D&D: Elderyn – Act 1: Session 4 – Part 2


Nedda checks the door and finds it locked, so she sets to work with her lock picking tools. Harold hears something and leans in close to the door while she works. While Scourage plans the details of their intended ambush outside the door, Harold hears the reverberations of loud chanting coming from inside the crack in the wall.

Harold tells the party what he’s heard and they quickly decide that, if Cliff is still alive, they can’t wait for those inside to come out into an ambush. Nedda finishes off the lock with a satisfying click and Scourage swings the door open. Inside, the hallway spirals back into out of sight, dimly lit by light reflecting from around the corner.

Side by side, Scourage and Clotor lead the way into the tunnel as quickly and as quietly as they can. Around the corner, the tunnel widens out into a broad, underground cavern. Several naturally formed pillars stretch from floor to ceiling and to either side of the entrance slopes lead up to raised nooks in the cavern’s corners. In the main space are scattered tables and chairs crafted from wooden boxes.

Nearly a dozen goblins fill the space before a raised platform where the largest goblin, decked out in what must be the goblins’ finest leather and with paint splashed across his face. The goblin on the platform leads the other attending creatures in a repetitive chant as he raises a wicked looking dagger and points at one of three humans hanging limply off wooden poles that they have been bound to.

The goblins cackle and laugh as the chanting reaches a fever pitch. Unable to stand the sight anymore, Clotor lets out a shout that rings in the cavern and hurls a javelin from her back which drives completely through the upper body of a goblin  in the middle of the room. The room erupts in angry cries as swords are drawn and the mass of bodies turn on the party.

Harold does his best to provide arcane support to his allies, but in the dim light his first few spells miss their marks.Clotor and Scourage move up the center, Scourage trying desperately to get them moving together as a coordinated unit while Clotor is simply worried about carving the quickest path she can to the stage. Nedda, being more tactful, charges up the nearest slope, trying to flank the creatures below or at least get a better angle on them. However, as she charges up, she comes face to face with another goblin whom had gone previously unnoticed in the darkness above them.

Despite their best efforts, Clotor and Scourage soon come to a stand still near the middle of the cavern, unable to move forward through the mass of bodies threatening to surround them. Nedda is able to grievously injure the goblin that intercepted her, but the creature seems to keep going on adrenaline alone. Harold gets off a few more spells before some of the goblins slip past the two warriors and charge him with short swords drawn.

Cackling from the stage, the goblin hexer reaches deep into one of his pouches and throws a handful of dust into the air. Even as the thin silt spun lazily in the air, it seemed to thicken and pass over the room. A cloud of dust settles around the warriors at the center of the room, concealing their enemies from them, though the goblins don’t seem nearly as perturbed by the darkness, a fact reinforced by several sharp pokes from their spears and swords.

Nedda finally cuts down the goblin she is facing off against and races back down the ramp to Harold’s aid. The wizard is desperately holding off the goblins facing off against him, having struck one down with a quick spell but with two more still pressing him.

After several cuts and wounds, Scourage, in desperation, manages to cut down the goblin before him and dart out of the cloud. Even as he steps foot into the clearing, however, he feels a sword cut into his back. A goblin archer standing near the hexer unleashes an arrow at the same time and the warlord tumbles over to the ground as he loses consciousness.

My first kill! Well… knockout. He didn’t die.

As she sees her friend go down, Clotor reaches out with a quick slash and cuts down the goblin before her. Before they can regroup, she rushes to the Warlord and drops briefly to a knee. A prayer to Bahumat rolls off her tongue with a linguistic grace one would never suspect the dragonborn to possess as she places a hand on Scourage’s chest. A white light glistens in her eyes and then from her hand and the warlord’s eyes snap open as he inhales deeply. Scrambling to his feet, the warlord readies himself just as the goblins move to surround them again.

Finally free of the attacking goblins, Harold is able to turn his attention to the hexer on stage who is hurling spells down at the party and inciting his allies to greater heights of violence. Focusing his attention inward for a moment, Harold points his wand and an arrow of pure acid shoots out from the tip. The hexer’s head turns just in time to take a face full of acid as the arrow explodes against him, splattering onto a nearby goblin as well.

While the goblin hexer howls in pain, Nedda rushes in to the exposed flanks of the goblins surrounding Clotor andScourage. The two warriors are taking a beating, but they finally get into a groove and position themselves tactfully in the midst of combat.

Harold and the hexer exchange another barrage of spells while the other three finish off the remaining goblins. As their opponents fall, Scourage, again feeling his wounds, drops his sword to the ground and pulls up his crossbow and aims at the hexer leader. Despite the pain, the warlord focuses and puts one final crossbow bolt through the goblin’s chest and he clatters over backwards in a heap.

Silence settles over the chamber and the party is left with their heavy breathing. Clotor sheathes her sword then moves up onto the stage. Two of the men tied to the poles are obviously dead, having withered where they hung for at least several days. The third, younger than the other two, is unconscious and weak looking, but still alive. The dragonborncuts him down and tends to his wounds. Fortunately, the numerous cuts and bruises seem superficial and he primarily seems to be suffering from dehydration.

While Clotor careful begins feeding water to the boy and waking him up, the others tend to their own wounds and then begin searching the cavern. Scattered around the cave are stacks of the goblins’ supplies as well as goods pilfered from their raids. In one corner, the bones of a cow they were apparently able to acquire lie picked clean.

Among the worthwhile goods, the party finds several bags of gold, a small potion which Harold identifies as a healing draught, and, hanging from the lead goblin’s belt, Nedda finds a scroll and a small hand crossbow. Passing the scroll of to Scourage, Nedda fawns over the little weapon, pulling back a bolt and test firing the weapon into a goblin body in the corner. As the trigger is pulled and the bolt released, a resounding clap of thunder radiates from the weapon, following the bolt which strikes the target. Startled, they all stand and stare for a moment before Nedda loudly proclaims the crossbow is hers now.

Opening the scroll, Scourage finds it is written in Goblin and, similar to the scroll they found at the caravan raiding kobold camp, contains details regarding the attacks the goblins have been launching. Also of interest, the note reminds the goblin leader that he needs to periodically check in with the kobold warchief in a windmill to the north.

Awakening Cliff, the party elects to stay the night in the cave until morning. They discuss what this new letter means, more sure than ever that Udion must be involved. Talk of the windmill reminds Clotor of Old Liam’s Point, a place in the northern hills where the people of Liam’s Point had lived until a few hundred years ago. When the church of Bahumat had elected to build a temple to house the remains of Shath Helath, the town had decided to move further south where they would be closer to major trade routes. A few people had stayed behind, but eventually everyone moved out and the town had been reclaimed by the forest.

Clotor had never been to the old town herself, but it was a common enough adventure ground for young teens to try to make a pilgrimage out there at least once in their lives. The old town was also known to have an old windmill right outside of town and it was the only one Clotor could think of that wasn’t still in use. Had one of the other windmills been taken by the kobolds as a base, she was sure the party would have heard about it by now.

In the morning, the party set out on the journey back to town. They briefly stopped by the farms to deliver Cliff to his tearful and thankful family. Returning to Liam’s Point, they presented evidence of the goblin’s defeat to the council and received payment. The council promised the party considerable payment if they would travel deep into the hills to the north and seek out the Kobold leading this attack on the town.

We rushed through the last bit a little bit as this session had already run on longer than I intended (my usual problem when running games). Everyone had fun though and didn’t seem to mind staying late.


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