Updated Character Bio – Cho

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Character: Cho Takahashi
Race: Human
Specialties: Heavy Weapons, Weapons Specialist
Played By: Tissa

Cho started her career in the shadows as a fairly cautious and level headed runner with the single, outstanding quirk of a penchant for large explosions. She is often one of the most reliable members of the party, almost always at the right place at the right time, while simultaneously managing to keep herself out of trouble most of the time.

While she continues to be an asset, over the course of the first campaign, Cho found bits of her morality being chipped away, much like Marius. It began most noticeably when one of Cho’s childhood friends, Mary, was accidentally killed while her team was on a job. As the season concluded she, also like Marius, began to reflect on those decisions and actions that had brought her this far, though she tended to take a darker, fatalistic view of them than the others.

Below is her updated character bio, her reflections on the past season during her incarceration.


They said they would let us go. But in the end, they did exactly what I thought they would. Throw us in chains. I guess they haven’t got around to the killing part yet. But it’s just a matter of time.

I find myself once again in confinement. Not surprising. But I felt bare. No gadgets, electronics. Just blank walls, of old tiles flaking off, and a white washed prisoner gown. Everything that has been part of me for so long has been stripped.

My once heavy feeling body, now lacking an old, clunky, mechanical arm. My one human hand missing the feel of synthetic wires cascading down my head. No familiar comforts. Just a feeling. Like what a ward of an asylum may feel.

They have taken from me. But perhaps I was deserving. Dried blackening blood still lingered under my fingernails. Blood from a old comrade that could have escaped all this.

Once calm and justified; I fought for the weak. I fought for what I believed was right. Now, I feel corrupted and empty. This mad world. Poisoning my soul. What have I become? A killer? One who should be rightfully killed?

No… Death is too good for me. They know; and they keep me alive. Torture? Not by their hands, that’s to easy. But by my own.

My last human arm, a grim reminder of pieces of my past. Things I have done. People I have wronged. A road map of pain. Etched deep, and mocking the color I once had in life. Faces, symbols, names, horrors… Unchanging images laughing through this darkness. I was the cause of that… But no more.

Serrated ceramic tiles, sharp and ready. The screams seem to come from a distance, but echo wildly in my ears. No more colors. No more mocking faces. Just a smear and a splash of red. Deep running red. A red so haunting, so lovely, so blinding. Like crushing a red rose in my fist.

Seeing that color devour my memories. My blood being spilt. By my hands. Forget now what was past. All the ghosts will disappear. There is no lingering history. Nothing attached to me, nothing making me a part of what has been. Just the present and what lies ahead.

A red rage flowing from my veins… If they crave blood… By god they will have it.

There is no Butterfly anymore.
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