Seattle Mission 04: Convoy Ops

Written by: Marius           Played on: 12 Nov 2011
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This log ended up being written well after the fact by a player that hadn’t taken notes on the run at the time. As a result, the details are a little fuzzy.

Our comms rang with that familiar tone that meant a call was incoming. We were asked to hold for Mr. Johnson. He came on the line and arranged a meeting. When we arrived in the parking lot, we saw a blacked out towncar. Mr. Johnson exited with two large bodyguards. As he introduced himself to the team I saw that he was wearing a coat with a name tag that said ‘Theo Bernhard’.

My mind raced back to when I was still Mort Mercer. I knew the name, but I never met the man. He was a low level guy who arranged black market and off the books deliveries for the company. Not a shot caller, at least not back then.  But not on the level either. So he was a Johnson now, eh? Was he still with Mercury Express? I thought to myself.

Spoiler Warning: He is.

“The job is straight forward gentlemen,” He glanced over at Jade and Cho “…and ladies. We run some regular delivery routes and they are getting harassed by a gang. Sometimes the trucks are damaged, sometimes the cargo is stolen. They have roughed up two drivers so far. We put one of our security people in the cab of the last truck and that did not help. The attacks are escalating in ferocity as well as frequency. I need you guys to ensure that the next attack is the last attack. I don’t want the shipments, or the drivers harmed.”

We asked a few clarifying questions and discovered that Mr. Johnson is very non-specific as to how the gang is stopped. He had arranged for an information leak that the next shipment will be a little more valuable than most, to ensure the gangers made an appearance.

The team discussed several possibilities as to how to stop the gang. All were variations on the theme of “Kill Everyone”. The basic ideas were:

  • Meet the route halfway in the van, and hope the gang has not hit the convoy all ready.

  • Follow the convoy the whole way in our van.

  • Follow the convoy with the van and motorcycles.

After heated debate, we decided on following the convoy with the van.

We escorted all three Mercury Express trucks. The gang did strike. About seven Asian street gang kids on crotch rockets. Most of them were armed with SMGs. We dispatched them in our usual fashion. Dudes were set aflame, dudes were shot. One dude struck an invisible barrier and crashed into another dude, taking both of them from the fight.

“That was almost too easy,” Bear commented. Sweating lightly from the concentration required to levitate 180 lbs of ganger off of his motorcycle, causing it to crash into oncoming traffic.

Our celebration was cut short at that time by Wheeler yelling from the front seat. “We have incoming!”

“Looks like another half a dozen,” I say after turning my attention to the rear view mirror. “One of them must have called for backup before dying in a gutter”

This time around the gangers knew not to waste any time on the trucks until they had taken us out. Still, with only six of them, we made quick work. A few of us including myself took some fire. Even Wheeler got involved this time, sticking a huge revolver out the window and putting lead through the helmet of one of the riders. As the bike jerked to the right Wheeler steered to the left and ran over the passenger.

A third wave followed, larger than the prior two. We took two out of the fight before the rest ran off.

I don’t remember now, but there might have even been more gangers than that. I think I might need to start throwing more professional bad asses at the party, these street thugs just aren’t a challenge anymore.

As we pulled into the storage lot, I called Mr. Johnson and let him know we had arrived. He said he was waiting in the warehouse. The trucks pulled in to one side, we pulled in on the other. About 30 feet from his towncar waited Mr.Johnson, with the same two bodyguards. We exchanged pleasantries.

“I have your cred-sticks in the trunk” he stated. “I’ll be right back”. As he turned both bodyguards followed. That’s when I saw Bear shoot his eyes up to the ceiling. As my gaze followed his cry came over the comms.

“Ambush, FUCK!” We got the drop on the ambushers, the team opened fire on the armed men lining the catwalk. Mr. Johnson ran toward his car. I immediately gave chase, firing 3 round bursts from my rifle. I took out one of the bodyguards right away and tagged Mr. Johnson in the left shoulder.

“I’m getting this fucking Johnson, you guys have everyone else,” I said over comms. I took a round in the thigh. It took me off my feet, but did not break the skin. From a knee I dropped the other bodyguard.

“Heads up!” Jade yelled aloud. one of the armed men on the catwalk fell with a loud “Glomp” sort of noise.

“Nice work, Jade” Cho said. By this point the rest of the team had moved for some cover around whatever they could find. Other members of the team took rounds but no one was seriously hurt yet.

I put a three round burst into Mr. Johnson’s back. He fell to the floor, but started to get up immediately. His other bodyguard had reached the car and opened the drivers door. I shot him in the head. Mr. Johnson got up and dove into the drivers seat. With the door still open he started the car and began to move forward. As the car turned to face the exit door I unloaded two three round bursts into the drivers windshield. the car stopped moving and I turned my attention to the armed men trying to kill us.

Poor Theo, he didn’t actually intend to screw the team over, his boss was the one who gave him orders to. Of course, the team killed him before they could find that out. 

I shot one guy and then it was over. As the last piece of brass hit the ground and quiet filled the warehouse a new sound emerged. The subdued sobbing of one of the Mercury Express drivers. I ran over to the Johnson’s car. Moving his corpse into the passenger seat, I drove the car over to the van.

A search of the trunk revealed no credsticks. Motherfucker. We did find his commlink and, while we were not able to break into the secure data, we did discover that Mathew Sparks had recently been in contact with him.

Matthew Sparks is Marius’ former employer, established in his background story, way back at the beginning of the Denver campaign. Woo hoo! We’re involving the players write ups much more in this campaign arc than I was able to in the previous campaign.

PREVIOUS: Side Mission 01 – Rat Race – Part 3
NEXT: Mission 05 – Bring Down the House – Part 1

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