Welcome to Seattle – Seattle

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The excerpts below were pulled from the Seattle 2072 source book to set the scene for my players, who had previously been running out of Denver. Below is only a tiny excerpt from the book, which is an excellent resource for any GMs running campaigns out of Seattle. 

Seattle: the Emerald City, premier metroplex, the western port and outpost of the United Canadian and American States, an urban locale of culture, history, and vibrant activity nestled amidst the Native American Nations and the thriving ecosystem of the Pacific Northwest. Seattle is a prime destination for travelers: for business, an urban sightseeing vacation, or an extended visit to the the surrounding wilderness.

The Seattle Metroplex covers nearly 4,000 square kilometers around Puget Sound (making it the second smallest state in the UCAS, after Rhode Island). It is divided into ten districts, including Seattle City, which is the downtown area, formerly the city of Seattle in old Washington State.

Local law enforcement in the Seattle Metroplex is contracted to Knight Errant, a private security company. Uniformed officers patrol the streets and are available to answer emergency calls via the PANICBUTTON™ system from your commlink or public terminals located throughout the metroplex. Make sure your PANICBUTTON™ information is up-to-date before visiting, as surcharges may apply for emergency calls the system registers as false alarms.

Physically isolated from the rest of the UCAS, Seattle remains connected through the Matrix. In fact, Seattle is the most connected urban area on the west coast of North America, and one of the most connected in the UCAS. So you can expect to find all the online resources you are used to—and more—in the Emerald City.

Seattle is alive 24/7, with bountiful entertainment options and a vibrant nightlife for visitors and locals alike. Whatever your interests, you’re sure to find something to satisfy them in the metroplex!

PREVIOUS: Pre-Planning: The Three Act Structure
NEXT: Welcome to Seattle – What Has Changed?

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