Updated Character Bio – Marius

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Character: Marius Finnion, aka Mort Mercer
Race: Elf
Specialties: Soldier, Unofficial Team Leader
Played By: Tony

Over the course of the first season, Marius evolved from a driver to a gunslinger to an all out soldier of fortune. He often acts as the ring leader of the group, helping to drive party conversations and decision making. While the way he behaved in missions changed over the story arc, going from a run and gun support personality to a brute force soldier, the core of Marius never really change much. He was and is all about the team, especially those who have been with him through thick and thin. His best buddy of the group is by far Clint, but he would willingly and routinely puts his life on the line for the entire party.

Though those core values did not change, Marius did find himself slowly taking darker roads, partaking in jobs he wouldn’t have expected himself capable of several years prior, accepting actions and choices that began to chip away at his moral standards. As the season continued on, he became aware of these changes, if only introspectively.

Below is his updated character bio, reflecting the end of the first season as well as his reacation to their incarceration and some of the things that happened to him in the intervening period.


Book Three – Forced Abduction
Chapter One

“I cannot believe that worked” Bear said as he clapped his elf friend on the back. “We were dead man, dead for sure”. He had been retelling the tale to a few hot young club-goers they had been chatting up.

“We would have never lasted that long if not for you two blowing up those choppers. Ladies, this dwarf is a bigger man then most trolls. Don’t let him sell himself short”

The intoxicated women did not seem to catch the elf’s wit, but started laughing along with them anyway.

“You had a plan to get us out I’m sure”. This was Levi now, returning with a round for the table. A most unusual thing, Marius thought.

When I first met that guy I thought he was a little cold, a little distant, eventually I thought he was a blood thirsty psychopath. But the whole time I have never seen him do anything genuinely nice for anyone, unless he was gaining more from it then they were, perhaps this brush with death has changed him a little. As Levi sat down the mood at the table went down with him.

Bear and Marius quickly finished the rounds they were on. Marius, filled with liquid courage, invited the ladies to a back room with he and Bear, they started to rise and Levi said “Guys, I can’t finish all these alone”. He was holding five purple drinks in double shot glasses. Right, don’t want to insult the guy, Marius thought as he took a glass.

“Slow, these are really good,” Levi recommended.

“You’re the doctor,” Marius said as he slowly drank the double shot. It was good, cold, tasted like grape bubblegum.  With their round finished, Bear, Marius, Trixie, and Alexus all retired to a back room.  Flopping into the beanbag chair Marius did not feel well. Drank too much, Marius thought. Though it was hard to think with two beautiful women getting their gear off in front of him. Finally, low light vision does some good, Marius mused.  As the elf moved to stand in order to get his own gear off, he found himself unable to to so. Drugged! Marius’ brain screamed. He cued up his comlink on the team channel, he had to warn the others…

As the world around him faded into darkness Mort began to wonder how he came to be in this situation, how did his life take this path. He was happy in Seattle once. He had a great job, well, no. He had a great opportunity. At the rate he was going, Mort could have been the security chief for the company in another 5-10 years. From there, an officer at a major private security firm, probably one of the top ten guys in the chain of command, and if he played his cards right he could have been managing a whole region by the time he turned fifty. Then live out his retirement years in style.

But what had to happen!? Thought Mort, Stupid Detrius had to discover the company was in to some elicit shit, then I had to get involved. Next thing you know I have collected and stockpiled evidence, almost ready to turn everything over, just one critical element left, and that asshole gets caught! “FUCK” screamed Marius; all that came out was a soft unintelligible whimper.  And now look at me, I have become that which I thought I would fight against. A corporate tool. Doing the dirty corrupt work of suits. Being at the beck and call of whomever has the nuyen. How did I come to be this person? When I first entered the shadows I thought I would be different, I thought I would be the Robin Hood, the bandit with the heart of gold. How did I go so wrong?

Mort continued his mental lamentation for another several hours. Eventually his mind stopped working, probably after a fresh dose of whatever sedative he was on was administered.

Chapter Two

Mort thought back to the first time he met Bear, the dwarf who had become his best friend over the past few months. Their relationship began at Denim. Their sometimes fixer, Raven, had called a “pickup” team together. That was also the first time we met that sorry son of a bitch Levi and the fucking cunt troll.  The job at the time seemed trivial, but would later prove to be of extreme importance. The team was to deliver a treaty letter from one mafia group to another.  The team was approached by two separate groups at the same time that offered the team money for the package, neither group was given an affirmative and the team ended up fighting it out. Killing one group and accepting the surrender of another.

That was the first time I noticed myself changing… Even I was in favor of killing them. At least at first, Mort thought to himself. I am grateful that wheeler did not allow us to kill them, I only wish I could have held on to my humanity a little longer.  Mort continues, our next mission together was one that I took with great enthusiasm. A man named John had been kidnapped while at a corporate retreat, and we were all sent to find out what happened to him and return him safe. These were the kinds of jobs I envisioned myself taking. The kind where the team gets to help someone. Mort’s internal monolog continues speaking to some non existent audience. And we did just that. Although it did involve breaking into the Denim, huh… I forgot about that. I wonder if Raven or Sandy knew that was us..? Anyway, we rescued the guy, it did involve counter kidnapping a member of another shadow team, but no living people were killed and we made good money for a new team.

The third mission the team ran together was another slow slide toward evil, though it felt like a rather sudden one.  We should have never agreed to that, recalls Mort. That job found us, well; me anyway, at a pivotal moment financially. I needed cash to continue to eat, but I never should have taken this job. A woman named Lady Jade hired us to kidnap a young child. She promised the child would not be harmed, but that was not the case. We found out eventually that she meant what she said, I always wanted to know more about this situation.  The team dropped off the little girl, and got paid. The next day the story broke that the cops had surrounded the place the girl was being held. There was a standoff, and the “kidnappers” let the girl go. She was shot by an unknown individual while running toward freedom. I remember being upset by this, realizing that while we had not hurt the girl, we had acted with disregard to her well being, knowingly placing her in a questionable situation. We never should have taken this job, thought Mort.

Soon after this a situation came up that I will never forget. I was raped, well sort of me. More like Marius was raped. But I was there too, and I did NOT like it. He goes on, now I know what you are thinking, how does a man get raped? You must be excited or you would not have an erection right? Well that may or may not be true, and from the reading I have done some men will get erect during sexual assault, which of course causes all types of issues for them psychologically; but in this instance that is irrelevant, as this horrid troll did not need any penetration to do what she had done, she merrily rode Marrius’ torso like it was a park bench.

I had tried to put the event behind me, but this was made impossible several months later when the filthy cunt tried again. This time however, I was ready, I vowed never to not be ready again. I shot her, center mass, with an AK-97. I was quite impressed, she continued to advance. I discharged a second round, again striking center mass. She collapsed, I reached down for her pulse, it was fading quickly. I recall feeling no remorse at the time, but feeling a bit badly later when Wheeler informed me that Jade had a crippling sexual addiction that made her at times an unwilling participant in the things she does, damn the shadows are fucked up. I guess I’m glad she made it out ok. The team was actually angry at me for that. It seems that after I left Knight Errant showed up and some of our gear was seized as evidence. I guess in the scheme of things a grenade launcher ranks higher than my virtue. Mort is unsure now if he is thinking or speaking.  But I will say Jade has not attempted that since.

After that I just started looking out for me and mine. At first that was Dee and I. Again, Mort is not sure if he is thinking these things or if Marius is saying them aloud. Eventually that became the rest of the team. Well, not all of them. I do not consider Jade family, and I certainly don’t consider that rat fuck Levi family, but Cho, Wheeler, Bear, I would gladly die for these people.  Bear was the first one I got close too. He and I are both native Americans. While his family lived the tribal way much longer then mine we come from the same blood. Both being metahumans our connection was even stronger. We would sit up late nights Bear, Detrius and I and pour over the information network looking for info on our two corrupted corps. I really wish I could have been there when he met Nathan Marks

At some point Mort let’s go into sleep. It feels like days before his mind begins to function again.

Chapter Three

As the narcotics began to wear off a little, thoughts were again permitted to flow inside the skull of Mort Meridius.  His mind went again through the events surrounding his exodus from Seattle. The bizarre circumstances that led him to flee the only city he had ever known, and head to a shit hole like Denver. The mile high city had served it’s purpose, in all the chaos it had hidden him from those that sought him for almost two years. They say revenge is a dish best served cold, well, it’s cold now.

“YES!” screamed Marius. Again, only a mild gurgle. “I’m going to get Bear and the others the fuck out of here, and then we are going to rain holy fuck down on whoever did this, then down on whoever fucked up Bear, then on Mercury Express.” Mort is thinking a mile a minute. Something he had not been able to do a few minutes ago, the drugs must be wearing off again. “All these motherfuckers are going to pay. Where is Bear, we need orchestrate us an escape up in this bitch.” Perhaps he needs the meds after-all. Mort’s brain is silenced as he is dosed again.

Chapter Four

“Gods damn it, I am getting sick of this!” Marius cried out. His unintelligible muttering was paid little attention by anyone who may have been around.  Mort is unaware of how long he has been drugged at this point…. “Perhaps I will never wake up,” Marius thinks, or says. He can’t be sure.
“Something tells me that’s not true” he hears a familiar voice say. It’s Bear! Mort opens his eyes…
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