D&D: The Eighth One – Character Bio: Bharash

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Unit Commander Bharash

Bharash the Dargonborn Warlord
Unit Commander

You are a male, dragonborne, Warlord; amongst the Divine Guard, Unit Commanders are almost exclusively made up of dragonborne who hold a revered place within the civilized hierarchy due to their suppossed blood relation to the Avatars of the Divine Beings. Whether they truely are deserving of the reputation has long been forgotten and little actual proof remains to show that dragonborne are actually related to the Avatars or if the fact that they share many physical similarities to the dragons is a coincidence.

The truth doesn’t really matter as most dragonborne prove themselves worthy of the praise and you are no exception, putting together and leading your unit of the Divine Guard to serve Hualpa. Perhaps because of the percieved relation to the Avatars, Dragonborne Unit Commanders are especially devoted to eliminating the threat of Chaos and spreading the will of the Divine Beings for the good of all.

Bharash can be somewhat of a forgiving soul and believes strongly that everyone should be given a second chance. He is not quite so generous when it comes to third chances, however. He first met the dwarf Scith, the first person recruited to his unit, in the healing wards during a campaign in the Mountains of Himing where she treated and cared for the numerous injured in a battle with Hobgoblins.

Besides leading the unit, Bharash is also married to a dragonborn Cleric named Laba. She serves as an aid to the high priestess of Hualpa, Invoker Friegga, in Araucania.

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