D&D: The Eighth One – Character Bio: Cael

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Portrait of Archer Cael

Cael the Elf Ranger

You are a male, Elf, Ranger; an Archer of the Divine Guard. Archers of the Divine Guard are rumored to be unequaled with a bow anywhere in the land. The Elves who are recruited to their ranks only serve to prove that claim.

A staple of any unit, the Archers rain down a constant ranged assault on the enemies of their unit and provide cover for their activities. There is more than one legend of an Elven Archer who has turned the tide of a particular battle against the forces of Chaos and ensured the survival of his unit.

While many Archers prefer to stay far away from any fighting, you have both the skills and the temperment for mid range combat, dancing between your heavily armored companions, looking for openings and releasing a carefully aimed shot when the time is right.

Cael is quiet, especially against the good natured frivolity of the average elf. He tends to let others take the lead and provide quick, effective support from the rear, both in battle and more diplomatic scenarios. Like many elves, he was raised by his community and still regularly travels home to see Elder Solarin, the elf who took part in raising him most of his life.

The archer first met the Deva Inara in his youth. Traveling the forests, he came upon the War Mage in a furious magical battle against a rogue sorcerer. Though the Deva obviously outmatched him, she was forced to divide her attention between him and the half dozen thugs at his disposal. Cael evened the odds from the tree line as he expertly lined up shot after shot and cut down the thugs harassing the Deva. With the distraction removed, the War Mage made quick work of the sorcerer.

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