D&D: The Eighth One – Character Bio: Rock

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Portrait of Warden Rock

Rock the Longtooth Shifter Warden
Front Line Warrior

You are a male, Longtooth Shifter, Warden; a savage if lightly armored front line warrior of the Divine Guard. Centuries ago, in a push to eliminate the were creatures of the world an elite unit of the Divine Guard was sent to the unexplored reaches of the wilds in their persuit. Many were killed, or, worse, they lost their humanity to the polymorphic curse imparted to them from injuries sufferred during the campaign and had to be put down by their own men.

Amongst those who campaigned, there were some whose will was so strong that they were able to resist the curse of their wounds and maintain their sanity. Initially scattered from their unit in order to escape being cut down, the survivors of the curse banded together and continued to assist their old brothers from afar, tracking the were creatures and either eliminating them or leading the larger force to their location.

It was not until the campaign was over that they returned to their brothers and surrendered themselves to the will of the Divine Beings, to either be destroyed with the other were creatures or to be allowed to live. Due to their unflinching service, they were allowed to return to their units and serve the Divine Guard.

Over the centuries, their numbers have dwindled as normal breeding techniques fail in most cases. The few Shifters that have been born and survived over the years are accepted among the units they serve with, tolerated in the Divine Guard and respectfully feared and misunderstood by the general population. Nearly all are front line fighters in the guard as they can find few other place for themselves in civilized society and their pack instincts serve them well as a member of the unit.

The lycanthrope nature of the shifters expresses itself clearly in Rock, he treats the members of his units as a wolf would their pack and is loyal to them to a fault. Like any social animal, he can transition from jovial and playful to a vicious killer in moments and finds it easier than most to transition back once the fighting is done.

Rock was trained by another Shifter in the Divine Guard named Thorn, who trained him as his successor. One of his first tasks was to pursue a group of men into the forests south of Travar. The men had been convicted of murdering several locals and were to be eliminated. While on the hunt, the Shifter found several of the men dead. He continued the hunt, racing to claim his kills before the other had hunted down the same men.

Each laid claim to a number of the targets before reaching the main camp where Rock met the other hunter, the Inquisitor Sir Henry Longthorne, who hunted the same men for illicitly practicing Chaotic Magic. The two joined forces to eliminate the rest of the humans at the camp.

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