D&D: The Eighth One – Campaign Introduction

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This campaign is currently in play (now completed -ed) and will feature session write ups by the players based off our weekly sessions. Based on player preference, the logs may be written from an “in character” perspective, or from a more omnicient, third person perspective.

Out of game comments from the GM will be contained in block quotes like this.

I will make notes like this as appropriate to discuss game mechanics, elaborate on the story or players, to summarize lengthy player discussions, or for any number of other reasons.

The adventure takes place in a psuedo homebrewed world based largely off the D&D “default” setting as well as pulling in a few external resources that I won’t list here so as to not spoil it for my players. As the game is a mini campaign, not much time has been spent on fleshing out the world beyond the areas and history the players are expected to interact with. The plot of the campaign is very linear overall, with emphasis placed on the players reactions and the mechanics of the system.

Tha players are using fifth level characters generated for them by me using the D&D Character Builder availble on the Wizards of the Coast website. For the game world, I am using a custom created map I created for the campaign, which takes place in the Southern Kingdom of that world.

To whet their appetites for the game, I sent the following email to all my players, along with short descriptions of the characters they would each be playing:

The Eighth One

The world you live in is one of incredible magic, fantastic sprawling cities that mingle seemlessly with the natural order of the world. Chaos and evil has been driven from the cities and hearts of the people of the kingdom, pushed to only the most remote and deepest places of the earth.
The seven Divine Beings of the world and their avatars guide the mortal races who revere them to create wonderous achievements and live in harmony and peace with the other mortals of the realms.
You and your friends are a detachment of the Divine Guard, the elite order of holy warriors who, millenia ago, drove the last of corruption from the world and ensured the peace and prosperity of all living things. Your order has stood for all these years as the watchers who prepare for the eventual return of chaos as predicted by the Divine Beings.
You continue that vigal, preparing for the coming conflict and doing the will of the Divine Beings as expressed through the Avatar of Hualpa, the feathered dragon god of the Southern Kingdom.
Chaos has returned… can you bring the world back from the brink?
The Eighth One will be a mid level, high power D&D mini campaign spanning only a few levels. You will define their characters as they relate to eachother and within the order of the Divine Guard with which they serve. They are holy warriors in the sense that they opperate as the swords and guard of the Divine Beings which guide the mortal races and serve as the religious gods of all realms, though not all characters are powered by divine might or are any more particularly religious than the average citizen. Religion in this world is an established fact as oppossed to a testament of faith as the gods regularly interact with and impact the daily lives of all people.
The party as a whole makes up a small unit of the Divine Guard, the “Holy” military and security forces that follow and enforce the commands and directives put forth by the Divine Beings themselves. This particular unit serves under the Divine Being known as Hualpa (Hall-pa) in the Southern Kingdom. Units in the Divine Guard are not designated but chosen, resulting in a cohesive fighting force of like minded and compatible individuals. The Unit Commander first chooses potential applicants, but the applicants may choose to accept or decline the invitation. Your particular unit is well respected, even amongst other Divine Guard units, and you have recently been granted a position in the capital city where you serve Hualpa’s needs and seek out any signs or lingering traces of the Chaotic powers that the Divine Beings have been purging from the land for many millenia.
The return of Chaos, the return of the Eighth One, to the world will tear down civilizations, kill millions and threaten the very future of the world itself. Only through the steel resolve of your warriors, their dedication to the will of the Divine Beings and an ample supply of good luck will they pull through and deliver everything from the end of times that is upon them.
The Eighth One Campaign map
– Geoff
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