Updated Character Bio – Wheeler

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Character: Tanis “Wheeler” Johanna
Race: Human
Specialties: Driver, Soldier, Mechanic
Played By: Tyson

Wheeler began and continues his career as the group’s driver, an expert at handling any vehicle that he climbs inside of. While his experience often made him the team’s unofficial spokesman for the team, over the course of the season Marius emerged as the leader in negotiations more often than not. Wheeler still leads within the team, presenting a level headed opinion within the group and often taking a lead role in planning their operations.

Besides that, Wheeler’s personality hasn’t changed much since the beginning of the first season. He has made a few half hearted attempts at turning the team, or at least himself, non-lethal but has never managed a permanent change. Below is his updated character bio, including his reflecting on the past.


It never seems to matter. I never wanted to hurt most people, but no matter what was planned, or how smoothly it went, everyone died.

I’ve killed Chinese, Japanese, American, Mexican, living, non-living, human, elf, dwarf, troll, you name it. They may have been against me, they may have been on my team. In the end, everyone died.

As I lay, sort of awake in my drugged state, I think of all the past missions and where they have gotten me. It doesn’t matter that I am not in the military any more; the mentality is still there. Find a band of brothers and stick with them till the end; follow the one with the money and shoot first, ask later.

Even in the shadows I was nobody special. Just another puppet whose strings were pulled by some unseen master.

I guess it doesn’t matter though. As long as they pay the bills and I get to keep enjoying life. So I will continue on wherever the strings lead, wherever the money is.

But next time I may be more cautious for myself and less caring for others. If they all die anyways, what is the point in holding back? Shoot first, ask later, remember?

Wherever I end up, I hope it’s nice. Maybe I can find more of a purpose there than just surviving. Maybe a family, and a day job. Or at least a really nice car! Cause who am I kidding; they will all die anyways.

Yep, that’s what I want. A really nice car.

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