone purchases explosives, parachutes, electric cable climbers, additional climbing gear, and ski masks. The plan is to sneak in the sewers, blast our way in to an elevator shaft, ascend the cables, and exit on the 97th floor, lay waste to motherfuckers, secure Matthew Sparks, find a wall safe, break it open, steal 20 million nuyen, blow out a window and leap to freedom.”

“We also purchase a high-end comlink and satellite link. If we can get this device physically attached to the servers on the 97th floor, Dee can download the server’s data over a 24-48 hour period.  In theory this data could be very valuble to the right buyer.” I add.

Interestingly enough, there was a follow up run I was planning on that would come up a few sessions later which involved the team breaking back in to Mercury Express specifically to access the floor’s server room because the commlink and hard drive on the computer turned out to be a wash. The team did not know this, of course, and was simply looking for a way to get pay data they could sell for a mission that was otherwise non-paying.

Had they succeeded, I would have rolled the results of that mission into this one and they could have skipped that mission entirely. Fortunately for me, the time I had spent prepping ahead for that session did not go to waste as they totally forgot about hooking the device up to the servers when the time came.

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