Seattle Mission 02: An Old Friend, An Old Favor

Written by: Wheeler           Played on: 20 Aug 2011
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Just another day in paradise; at least I think it’s someone’s paradise.

We were having a boring, normal week when Raven calls and says he has good news. Seems some of our friends back in Denver have heard of our plight and want to help by getting some of our old gear to us. But, there’s a catch. Raven needs us to do a job to help raise the money to get it all to us. He says we are to meet someone named Viladi Vega (AKA Nickels) and he will offer us a job.

I had this mission planned out for a long time for the team, before we’d even finished the last Shadowrun campaign. Of course, when I’d written it, I had planned on Peaches offering to help them out. When she mysteriously turned up dead at the end of the last campaign, I had to come up with a new benefactor and settled on Raven, though it always felt kind of forced to me.

Insert travelling montage.

Nickels say he needs us to clear some gangers out of a group of old buildings. When we have done this, he will be able to bulldoze the place and start building a community. There are 4 main targets.

Rocko – A HUGE muscle head of troll who hangs out at the gym most of the time, weight lifting and such with a couple other large trolls.

Marco and Foxy – They are the leaders of the adepts and mages in the town. They hang out together at night.

Natasha – Little is known about Natasha except that none of the other gang members like to talk about her.

We agree to the job thinking that it will be easy, seeing as how we have destroyed so many other gangs before. We then also decide that mass transit sucks and pool together to buy a ‘shitty van’.

Arriving at the site, we decide to go after Natasha first. We break into a building where she is rumored to be and find ourselves entering a large skate park. In the middle is a platform with a long knife radiating with a magical aura. When Bear moved up to inspect the blade, a female fell from the ceiling and attacked him. At this point mages and strong arms started popping up from all over the place. Combat ensues.

After we kill everyone and confirm that it really was Natasha, we move on to our next target: Marco and Foxy. They are up in a hotel room guarded by some thugs on the ground floor. Using some magic, Chekov is able to talk his way up to their room.

As he enters to give his message, we all burst through the door and more battle ensues. Most of us focus fire on Marco while a fire elemental forms in the middle of the room.  After a few seconds Marco goes down but not before he and Foxy nearly kill me.

Compared to last season, I’ve improved my understanding of the rules for Shadowrun greatly. I’ve also got a solid “GM” base down now too, so I can focus more on some of the minutia that slipped through the cracks before. 

One of the results of that, is that combat has gotten considerably more lethal for the players since  the last season. We had more “knockouts” in the first few sessions of this season than we did for most of the first.

At this point I am unconscious for the rest of the fight but I did get a good reminder: its harder to dodge 4 bullets than just 2. After the rest of the team finishes off Foxy and the fire elemental, they bring me back to life. Barely.

On our way back down to the van, we discover that we won’t be needing to go looking for our last target, Rocko; he has come to us. The team jumps him in the main lobby just after a couple of his thugs try to take the elevator up to meet us.

He goes down fast.

Throwing caution to the wind, I lean out from around the corner, now dual wielding my pistols, and lay out one of his guards just like Foxy did to me. The rest of the team kills the last guy and we run out, steal the gang’s bikes and drive off into the sunset.

A while later we get back in touch with Nickels and Raven, get paid for the job and are notified that our gear is on its way.

PREVIOUS: Mission 01 – Reboot
NEXT: Mission 03 – Impound

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