D&D: The Eighth One – Character Bio: Margoloth

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Portrait of Margoloth the BlooderMargoloth “The Blooder” the Goliath Barbarian

You are a male, Goliath, Barbarian; a small giant of a man who wields a massive, two handed maul and revels in the violent front lines of combat as a Berzerker. The Goliaths are the most recent race to join the civilized societies and the Divine Beings, but their tribal instincts and love of combat have made them at home in the Divine Guard or as private security for those who travel through the more untamed lands.

The Berzerkers love to stand on the front lines of combat, waist deep (often literally due to their stature) in enemies with their allies at their backs pressing in to combat. Their blood rages are fiercly respected amongst the Divine Guard who honor such courage, though they often forget about their own safety in the bloodlust and their allies must be careful to watch their flanks and ensure the Bezerkers do not get in over their heads.

Margoloth grew up in the traditional tribes of the Goliaths. He enjoys smashing and values loyalty above all else. Prior to joining the Divine Guard, Margoloth met one of its members in combat, quite accidentally, when he stumbled into a battle whilst drunk. Choosing a side, he dove into combat and came face to face with the Shifter Rock. The two faced off in one-on-one combat while the war surged around them. There fight only came to a close as the battle around them shifted away and Margoloth acknowledged Rock’s ability in battle; and then promptly passed out from his alcohol consumption.

The size and personality of the Barbarian makes him one of few friends outside the Divine Guard; a bar in Araucania that he frequents run by a man named Carl is the closest he can count. The bartender always appreciates lively stories and the Barbarian’ts tendency to proclaim them loudly and draw a crowd excuses the occasional drunken mess he makes.

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