D&D: The Eighth One – Character Bio: Scith

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Portrait of Guardian ScithScith the Dwarf Druid Guardian

You are a female, Dwarf, Druid; known as a Guardian among the common people, but most often referred to as a Den Mother or Father by those in the Divine guard, especially by those of your unit. Guardians are born with an innate, almost parternal, connection with all life on the world, both civilized and beast. In addition to being fiercely protective of their flock, Guardians often serve as the moral compass and guiding hand in units they join. They are concerned with all life and seek the balance that will best serve and continue that life. Besides the Unit Leader, you were the first chosen to serve in your current unit and you have overseen the development and growth of every member of the unit since then.

Scith has a bubbly and thin figure for a typical dwarf and dotes over the others in the unit as a surrogate mother figure. She first met the goliath Margoloth many years ago when, chasing down a murder, she was caught in her wolf form. The mage that captured her cast a spell which prevented her from reassuming her dwarf form while in a specially designed cage and then sold her to a traveling circus. Margoloth stumbled into the tent some time later and freed her, he thought, to rejoin the wild she had been taken from. Since then, they have shared a, albeit strange, brother-sister relationship.

Though she considers many her “children,” there are few who Scith can consider actual family. One is another druid like her, Emmy, a distant and one of her only surviving relatives. She has not seen Emmy in many years, however, as her duties to the Divine Guard typically keep her away.

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