Seattle Mission 03: Impound

Written by: Marius           Played on: 02 Sep 2011
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This log ended up being written well after the fact by a player that hadn’t taken notes on the run at the time. As a result, the details are a little fuzzy.

Marius’ commlink buzzed, it was Raven. “Raven, it’s good to see you.” They made additional small talk until the rest of the team joined the group channel.

Raven was a human Amer-Indian that the team had worked with in Denver. They had an interesting start as the team first encountered him when they broke into his bar and pulled a job there. The team is unsure if Raven knows about that.

I’m pretty sure their first run in Denver was done for Raven, the bar break in came later.

“Guys, I have some bad news. The flight from Denver to Seattle that had your gear on it was stopped, searched, and impounded by the boarder authorities. As the group expressed displeasure, Raven interrupted. “There is more,” he paused to clear his throat “The pilot is an old friend of yours Wheeler, ‘Pilot’ has been arrested as well. He was arrested under an alias, and so far his cover is intact, but it will only be a matter of time until his identity is discovered.”

“This is terrible,” Wheeler said. “What do we know?”

“Well, I have been able to figure out a few things. I know where he is being held, and under what name. I know the name of the vessel he was piloting and I think I know where it would have been taken, but the place is huge and I do not know where in there it would be.”

Raven sent over the information he had, there was not much. The firm contracted by Seattle to handle customs and boarder patrol is Knight Errant. The Precinct that Pilot was being detained in is a smaller satellite office near the Renton International Airport. The Impound yard was several miles away at Sea-Tac.

After making some calls and doing research, the team decided that the best course of action was one of non-violence. The team was to disguise themselves as the housekeeping staff to gain entry into the precinct, dividing into two teams. Team one was to go upstairs and enter the lead detective’s office and the office of another detective. They would then disguise themselves as those individuals for the rest of the plan. Team two was to clean downstairs as a method of casing the joint and figuring out where the prisoner was being held.

The team pulled up alongside the cleaning crew, about a mile from the precinct house. Cutting in front of them and immediately slowing in that annoying way drivers tend to do, Wheeler said, “Now.” Jade fired off the spike strips and driver of the cleaning van had no time to take action. All four tires were flattened. He pulled his van to the side of the road, so did our team.

Marius, Bear, Chekov and Jade leapt from the van and ran over to the cleaning crew. Throwing open the doors they incapacitated the helpless cleaners with ease. Leaving them bound and gagged in the back of their van. Uniforms were taken, cleaning supplies were transferred to the almost identical white bulldog that Wheeler was Driving. Finally the coupe de gras; magical energy swirling about, Bear and Chekov cast spells to disguise the team going in as the cleaners.

All of them had studied their fake ID’s on the way over, trying to learn as much as they could about the lives of the crew they were to impersonate. Wheeler and Marius were disguised as Amer-Indian Human and Elf males. Cho an Amer-Indian human female. Jade as an Orc famale, that one was the biggest stretch. Chekov posed as a trainee. Bear went invisible and hid inside the garbage can.

We entered with little fuss. The scanners detected Wheele’rs cyberware, but he was able to convince the guard that he had simply overlooked getting it registered. As I looked around most of the desks were empty, this being the night shift and all. Wheeler, Bear and I went upstairs to clean, leaving Jade, Cho and Chekov downstairs. We quickly locate the targets and incapacitated them, assuming their identities. Returning downstairs we had a deputy bring the prisoner to an interrogation room. Wheeler, Bear and I entered the room disguised as the detectives, Bear was invisible.

“What the fuck. I was asleep. What could you assholes want to know that I have not all ready told you. I didn’t know what I was hauling. I got the job from an anonymous ad..”

“Dude, it’s Wheeler,” Wheeler stated as Bear dropped his spell.

“What the FUCK!”

“Shut up,” Marius said “Your going to get us all arrested”

“You guys fucking rule,” Pilot stated in a hushed tone. “So whats the plan?”

“Well, we are going to put you in a trash can” Wheeler said with a grin. “We disguised ourselves as the cleaning staff to get in here, and then as detectives to get to you. Three of our compatriots are going to be cleaning the interogation rooms, as they come around we are just going to throw you away with the rest of the trash. Then we are all going to walk out the door.”

“Sounds good, how do we know when to go?” Pilot inquired.

Just then over the comm, the other three announced they had blocked the interrogation room door with the service cart. “Now,” Marius stated. “We are going to walk out the door, you are going to be invisible. Climb into the bin and don’t say shit until I tell you too. Nice to finally meet you by the way.” As the elf finished his sentence Pilot vanished from his view. Marius bumped into him on the way toward the door. “Ok, door is open, go,” he said aloud. “Pilot is moving to the can, stay out of his way,” he said subvocally. Upon seeing the can flex under his weight, “Ok, he is in. Let’s get the fuck out of here.”

Marius, Bear and Chekov exited the interogation room without the prisoner, locking it behind them. As they walked out Marius turned toward the deputy “Keep him in there to sweat, we are going to grab lunch and come back in about 45 minutes”.

“Yes, Sir,” replied the young officer.

“We are going to finish grabbing trash and see you guys in about 3 minutes,”  Cho said to the team. The two detectives walk out with the invisible dwarf, and get the van ready. A few minutes later the three housekeeping staff exits to ‘dump the trash’ only to never return.

“You guys, that was amazing,” Pilot said as the team headed for the warehouse “I am so glad to see you.” Introductions went around. “So, back to base?”

“Not exactly,” Wheeler chimed in from the drivers seat. “I’ll let someone else share the plan.”

Jade piped up “We need back the gear you lost. So now we break into warehouse and take it. Jade smash many squishy guards.”

“… Right.” Marius added, “There is a little more to it than that, but she has the essentials down. We are going to try and con our way in, but it is probably not going to work. We shoot our way in, crack the location of the equipment from the computer and try and steal back your aircraft. If we can’t get it ALL out we are to destroy it per Raven”.

The rest of the team filled in the finer points of the plan they had laid out earlier and they eventually arrived at the warehouse. As predicted they had to shoot their way in, handle a few drones and take a few rounds. They were able to subdue all the guards using non-lethal means, except one. After securing their own gear they set explosives and ended up killing a guard in the blast.

Besides their own personal gear, Pilot had been smuggling several crates of black market CalHots and there was the helicopter Pilot had been using that they were not able to get out in time. All of it ended up being destroyed.

“All in all, a success,” Chekov commented as they left the gates of the warehouse, a massive fireball erupted in the distance.

“Those explosives cost almost as much as the gear we rescued,” Cho added.

“But you saved me,” Pilot stated. “Can you put a price on human life?”

“Yes,” Jade said, staring out the window toward the Puget Sound.

PREVIOUS: Mission 02 – An Old Friend, An Old Favor
NEXT: Side Mission 01 – Rat Race – Part 1

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