D&D: Elderyn – Act 1: Session 2


Pressing on after rescuing the trade caravan, the party traveled for a few more hours. As the party got closer to town Clotor began pointing out familiar landmarks and commenting on how much further it was. When they reached the final bend, however, they could hear shouts coming from the distance.

Instructing the trade caravan to hide out in a shallow overhang, the party climbed the hill, sticking to the trees for concealment. The town of Liam’s Point was just a short ways in the distance. Just north of the road a mass of bodies made up of kobolds and goblins faced off against the town guard.

Skourage observed quietly for a moment before declaring that the attacking creatures weren’t pressing the attack. Likely the guards would be able to defeat them in an all out attack, but at the loss of many lives. Instead the small creatures seemed content to harass the guards, occassionally striking out but generally just making noise and holding their attention.

The party began scouring the surrounding area and it didn’t take long to locate the small band of kobolds and a few goblins coming up on the town from the lower hills to the south of town. With the guards attention on the other side of town, the mixed band was quickly sneaking its way into town.

Unable to stand by any longer, Clotor led the charge out of the hill and after the group trying to sneak into town. They swung wide, trying to avoid drawing attention for as long as possible before meeting them in combat.

Catching up with the flanking unit outside some homes on the southern side of town, Clotor and Scourage, Paladin and Warlord, charged to the front, aiming to close the distance with one of the archers in the group as well as the heavily armored kobold leading the attack. The halfling rogue, Nedda, and the human wizard, Harold, moved around the edges of the group, picking off the weaker kobolds and eventually engaging the second archer on the far side of the group.

Combat was brutal, but swift and ended with little further damage to the party. As the final kobold fell, they noticed that the sounds of battle from the other side of the town had also trailed off. As they cleaned weapons and inspected the bodies at their feet, a small detachment of the guard came there way. Surprised, the guard called out a challenge to the group to declare themselves.

Clotor introduced herself and the rest of the party as her friends, putting the guard at ease as he finally recognized her. The captain of the guard was brought over and the party briefly discussed the kobold and goblin attacks on the town.

The captain didn’t have a lot of information for them, but confirmed what they already suspected, that the creatures were harassing both the town, approaching trade groups and also attacking the local farms and that it was highly suspect that the two, typically antagonistic, groups were working together. Finally, he noted that it was also very strange that they had come this far south en masse, the occassional small party was seen from time to time, but seeing this many of the creatures coming this far from their typical hunting grounds in the hills and mountains to the north was also odd.

Clotor asked that the captain please rouse the two of the town’s council members to meet them while they went to the Temple of Bahumat to speak to Father Opdrop, the third council member. Briefly, while approaching the temple, Clotor told the group the history of why the temple had been erected in this town.

Due to the linearity of the campaign, I planned in opportunities for the players to exert an influence over the campaign world and story as much as possible through improvisation. For example, I planned for and modified the story to use an NPC defined by one of the players during the first session character development phase and ended up with Father Opdrop as part of Clotor’s background. This was another chance for the players to control the story, letting Clotor define how a champion of Bahumat entombed in Liam’s Point gained his fame. Then I let the other players roll a history check and let the highest rolling player remember and tell a story about a legendary weapon the champion used.

There had been a great champion of Bahumat, a dragonborne named Shath Helath, who led a great army against a cult of Tiamat’s followers. Shath Helath set his whole army to face the enemy forces, then journeyed alone around their flanks to the enemies rear lines and faced the enemy leader in combat, killing him and securing victory. Prior to his death, Shath indicated that he wanted his remains entombed in a sleepy little town of Liam’s Point. The priesthood of Bahumat built the temple there to house his remains and serve as a visitation site for any who chose to honor the warrior and to revere Bahumat.

The story of Shath Helath reminded Nedda of a story her great-grandmother had told her once, though she had forgotten the name of the warrior. A long time ago, an evil cult of Tiamat had been rounding up halflings, intending to use them as sacrifices to the evil dragon god. Her family line had been one of the halfling families that was taken by the cult. A brave warrior killed the leader and rescued her people, the warrior used a magic dagger in combat which he used to strike down the cult leader. Since then, the members of her family have always carried and trained in the use of daggers so that they might never be caught and taken away again and to honor that warrior.

Clotor led the way into the large round temple to Bahumat, inside they found Father Opdrop before the alter finishing the last of his prayers for the evening. Father Opdrop was older with white, short cut hair and a neatly trimmed beard that concealed several scars and wore the blue robes of a priest of Bahumat. Clotor awkwardly greeted the old man and introduced the rest of his party. He showed no signs of contempt or anger at the dragonborne over their past, though he remained somewhat aloof. After speaking to the party briefly, Father Opdrop suggested that they go to the town hall to speak with the other two council members.

In the town hall, the three council members of Liam’s Point; Father Opdrop the town’s religious leader, Udion the town’s merchant guild leader and Thoros the representative for the local farming communities. The party discussed the situation with the three of them and learned that several weeks ago the town started suffering from combined kobold and goblin attacks. The attacks are unusual for several reasons.

Both the kobolds and the goblins typically roam the moutains far to the north of Liam’s Point and only venture this far south in the worst winters, and even then only in light raid parties. Typically their attacks focus on lightly defended trade groups going through the moutain passes far from reinforcements. Additionally, kobolds and goblins have never been known to work together before and frequently skirmish in the moutains where their territories overlap. Finally, their attacks have been more organized than would be expected with ambushes on trade caravans, frequent attacks on the city and raids on the surrounding farming communities which seem scheduled to keep the guard scattered and last only long enough to accomplish their goals or escape before the guard can organize.

The council has the town trying to cover every front at once, but the guard presense in Liam’s Point is minimal and historically only existed for the small scale, law enforcement quibbles that occurred in such a small town.  Thoros dissappeared into the back room for a moment then came back with a small bag of coins as a thank you for protecting the trade caravan that was coming into town. The caravan carried numerous supplies for the town which they have been unable to get for weeks due to raiding.

Further, the council offered to hire the party to carry out a few more tasks. Since the guard has had their hands full just trying to protect the local area, they have been unable to mount any search parties to find and eliminate the threat to the town. The council still doesn’t know where the attacks are originating from, but they believe seperate groups are leading the assaults on the trade routes to the west of town and the farms to the east. The council is prepared to offer the party compensation for eliminating each threat, in the meantime they’re willing to put the party up in the local inn and provide room and board.

Before retiring for the night, the party asked for a local guide and tracker to meet them the next morning with a mule to haul any goods they might retrieve and then discussed their options. They decided that the recent attack on the trade caravan would be the easiest to track and to start there first in the morning.

In the morning, a young kid named Marnan met them for breakfast. Several hours of travel later, they returned to the site of the attack on the trade caravan they had interfered with the day before. After looking around for a short while, the guide pointed to a faint trail leading into the hills up north. They followed the tracks a short ways, about an hour north, before noticing a small clearing up ahead. The party snuck up closer and found a small band, primarily of kobolds, sitting in a camp.

Moving quietly up on the camp, the party readied weapons and then charged the camp. Combat was again quick and violent. Harold unleashed several blastss of fire which tore through the weakest kobolds whilst the warlord and the paladin drew the remaining forces in close. Nedda snuck around from behind and attacked from the rear, taking advantage of their distracted foes to deal massive damage. Before the last fell, Scourage called out to the party to spare one for questioning. With a roar, Clotor fell on the nearest goblin and wrestled him to the ground, easily subduing the diminuitive creature.

The goblin was easy to intimidate, having just seen his compatriots cut down and with a small dragon holding it to the ground and growling menacingly. He spoke in quick, barely intelligable bursts of speach, but they managed to get vague directions to the main camp further up in the hills. The goblin explained that the small camp they were in was just a forward raiding post and that they periodically went back to the main camp to deliver the stolen goods and resupply.

Satisfied with the intel, Scourage left the small creature to the mercy of the dragonborne.


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