Updated Character Bio – Jade

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Character: Jade
Race: Troll
Specialties: Brute Strength, Toughness
Played By: Libby

Jade tends to think with her fists and her impulses more than she does with her head. Generally speaking, she has the strength and toughness to live a long and healthy career in spite of that attitude. At times, that can interfere with the group’s meticulously laid plans, though over their time together she and, perhaps more importantly, her teammates have figured out ways to focus and incorporate her often bull headed approach to problem solving into their planning phases.

While the attitudes in her group have changed over the course of the first season, Jade is largely the same character she was when she began; more or less a psychotic, sexual deviant with a heart of gold buried somewhere deep under all of that mass of muscle and hardened flesh. Below is Jade’s updated character bio, reflecting her one mindedness and simplistic, bullheaded approach to “problem solving” her kidnapping.


Oh my head… Where am I …?

Was having a great night… Felt a little prick…after that I went to the bathroom…and some shit head stuck me with a needle.
Now I’m… in a gutter? No. Looks like a new place…
Feel like I got hit by a train.. Damn, not again!
Need to be violent towards something…
Gotta find my team…
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