D&D: The Eighth One – Character Bio: Sir Henry Longthorne

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Portrait of Inquisitor Sir Henry Longthorne

Sir Henry Longthorne the Human Warlock

You are a male, human, Warlock; commonly known amongst the Divine Guard and the common people as Inquisitors. The Inquisitors are hand picked by other Inquisitors and recieve their training only after final approval is made by the locally presiding Divine Being.

In order to better understand, seek out and eliminate the taint of Chaos in the land, Inquisitors are trained to control the same Chaotic powers in limited quantities. Inquisitors are chosen, in part, based on a particularly strong will and steadfast focus on the elimination of Chaos.

Inquisitors see the understanding and use of chaotic powers as a neccessary evil to ensure Chaos does not return to the land. They approach most situations with the same attitude, concerned more with the end result than they are with the means used to get there but with the desire to ultimately see good done for the world.

Sir Henry Longthorne joined the ranks of the Inquisitors only after years of arcane study and service to the Divine Guard. His travels and work left him jaded, but still sure in the leadership of the Divine Beings. He tends not to ask nicely and values the ends far above the means. During training, he met another Inquisitor named Spicy McHagus, a drunk, womanizer whom none the less attached himself to Sir Henry Longthorne whether he liked it or not.

Shortly after becoming an Inquisitor, Sir Henry Longthorne tracked his first target to the city of Vivane. He confronted him in a bar, where the man sat with several of his thugs. Another member of the Divine Guard, traveling off duty, happened to be in the bar at the same time and recognized the coming fight. Aunwynne slipped unnoticed through the crowd just as the fight broke out; she killed several of the thugs in their chairs before they had even had a chance to rise against the Inquisitor.

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