D&D: The Eighth One – Character Bio: Aunwynne

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Portrait of Light Scout Aunwynne

Aunwynne the Eladrin Rogue
Light Scout

You are a female, Eladrin, Rogue; a Light Scout of the Divine Guard. In regular society the Eladrin are graceful diplomats, cunning merchants and learned artisans hundreds of years beyond the other civilized races; in battle, the Eladrin who choose to serve are brutally effective and quick at their jobs.

The Eladrin were among the first sentient races to side with the Divine Beings and it shows with a long and respected history with the Divine Guard. As a Scout, you move quickly and smoothly through all environments, even the thick of combat. When an opportunity presents itself, you strike viciously and without mercy to eliminate your target.

When properly supported, an Eladrin has never failed the Divine Guard in the performance of his or her duties and you intend to continue that tradition. You’re careful to never get beyond the range of your compatriots support, keenly aware that they provide the heavily armed and armored offensive backbone you make use of during combat.

Aunwynne joined the Divine Guard at a fairly young age, accepted largely (though not unfairly) due to her long family history in the Divine Guard. Her father died in a campaign many years prior, but her grandfather, whom she lovingly calls “Pop-Pop” (though never in front of the other troops), still travels the Southern Kingdom training units of the Divine Guard.

During her first few weeks with her current unit, Aunwynne found herself trapped before a large bugbear who threatened to smash her to bits with its massive club. The others of her unit were busy holding their own adversaries at bay and could not reach her. She had about given up hope when a long arrow suddenly burst through the creature’s eye. Cael, the archer, had made the amazing shot from nearly a hundred feet away from a tree he had climbed up into. The elf tipped her a friendly gesture from the limbs and then turned back to the battle at large.

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