D&D: Elderyn – Act 1: Session 4 – Part 1


The following morning, the party decides to travel out to the nearby farmland to look into the troubles they have heard of out there. Since Clotor knew the way, they decided to leave Marnan be and make their own way out into the countryside.

The party traveled for about an hour before they reached the first farmhouse. They stopped to talk to the farmers, asking about any of the recent attacks, attack frequency, attack strength and if there were any current troubles. The farmers reported that it had been a few days since any attack and that, so far, their farm hadn’t been hit. The party left and proceeded to the next farm along the road. The next two farms gave similar answers to their questions, but as they were beginning to leave, they noticed some black smoke starting to rise from the next farm down.

Running down the road, the party finds a small band of, primarily, goblins scattered around the farmstead. One end of the barn is consumed in flames. A few farm hands are trying to get the animals out of the barn, but are being blocked from leaving the barn entrance by a half dozen goblins. Several more are harassing the farm owner, though they appear to be trying to buy time more than actually going in for the kill. A final pair of goblins are crouched at the corner of the farmhouse, fiddling with something the party can’t see from the road.

Clotor and Scourage rush in first. Clotor charges the group outside the barn, striking down one goblin immediately and opening a hole for the farmhands to escape through. Nedda moves to corner a goblin archer who takes aim at the arriving party. Harold unleashes a scorching blast that levels several of the creatures before following up with a flurry of magic missiles.

The goblins near the house leap away with gibbering laughter as they draw weapons. Behind them, a small fire starts climbing up the side of the wooden building. Scourage and Nedda flank and kill the goblin archer before rushing to attack the two goblins near the fire.

Harold fires targeted blasts of energy at the remaining goblins outside the barn, starting at one end while Clotor hacks through them from the other with her longsword. The goblins try to swarm around her but she is able to expertly ward off their attacks between her shield and her sword.

The goblins defending the house fire prove tougher to take down, meanwhile the fire behind them continues to grow. While Clotor moves to assist the farmer, Harold turns his spells to assist Nedda and Scourage. Between the three of them, they’re finally able to strike down the two goblins.

The house fire has grown to cover much of the corner of the house, threatening to spread even as the party rushes to find a well, buckets or even just beating out the fire with their hands. While Clotor fights off the last of the creatures, the house for continues to grow despite their efforts. The farm hands succeed in getting the animals out of the barn and the farmer charges back into the burning home and emerges a few seconds with his wife and a few small items.

Even with the extra hands for help, the small house is soon consumed completely by the flames. The party asks about the attack and the farmer tells then that they came down out of the hills to the north while they were working in the field. There wasn’t any warning and they hadn’t been targeted before by the attacks. The farmers think they can take their livestock over to the neighbors farm and stay there until they can rebuild the farm.

Lending a hand, the party walks the family, farm hands and livestock over to the neighboring farm a short ways down the road. They’re met outside by the neighbors who, in fact, are more than happy to help the family out. Once the livestock is stowed away in his barn, the farmer pulls Scourage to one side to him.

“Sir, I’m more than happy to help my friends here, terrible tragedy that befell them. I have a request though, sir. The other day, my eldest son, Cliff, I think he went out hunting in the hills to the north.” Scourage, concerned, pressed the man for details.

“See, we haven’t been able to do much hunting of late because of the goblins and Cliff seemed to think we shouldn’t just be staying in doors just because some of those varmints are out there. I told him no, of course, that it was too dangerous. He said he was going into town yesterday to see if there was any meat to trade for, but he hasn’t come back yet and I noticed yesterday evening that his hunting gear had disappeared with him. Please sir, if you’re really out here to protect us from the goblins, could you keep an eye out for my son? He likes to hunt in the hills north-west of here.”

Scourage nodded to the man and clapped him on the back reassuringly before joining the rest of the party. He filled them in on Cliff, the farmer’s missing son, then set out with the troop in the direction of the son’s hunting grounds. Around mid day, the came across a well-traveled hunting trail and followed it a short ways before coming upon a burnt out hunting camp. The embers of a small fire had long since burnt out but the signs of a scuffle around the campsite were readily apparent.

Equally apparent were the goblin tracks leading further north.

Nedda moved to the front, making her way stealthily through the forest a few dozen paces ahead of the party, eyes wary for trouble. The path led through the forest for the rest of the afternoon, though the party pressed on, chewing on rations as they walked. As early evening set in and the party considered breaking for camp, the forest parted before them and thinned out.

Ahead of them the trees drop away from the path completely before a shear cliff face which stretches dozens of feet upwards. The path itself leads over clear ground to a large fissure in the rock wall. A crude wooden door has been installed in the fissure. Out front were affixed a pair of burning torches. Before them was a camp fire that lit the darkening area. Surrounding the campfire, presumably standing guard outside the fissure, are half a dozen goblins in ill-fitting armor.

Scourage brings the party to a halt just inside the wood line. They wait until nightfall before sending Nedda in to investigate. She scouted out the area quickly and quietly, reporting back with numbers, armament and enough information about the surrounding area to allow the party to sneak in close. The warlord thinks for a moment before scratching out a quick plan in the dirt.

The party inches quietly through the darkness towards the door guard, fanning out just outside the firelight. Once enough time had passed for everyone to get into position, Scourage taps Clotor and gives her the signal. With a ferocious roar, the dragonborn leaps to her feet and charges the nearest goblin in the camp.

Predictably, the goblins are caught in surprise as she closes, swinging her longsword in a downward arc as she calls out a prayer to Bahumat. The goblin before her falls, nearly severed in two. From the darkness, Nedda hurls a dagger which finds purchase in in a surprised goblin’s neck. As the goblins twist to face the unseen threat in the darkness, Harold stands on the opposite side of camp and waves his wand with a mystic incantation. A column of flame erupts from the ground, consuming one goblin completely in the inferno and burning another.

Scourage charges in behind Clotor, fighting side by side with the dragonborn as they easily carve their way up the middle of the camp. A few moments later, the party gathers their breath while Clotor wipes the blood from her longsword onto one of the dispatched goblins. Warily, they eye the door, but no reinforcements come to aid the guards.


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