D&D: Elderyn – Act 1: Session 3


After leaving the forward raiding camp, the party traveled north east towards the main raiding group leading the attacks on the western trade routes leading to Liam’s Point. With a general heading, tracks were easy to find and their guide, Marnan, was able to lead them to a short, rocky cliff section. The tracks led along the cliff wall a ways before dissappearing in the hard rock.

Marnan was just about to give up hope when he rounded a corner with the party a few steps behind. Scourage and Clotor were just rounding the wall behind him when the guides panicked cries grabbed their attention just as he scrambled between them, running the other direction. Kobolds and a few scattered goblins lept up from their small fires, rag beds or from where they knawed on scraps of food and grabbed their weapons from where they sat in a shallow alcove in the cliff wall. Gibbering war cries met the party as Scourage sounded the call to charge.

Scourage and Clotor again waded into the thick of combat, with Clotor trying to cut a line directly to the largest, heaviest armed kobold in the group who seemed to be in charge. Scourage did his best to watch the Paladin’s flank. Harold moved out to the side to gain as much of an angle on the battlefield as he could. He unleashed blasts of fire and sniper accurate magic missiles. Nedda darted around the edge of combat, picking off attackers heading for the wizard and striking into the flanks of those distracted by the heavily armed warriors.

Kobold slingers hailed stones down on the party from the back of the cavern and the raid leader squared off against Clotor in the midst of the chaos. Scourage continued to rally the other members of the party, shifting the combatants around the battlefield in carefully calculated tactical moves. Finally, the leader fell and behind him the rest of the kobolds and goblins that followed him were disorganized and quickly fell under their blades and spells as well.

With the cavern clear, the party went about checking over the stacks of stolen trade goods and looking out for any returning patrols that might be out there. Stacked in the rear of the hideout were numerous crates that had been dragged there by the raiding parties. Most of the supplies were textiles, food stuff and tools intended for delivery and distribution at Liam’s Point. Among the goods, they found one, ornately carved wooden box with numerous arcane symbols carved into its surface.

Scourage handed the box over to Nedda carefully, concerned that such a unique box might be locked or, worse, trapped. The halfling couldn’t find anything, however, and eventually eeked the box open. Inside were a pair of thin, leather bracers. Arcane runes sewn in gold thread bordered their edges and arrows embossed in the leather point towards their fronts. Letting Harold take a look, the wizard was able to quickly deduce that the bracers were a small magical item which imbued the wearer with additional accuracy when aiming at ranged targets.

Also amongst the supplies, the party found an unrolled, haggard scroll. Written in goblin, the scroll contained reccomendations for patrol strengths, schedules and a poorly drawn map with suggested ambush points. The scroll had been obviously well used and was also obviously beyond the tactical ability of the average kobold and goblin.

Checking back on their path, the party found the mule lazily munching on grass and shrubs a short ways off, Marnan was nowhere to be seen. Scourage suggested the party should setup the camp and cleanup the battle and then lie in wait in the nearest bushes to see if there were any patrols out there that might be returning. They waited for a few hours before movement in the shrubs grabbed their attention.

A small, lightly armed and supplied group of kobolds and goblins made their way casually through the brush, unaware of the ambush they were walking into. At Scourage’s word, Clotor charged the rear of the enemy patrol with a vicious roar, smiting the first goblin she ran into. As the patrol wheeled around to protect their rear, Harold unleashed a series of spells from the rear, starting by calling down a column of searing fire that consumed several of the creatures. Nedda leapt up beside him, hurling daggers at the weaker creatures while charging the nearest archer.

The party made short work of the returning party, then loaded up the mule with the supplies they found at the camp. It took a few more hours, but the party made their way back to town with little difficulty. The town guard helped them unload the mule outside the city hall. Inside, they found the merchant council member, Udion. A runner went to fetch Father Opdrop and the farming representitive, Thoros.

Once all three council members were convened, the party retold their encounter with the kobold camp ambushing trade caravans on the road. During the debriefing, Udion attempted to take charge, but they found he continually led the conversation in circles, asking them to explain and rexplain inconsiquential details. Finally, Father Opdrop silenced the merchent leader and led the conversation back on track with questions about the enemy count, the forward raiding point, party makeup, goods being stolen, etc.

The party was paid for eliminating the threat to the trade route before they nodded their goodbyes and left for the inn. As they walked, the party talked and agreed that Udion was acting funny. Nedda decided to do a little “investigating” on her own while the party went back to the inn for dinner.

Nedda snuck off quietly into the dark, heading for Udion’s home. She poked around the outside, checking in through windows and looking for anything out of the ordinary. She started to reach for the handle of the backdoor when she heard the voices of a patroling guard coming closer. Stepping away from the backdoor, she darted quickly down an alley and headed back to the inn to rejoin the others.

When they finished eating, Clotor excused herself for the evening. She stepped outside and headed for the temple of Bahumat at the center of town. Inside, as expected, she found Father Opdrop. The priest stood at the far side of the temple from the doors, at the head of the sarcophogus containing the body of Shath Helath, the dragonborne champion entombed in the temple.

“Good evening Clotor, I wondered when we might have the opportunity to speak.”

Clotor greeted her old mentor, then expressed the party’s concern over the other council members. Father Opdrop discussed their concerns for a few minutes, telling her that Thoros had grown up in the local area and been elected by the farmers in the surrounding area to represent them while Udion had come to the town many years ago and risen through the ranks of the merchants guild to his current position. Eventually, the conversation turned to their own past.

“Clotor, why did you leave?”

She knew that Father Opdrop knew the circumstances of her departure, but that he was asking at the deeper emotional motivations of her departure. “Father, I lost control. When I regained myself… I could not face what I had done. I was ashamed. I could not face you.”

“Then why did you return when I asked?”

“I thought that perhaps it could bring me redemption. Perhaps it could bring me peace. I’ve been wrestling with this inner passion… this passion for violence that I must tame. Do you know anything about the passion of violence?”

Father Opdrop smiled slightly to himself. “Yes, Clotor. I know of the passion violence brings. I was not always a member of the clergy. In my life, I have known the passion that comes from dealing violence, and I have known its pain. You have known its passion and its pain. To find redemption, you must find the righteous way. You must find focus for the passion and the pain, you must find faith. Continue to follow the will of Bahumat and prove yourself his champion, and you will find your faith and a focus, you will find the righteous way and you will find redemption.”

The two gave their goodbyes and Clotor returned to the inn to plan the next day with his party.


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