D&D: The Eighth One – Character Bio: Inara

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Portrait of War Mage Inara

Inara theDeva Wizard
War Mage

You are a female, Deva, Wizard; known as a War Mage or a War Wizard amongst the Divine Guard. Deva’s are rumored to have been a sentient race completely created by the Divine Beings in the early years when Chaos ruled much of the lands and the other sentient races were still fueding and scratching a living in uncivilized and often violent tribes. The Deva’s long lives combined with their “rebirth” upon death into the next born of their race and their dedication to serving the Divine Beings only serves to reinforce such rumors.

A master of arcane arts, you wield power and knowledge gleaned across a hundred lifetimes, it is no wonder Deva’s are the most respected of the Divine Guard’s magical arsenal. Though specific recollections of past lives are at best hazy, you know you have seen incredible things and made great sacrafices in service to many of the Divine Beings, though you feel as though you are most often reborn as a servant of Hualpa, for whatever reason you have formed a connection in service to her.

As with many Devas, Inara has a bit of a “Holier than thou” attitude to most who do not know her and her personality. She can also be a bit of a clean freak, which brings her at odds with many of the common population and even amongst the other members of the Divine Guard.

During a battle with several units of the Divine Guard, Inara was badly injured by a lucky arrow hit, but refused to withdraw from continued combat with the other wounded. Bharash saw her perseverance in battle and was impressed enough that he moved his squad in closer to her so that he could watch and support her for the coming attack waves. Years later, when he formed his own unit, he sought out the Deva and requested that she join his troop.

The many lives of the Devas can often be confusing, but Inara has formed a bond of sorts both with Hualpa and her high priestess, Invoker Friegga. The two Devas share several lives related to one another and have a special connection that defies even their own explanations.

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