Welcome to Seattle – What Has Changed?

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During and around the first session of the campaign, the players were given a brief regarding what changed since their last memories in Denver. Some of this was communicated during the first run, some of it after, but the information is compiled below for reference.

In the time since the team left Denver, the world has continued to spin on. Technology has advanced, corporations continue to claim profits, shadowrunners still work the shadows.

In Denver, your friends and family looked for you, but you never came home. Fixers called you, hoping the legendary team that faced down Ghostwalker could come do some work for them, but you didn’t answer. One by one, the calls stopped coming and the visitors stopped dropping by hoping you had returned. It is the shadows, after all. Sometimes people just disappear.

In the days after your disappearance, the world news nets were briefly rocked by a local story. Ghostwalker’s lair atop the council chambers of Denver exploded in a blinding, magical light. The blast killed several council members and their aids who were present at the time. Ghostwalker’s body hasn’t been found, but he is presumed dead. His official date of death is marked as 12 Dec 2072.

To this day, the tower remains empty and under observation as an astral rift swirls violently where the dragon’s chambers used to reside. Scientists and the magic community continue to study the anomaly. Comparisons can’t help but be drawn to the astral rift located in Washington DC after the great dragon Dunkelzahn was assassinated in 2057. Theories abound as to what it could mean, but no one has any conclusive answers so far.

In the wake of another dragon’s mysterious death, census figures indicate a burst in the steadily rising interest in religions centered around Dragon Worship. Religious groups such as the Children of the Dragon, worshipers of Dunkelzahn; the Church of Xiuhcoatl, worshiping the Aztec Fire Serpent; and especially the Church of the Dragon Reborn in Denver, worshiping Ghostwalker as the latest Great Dragon Spirit, have reported exploding numbers of attendees. Some adherents speculate that the rifts offer their followers access to the home plane of the dragons, though few have been able to gain access to the rifts and none who have passed through have returned.

Since then, across the UCAS, a series of political elections are in progress from local all the way up to to president. These election campaigns have been noteworthy for several unexpected upsets and a focus on stamping out criminal enterprises. Angela Colloton won her second term as President in 2073 on her history as a military commander, in spite of allegations that she turned a blind eye to corporate use of criminal assets.

In the local Seattle area, a new candidate has been lighting up the polls. Felix Greeley has been running a platform on stamping out crime, especially with regards to organized criminal for-hire assets, and metahuman equality. A stance which makes him simultaneously popular with and condemned by the Shadowrunner community, not that most of them can legally vote anyway.

PREVIOUS: Welcome to Seattle – Seattle
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