Updated Character Bio – Bear

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Character: Bear, aka Clint McFly, aka Ben “Bear with Mountain Wings” Waneta
Race: Dwarf
Specialties: Melee Combat, Offensive Caster, Mini-Tank
Played By: David

Bear is a Dwarf of Soiux heritage, a mystic adept and mage who combines his magical skills with a mechanically augmented body resulting from experimentation by a shadow corporation. Over the first season, Bear, then calling himself Clint, started as a drug addicted burn out with no direction in life, but found meaning and drive within himself when he became a member of his current Shadowrun team, his new family.

Over their time together, he discovered some of his past history, making connections with  some members of his past, but learning precious little about those that killed his family and experimented on him. He is now more motivated than ever to discover the history of what happened to him and his friends. In his adventures, he has discovered a moral compass of sorts and gotten in touch with his inner nature.

Below is his updated character bio, detailing an internal memo penned near the end of the first season as well as his own personal hallucinations suffered while in captivity.


**********FOR PROJECT STAFF ONLY**********



Where is the line drawn between Man and Beast? It it speech? Fate? Purpose? One cultured the other wild, both with their own means of survival. We may think that we are better, more advanced, but I pose a question to you; how far can you push a man until he becomes an animal? Or, can you ever truly tame an animal taken from the wild?

Many feel that they would never lose their humanity, their “right mind”, not even for an instant. But we know that this is not the case. Subject XXXXXXXX is the perfect example of the greyed line between man and beast…

It was my responsibility to keep an eye on Subject XXXXXXXX. We had no choice but to dump him, his healing was taking too long, and he wasn’t responding to the mental training. This poor creature had been through so much already I decided to at least let his last moments be good ones. I slipped a massive dose of Bliss into his system, enough to push through all the other drugs, I hoped it would maybe give him even the slightest glimpse of light. I never imagined that it would’ve saved his life. He escaped and began a new life as a man without direction. His life was lived day-to-day. Surviving, seemingly out of spite. His mind and body both torn to ribbons he shouldn’t have lived, let alone been sane when he came out on the other side. But that just further proved just how incredible a candidate he was.

His new life began under the name of Clint. He began to accept his life as a drug addict and the protector of a dealer on the streets of Seattle. But that’s not where we wanted him, The other potential candidates were in Denver, we needed to see how they would “get along”. It turns out we far under-estimated what would happen.

Upon joining the Shadow team, Clint adapted the mind-set of, “find the enemy of my enemy, and find a friend”. Subject XXXXXXXX quickly gained the trust and grew close to the team, especially one of our other similar targets, a half-elf Sioux calling himself Marius.

With his involvement in the group Subject XXXXXXXX grew in his abilities, he thrived in combat and unexpectedly throughout all this fighting he managed to find peace. Looking inward his objectives changed from survival to redemption. With this new found ambition Subject XXXXXXXX began to concern himself with trying to find us, not knowing just how close we were. In gaining friendship, Clint gained direction: finding us. Well, at least that was his intention. But without the memories of who he was, he didn’t have much to work off of; after multiple dead-end searches he decided that EVO was probably where he should “point-the-finger”. Considering EVO’s involvement with the Sioux nation Marius and Clint became more bonded.


Subject XXXXXXXX found himself when he was looking for us. XXXXX XXX XXXXX XXXXXXX XXXX when he came back we thought we had a grasp on him but we had no clue. It was as if the four extra months we had with him meant nothing, he was able to shut the whole thing out. Then, after passing through the Alchera his resolve redoubled, he closed himself away, became less and less reliant on drugs. He slowly but surely began to regain his connection to the spirit realm.

It’s only speculation, but I believe that The Subject’s wife was able to somehow send her spirit to follow our Subject before her death. And that spirit managed not to lose him. This spirit would do it’s best to “point him home”. It managed just that when our subject amplified his powers (I wonder if the spirit was unable to fully identify the Subject due to his decrease aura?). I believe that he found he was not entirely forgotton or (more importantly) alone. If reports and observations are accurate. He remembers his home and even more dangerously, reconnected to his spirit. Now I wonder if there is any force that can stop him, or should? But that’s off the record.

What I didn’t expect was Subject XXXXXXXX ever finding Palmer. Even more surprisingly, both survived. When Palmer was hospitalized we thought for sure he would simply slowly die in his coma, but Subject XXXXXXXX continued to prove himself indomitable and saved enough money to fully fund Palmer’s recovery, we are still unsure of just what Subject XXXXXXXX discovered from Palmer and exactly how much Subject XXXXXXXX thinks he knows from his one-sided conversations with the shell, he continues to have night-after-night. But we do have reports that he hasn’t needed to consult the conch in a while.

Subject XXXXXXXX somehow XXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX break XXXXXXX XXXXXXXX XXXXX X XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXXXX XXXX until I saw it for myself, I refused to believe it. Somehow, he found himself. We’re still gathering intel, but, considering everything else we’ve under-estimated, it’s very possible he remembers everything. Everything.

He now has something to live for, a family of colleagues, who he has shown that he is willing to risk his life for. We may be able to use this to our advantage, but this one weakness gives him immense strength. Only that power drawn from survival and protecting the ones he cares for, it’s that power that allows him to bring down 3 choppers single handed, call lightening that splits the sky, erupt almost anything into flames, while also being able to cut almost any foe to ribbons. One thing is for sure. Subject XXXXXXXX can only be under-estimated.

If this is true, if his memories are back and his power has increased as far as reports speculate we may have to start from scratch. But Subject XXXXXXXX is far more powerful then he was when he first came to us. This Bear cannot be caged, not for long.

He now refers to himself as his original clan name the name he was given by those now gone. Bear, Bear With Mountain Wings. Now that he knows he has no family to go back to, his eyes are on the future and revenge. Embracing his new life as a shadowrunner. The way he behaves makes it clear he has no intention of hiding. He wants a fight, but becoming more street-wise he knows how to use the resources at his disposal, including his team; which, for the most part, he puts above all else.

So which do we train, an animal or a man. We tried but Subject XXXXXXXX‘s ferocity shows that we couldn’t take the animal out of the man and Subject XXXXXXXX‘s capacity to care for others and ability to cast such skillful spells proves that he’s no wild beast. And so he continues to stand, keeps breathing, and won’t stop fighting; not until he finds peace, at any cost.

If he gets loose, finds XXXXXXXXX am, XXXXXXXX I’ve done; XXXXXXXXX no mercy. None XXXXX do.

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX things go according to plan.

A Bear, Trapped

There once was a bear that, without a family to call his own, befriended many of the creatures of a wide and foreign forest. Along with Bear was Wolf, Jackal, Tigress, Buck, and Bison. The group had their ups-and-downs, but always found a way to work together, helping each other as best they could. But one night, there was a great storm conjured by Jackal. A storm that split the sky and burned the woods. They were separated. All Bear had ever lived for disappeared in a flash.

Wandering alone and confused, Bear called for his friends. Not watching where he was going, Bear stepped in a trap. With it’s sharp teeth digging deep into his paw, Bear tried to escape, but the trap was chained to the earth itself. Then darkness fell over the trapped beast and before Bear could react, was surrounded by liquid fire. Ebbing and flowing around him red-hot waves crashing over him. Then, once everything was burned away, and nothing but darkness existed once again, a glimmer of white appeared.

It was Wolf, shining platinum white except for the dark spot covering his right eye, Wolf approached slowly, limping on wounded legs. Even though injured, Wolf tried to free Bear from his restraints. Biting and clawing at the chains, Wolf’s powerful jaws were quickly reducing the chains. But then, from nowhere the darkness grabbed Wolf, pulling him away.

Enraged at the sight of his dearest friend, now howling as he was being pulled away, Bear broke free of the trap and chased after Wolf. With new found energy, fueled by fury, Bear tore across the wide field, closer and closer he got to Wolf. As he did the storm reappeared, lightning splitting the sky. The grass changing from soft and cool to sharp needles, stabbing into and injecting Bear with every stride. Then the rocks become sharp as blades, and the air thick and heavy pushed down on him.

Even with all this, Bear runs on. Closer and closer. More tearing, and cutting, Bear refuses to stop until his friend is safe, and he continues his chase. As he draws closer, the lightening starts striking him and the rain starts burning like fire. Closer and closer to Wolf he gets. With Wolf one bound away Bear shoves off once more, reaching out to Wolf, claws fully extended. In that moment vines fly from all directions and grab Bears front legs and in a flash, tear them clean off, Bear collapses. Unable to stand, Bear can do nothing but roar as his friend disappears howling in the darkness. The same darkness that soon surrounds Bear, as countless syringes of grass pierce his hide and vines engulf his battered body.

Time slips on the silent abyss (*beep*beep*). What feels like weeks go by (*beep*beep*). Motionless (*beep*beep*). Hungry (*beep*beep*). Silent (*CLANG*).

A barred door closes and Bear looks up as the steady beeping of his heart becomes clearer his stark cell comes into focus. The proud dwarf see’s light for what feels like the first time. Unable to move and groggy Bear looks around the room. From somewhere close-by he can hear what sounds like Marius mumbling to himself and thrashing around. Bear can’t tell what Marius is saying at first. It sounds like Marius is arguing with, himself? But one sentence comes out clear, “Perhaps I will never wake up.” Bear can’t help but chuckle a little. “I wouldn’t be to sure about that”

The Bear and Wolf reunited, together they face the darkness wondering their fate and the whereabouts of their other burned friends.

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