D&D: Elderyn – Act 1: Session 6


Catching their breath outside of the windmill, the party readied weapons and waited for the occupants inside to mount a counter attack. After waiting a few minutes with no movement, they approached the door cautiously. Nedda leans in close to the door and can hear the muffled sound of nervous movement inside.

Signaling Clotor forward, Scourage steps to the other side foe the door and waits. The old wood split easily under the Dragonborne’s heavy kick and the party charged inside. Inside waited a line of kobolds wait with jagged swords already drawn. Above them on a wooden platform, a high-pitched shrieking drew their attention while a kobold in war paint with a long staff stamped his feet and sputtered at them.

“You stupids! You idiots! You kill but Dirk kill you! Feed you to dogs! Shenzie! Bonsai! Kill them and eat their flesh!” The thundering of footsteps sounded as two large hyenas began pounding down the stairs and the kobolds on the ground let out a war cry.

Harold cleared space for the party to work by blasting the kobolds with a jet of fire from his hands. While the warriors charged into the hole, he turned his attention to the war lord above, unleashing a blast of acid.

Clotor and Scourage met the attacking kobolds head on, but immediately began suffering wounds, pushing them back slowly. Dirk, looking down on the group, fired blasts of dark energy at them and bolstered the will of his soldiers. The hyenas reached the bottom of the stairs and launched into the fray, sinking teeth through gaps in their armor.

Nedda cut down the nearest kobolds on the flank, using the warriors as a distraction. Once she had cleared a swath of death around her, she turned her new hand crossbow on Dirk. The crossbow crackled with rumbling thunder and the kobold war priest recoiled away under the strike.

With her back turned, one of the war priests pets sank their teeth into Nedda’s back, throwing her to the ground. Scourage swung in fast, exposing himself to several attacks, to swing her to her feet and distract the beast.

The wall of kobolds surged against the party, pressing them back a step in a berzerking fury. Nedda cut her way free, stumbled by a series of vicious attacks, and slid out the front door of the windmill, clutching her wounds. Clotor and Scourage weathered numerous blows, tiring by the moment even as their foes fell.

Harold finally turned his attention away from the remaining mob and pointed his wand up at Dirk. A piercing blast of purple energy lanced out, striking the kobold leader through the chest. Dirk paused for a moment, clutching at his chest a moment, before pitching off the platform to the floor below. Demoralized, the remaining creatures were easily mopped up.

Cautiously exploring the upper floors, the party found a small treasure trove of gold, gems, and a long sword hanging as a mantle over Dirk’s dirty nest of a bed which crackled with lightning. Crumpled at the foot of the bed, they found a note written in a variation of goblin.


Your attacks on the trade routes and farmlands have been effective, but you have still failed to properly weaken Liam’s Point! We have paid you and the goblin Xok a hefty sum to penetrate the town with your clans.

If you cannot complete the task, then we will send someone who will. He will meet with you in six daytime to lead the attack on the town. Give him whatever of your forces he requires. Do not fail him!

The will of Tiamat be done!

The letter was signed with a stamp of an eye before a wide triangle.

Dirk's Letter SignatureConversing briefly, the party decided to sit out the night in the tower and discuss the letter. During the night they patched their wounds and spoke at length over the meaning of the letter. Something about the symbol of the eye at the end of the letter struck a familiar chord with Scourage, but he couldn’t put his finger on what exactly. Finally, they decided that the man spoken of in the letter must be coming to their location soon and so conspired to ambush him.

The next day, the cleared the dead kobold bodies, posing some outside to suggest there were still some at the camp. The rest of the day they took turns resting and keeping watch for the man mentioned in the letter. After no one turned up, they decided to wait three more days just to be sure.

This was not my intent with this development. I had intended for the numerous empty beds outside the windmill to suggest that a large body of the kobold forces were gone somewhere. Their finding the letter then should have indicated that the man in the letter had come and gone and they had missed his forces. I had hoped they would immediately turn and rush back to town, but instead they chose to stay there.

Part of this message may have been lost as the arrival at the windmill and the initial attack had happened the last session and a week had passed in real life before they found the letter. I could have provided them with prompts to help them connect the dots, but instead I decided to let them do as they asked and adjusted the following scenes to accommodate their actions.

After four days, and no sight of the rumored man, the party packed up their gear and headed out from the windmill. Having made the trip out, the return goes much quicker and the reach the edge of the woods near town by the following morning. As the town comes into view, the first thing they notice is the drifting clouds of black smoke rising from several burned out buildings along the edge of the town.

Kicking their horses forward into a gallop, they close quickly with the town, more signs of devastation  coming into view as they do. Burned or mangled bodies litter the streets, most of the buildings have burned themselves out but a few still smolder and scattered amongst the dead are a few bodies of kobolds and goblins that the town guard were able to overcome. Clotor immediately breaks off from the party and heads for the Temple of Bahumat while the others scour the town.

Nedda, Harold and Scourage stop outside the council chambers where several bodies appear to have been burned. One of the bodies is still wrapped in the charred remains of Udion’s robes and fine jewelry blackened by the flames. The others are unidentifiable, various towns people, the guard, or Thoros, the second council member.

At the temple of Bahumat, Clotor found the doors hanging ajar. The wooden doors are charred and burned, but the stone structure remained intact save for scattered broken windows. The dragonborne drew her sword as she moved through the doors and into the temple proper. Most of the candles had been knocked down or burned out and it took a moment for her eyes to adjust to the dim light inside. At the center of the temple, the tomb of Shath Helath was shattered. Broken shards of the tomb were scattered around and, as Clotor drew closer, she could make out scattered pieces of armor, bone and other items disturbed from the champions burial place.

Taking tentative steps forward, Clotor froze when she saw the body of Father Opdrop, a dried pool of blood beneath him, collapsed beyond the sarcophagus. Rushing forward, the dragonborne dropped down at the old priest’s side. His breathing was thin and fitful, but his eyes fluttered open as she placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Clotor… Clotor, they came… in the night, from the woodline, with fire. They came with the man… the man in the armor and the white eye… the white eye shown from his helmet.” Seeming to recall something important, Father Opdrop grabbed Clotor’s shoulder with a firmness she didn’t realize he still possessed. “Clotor, the man with the white eye, he took it! He took the Holy Dagger of Bahumat! I tried… I tried to stop him… I have failed. You must go. Find the Dagger… in the wrong hands… the avatar… it can be awoken… the avatar of Tiamat. Find it and perhaps… perhaps find your redemption you seek…”

The old man’s fingers slipped from the dragonborne’s shoulders as he lay limp on the ground. Clotor closed his faded eyes and said a prayer to Bahumat over his body before standing slowly and leaving the temple.

Bless my players, they’re clever enough to realize when a scene exists just to create motivation and convey certain poignant information to drive the plot forward. Plenty of games have NPCs with “Plot Armor”, who can’t be killed until just when they’re intended to die. Then there’s the NPCs with the inverse, they’re intended to die even in a world where magical healing spells and potions can bring back any adventurer from the brink of death. Clotor was kind enough not to even ask if she could save him with a Lay on Hands or similar method, and accepted the dramatic plot point and moved on.

The party took the better part of the day gathering the bodies of the dead and constructing a funeral pyre near the center of town. They also scouted out the stores in search of supplies that would carry them through the next few days. Inside the temple, Clotor finds a book written on the life of Shath Helath. Wondering if it might have something on the dagger, she stuffs it in her pack to read at a later time. Finishing their work, the party said a prayer before the funeral pyre, lit it and then turned to the road.

It didn’t take much in the way of tracking skills to notice the trail of blood and heavy traffic that had recently left the town heading east. It appeared that the majority of the attackers had left in that direction. The party followed the road, and the tracks, until nightfall before setting up camp. In the fire light, Clotor removed the book she had taken from Father Opdrop’s study, and parted its ancient pages. Reading for awhile, she stopped to tell the party of one of the stories contained within.

This was another scenario where I asked the players to contribute to the story. I asked the player to tell us of a story he read within the book, and gave him some basic guidelines to go by. The story was to be about one of Shath Helath’s first exploits and involve how he came to possess the Holy Dagger of Bahumat, the same dagger which Nedda had described several sessions earlier when they had arrived at Liam’s Point in Act 1: Session 2. Other than that guidance, the story was told by the player completely on the fly.

In Shath Helath’s early years, he came upon a priest of Bahumat, Father Spatenfest. The priest had tracked a den of cultists worshiping the evil dragon god Tiamat who had stolen several holy scrolls from the Priest. At his behest, Shath agreed to seek out the villians. The priest had little to offer as aid, except a single, ornate, silver dagger inscribed with the seal of Bahumat.

Shath Helath accepted the gift and traveled to the cultists’ lair. The battle was long and brutal as the young champion cut his way deep into the cave structure where they had hidden. In its central chamber, he found the cultist leader and faced him down. After a terrible battle, he struck the man down and reclaimed the holy scrolls. The scrolls held the secret to the Divine Right of Bahumat, and as he held them, Shath Helath and the silver dagger were blessed by Bahumat’s gaze.

The dagger was imbued with righteous power against the evils of Tiamat, and Shath Helath himself went on to continued service and fame as a champion of Bahumat.


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