D&D: Elderyn – Act 1: Session 1


For our first session, the players were presented with an assortment of six pre-generated character sheets available from Wizards of the Coast. They each chose a character and then were asked a series of questions; what is your character’s name, in a few sentences what are your character’s motivations, how did your character meet (player to their left)’s character and who is someone (an NPC) your character knows and trusts.

Beyond practical reasons for naming a character, the questions were designed to very quickly flesh out the character’s motivations, why the party was adventuring together in the first place and to give me NPCs and motivations that could be used to drive the story. The inspiration for these questions as part of the “character generation session” was pulled from the Chatty DM’s Party Creation Session for his Gears of Ruin campaign.

The details of the character generation are recounted in the character bios. Once we got those details out of the way, we launched into the plot hook for the adventure. Since the party was largely made up of novice players and the scope of the campaign was designed around learning the mechanics of 4th Ed D&D, we agreed prior to playing that the campaign would be fairly linear with obvious plot hooks driving the story.

Having decided to travel together, the newly formed adventuring party spent their morning at the market in Rickenmyre. They were in the midst of procuring rations and other supplies when they spied a young man making his way through the market, stopping random passerby’s for a moment to ask them a question and then move on. As he got closer, they could overhear his question, “Do you know the dragonborn Clotor? I’m looking for Clotor.”

Hearing her name, Clotor flagged down the young man and introduced herself. Upon finding her, the young man, delivered a message to the Paladin. “Clotor, I have a message from Father Opdrop of Liam’s Point. At the behest of the council, Father Opdrop asks for you to return to the town to assist with an urgent trouble that requires someone of your… caliber.” Message delivered, and the man with no answer to their questions, the messenger departed.

The group conferred for several minutes before agreeing to seek out Father Opdrop as requested. Whatever the trouble at hand, the opportunity for proving themselves with a little bit of adventure along the way was appealing. They agreed to find a place to stay and head out in the morning as soon as the halfling, Nedda, returned from “procuring supplies”. They waited by the inn until she returned with her rations and, if Skourage was not mistaken, a coin purse that was just a little bit heavier.

The town of Liam’s Point was about three days travel away by foot. The group set out the following morning, making good progress throughout the day. The first day ended with little of note occuring. Part way through the second day, they noticed a deer in the lightly wooded hills north of the road. Hungry for something other than dry bread and cheese, the party set up a careful trap and Nedda snuck up upon the deer. Coming to within striking distance, the halfling took down the deer with a deft dagger throw. The party stopped their progress for the day to prepare the meat for travel, delaying their arrival to Liam’s Point by at least half a day.

The third day progressed without incident. On the fourth day, Clotor began to recognize familiar hills and landmarks along the road. The light forests near the road gave way to rocky hills and the road wound through the raised protrusions. Up ahead, a few high pitched squeaks and yelling gave away what they would encounter around the next bend.

The party rounded the corner to discover a small trade caravan stopped and the two traders attempting to keep a few kobolds at bay with wooden brooms. The little creatures chittered and laughed at the older couple, harassing them whilst several others plundered the wagons.

Despite his training, the warlord Skourage was caught by surprise when they stumbled into the mess while his compatriots charged ahead into battle. Clotor led the charge with a cry to Bahumat whislt Harold flanked around at a distance, discharging magic missiles and calling down columns of fire at the nearest groups of creatures.

Along one side of the path was a ten foot cliff which Nedda scampered up and dissappeared. She reappeared a few moments later at the far edge and leapt from the short bluff down onto one of the goblins in charge below, her daggers at the ready.

Skourage joined the battle, shouting encouragements to his new compatriots and pointing out the tactical blunders of their enemies for them to take advantage of. Nedda squared off against the goblin warrior at the center of the battle, a tactic that seemed ready to turn against her at any moment, though she eventually prevailed and cut him down.

Clotor swung her longsword about her, keeping several kobolds and goblins at bay even as they threatened to surround her and the warlord at her side. Javilins rained down around Harold, but the mage kept his cool and returned magical destruction on them. Nedda turned to the final group assaulting the two heavily armored warriors and moved in behind them, slashing viciously at their exposed flanks.

Our first combat was a little slow and clunky as everyone, including myself, figured out how the rules of combat worked. The players were also getting accustomed to their characters and the most effective ways to play them.

At times they played ineffectually with the mage moving in close enough for the creatures to close with him to melee range and the rogue diving into the thick of combat well away from her supporting melee partners. By the end of combat, however, they had several chances to sing, with the mage taking out groups of minions with a single spell, the two warriors managing a gaggle of monsters without taking much damage and the rogue scoring a critical hit against a goblin warrior while flanking him and dealing a maximized backstab which caused more damage to the goblin than it had hitpoints at full health.

As the sun began to set, the road was wiped clean of the mixed band of raiders and the party caught their breath and checked their wounds. Speaking to the traders, they found the small caravan was heading to Liam’s Point as well and so they offerred their services to protect them for the remainder of their travel.

Looking at the sun, Clotor suspected they would not get in to town until late, the battle had way laid both groups that afternoon. Despite the late hour, the party decided to press on and make the town shortly after night fall rather than risk camping along the road for another attack party to discover them.


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