Mission 24 – Hubris and Humility

Written by: Clint          Played on: 11 Dec 2010
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Today is one of the first day’s I’ve woken up feeling good. No nightmares, the sun is bright and my mind is clear. What’s wrong? This is too placid! Am I still sleeping?


Nope not sleeping, time to work. The mission is important and our fixer is Zhang Wong. Wasn’t expecting to hear from him.

Time to meet-up with the team and head to the CAS.

A familiar Triad locations puts us on edge as we get out of Boomer to meet our Johnson. One Ms. Johnson; she is well guarded and looks less than happy to see us.

The job seems simple and pays well. Eliminate a target, no worries about collateral, exactly our style. One stipulation, as she hands us a box, place a single ravens feather on anybody killed along the way. Our target: Sottocapo Chavez, the local leader of the Chavez Mafia family. We’re offered a safe-house, access to a coyote (well known Eliza) and 96K¥ for finishing the job with 9K¥ upfront.

Unbeknownst to Ms. Johnson (whose profile and stature leads us to believe is Lin Yao, a high ranking Triad leader), we have a very close relationship with Raven and don’t want to frame him for a high-scale murder that may lead to all out war.

After accepting we decide to call Raven to talk to him about this situation. He’s interested and we agree to meet him right away at Denim. Denim seems quiet as opposed to our usual (albeit) later visits. We head back to meet Raven and (for the first time) are patted down by guards. They give me an off glace when they come across my arms but nothing happens. In our meeting with Raven we tell him about the Triad plan to frame him, info for which he pays 3K¥ a piece and offers a counter job.

The best laid plans of mice, men and GMs… I was interested in seeing how this job was going to go down for the team. The mission, as written, was for more “railroading” than usual.

As I suspected, the team didn’t particularly want to do anything for the Triad and definately not anything to do with framing their aqauintance, however, I expected them to refuse outright. There was an alternative plot line wherin the Vory contact the team and pay for the info they recieved when they refused the job and offer another job to eliminate some Koshari soldiers who would be used by the Vory to frame a failed assassinatoin attempt on the Koshari.

Though the team was much more likely to take a job from the Vory, taking a job that would still frame Raven and / or the Koshari seemed like a bit of a stretch. When the team decided to contact Raven immediately, I decided to alter those scenes to fit the new Johnson, which I think ended up going over much better with the players.

Based on recent events between the Vory and Triads (of which we are responsible) the Vory essentially have control over Lin Yao. Our objective, intercept a package of Triad goods being moved by the Vory. Raven will ask about Lin Yao but wouldn’t mind her being dead.

The events in question are none other than those that ended in the death of An Peng and the kidnapping of a particular Triad girl in Mission 13: Take-Out Service.

With that meeting a success, we go to meet Eliza. The address she offers leads to parking garage and leads us the garages basement. She meets us and leads us through a tunnel system. Knowing who/ what we’re dealing with, we fully arm our selves before heading into the tunnels.

These tunnels are putrid and give an unfriendly feeling of lurking horror. The deeper we go the more familiar the tunnels begin to look. Oh Gods! We’ve been here before! Back when we took out that effing bloodmage. I wonder…yep we’re being led to that freaks old hideout. Weird.

The safehouse was Trebol’s old hideout, where the runners tracked an exploration team that went missing in Mission 09: Tunnel Vision. After killing Trebol and looting some of his blood mage items, the sewers were blocked off from the building and construction resumed. Eliza spent time unblocking several key tunnels, making repairs and turning the now abandoned hide out into an extremely hard to find and Matrix-dead safehouse.

As we settle in it becomes apparent that our comms have gone out. Eliza tells us that she is on-call if we need anything and that Ms. Johnson is planning on stopping by to check-in on our plans at some point. After she leaves, we plan.

We message out to Raven telling him communication might be a bit sketchy for the next day or so but we will check messages as regularly as possible. After waiting for 12 hours we decide to head-out to take on the Vory.

We make it to the Vory warehouse and wait some more. The plan: Wait for the shipment to leave head-out in front lay down spike strips to kill the escort (two Sedans with two men apiece) and take the goods. What actually happened went a bit differently.

Cho starts things off by sniping the cargo vans driver.

The combined efforts of Jade and myself take-out the front cars driver and it swerves right as it hits the spike strip Wheeler released. The front car flips into the air and rolls; unfortunately the passenger in the cargo van acts quickly and dips off on a side street. Not to be out-done, Wheeler expertly steers done another side street and catches back up with our target. Now we’re behind them.

As we all blast at the rear sedan, we see the original driver of the van flop past us after being pushed out the door. Unable to get a good view, I open the side door to electrocute the car. In doing so, I make myself a target. Fortunately Jade had a good grip on me and pulled me back in away from the gunfire.

Cho neutralizes that Vory as we close on the Van and once we’re along side the sedan, Jade fires her hand cannon and that support car swerves and crashes. Now its just us and the van. Cho takes out that driver and as quick as we can we load up the contents into Boomer. The contents appear to be used-up magical components, various roots, bones, etc.

Raven was pleased by our success and pays us 7K each. Raven follows with the news about Lin Yao. The Koshari deem Lin Yao as dangerous and needs to be eliminated. The Koashari are offering 30K for our team, due to the set-up Raven is offering an additional 15K from his own pocket.

Lin Yao was considered dangerous due to the Vory’s control over her. Originally, the mission was specced to have another lead member of the Triad, who had become aware of Lin’s involvement with the Vory, contact the team to eliminate her at the end of the mission.

The team’s negotiations with Raven earlier had them practically offering to remove her for free, so it felt only natural that Raven and the Koshari be the ones to have her removed so the Vory could no longer use her to control parts of the Triad.

With our “extra-curriculars” done with. Its time to get back to the safe-house, and wouldn’t you know it, Eliza calls us. Says that while we were out Ms. Johnson had come and gone so we told Eliza to schedule a meeting. The Agenda, death.

On the way, we discuss how much of a bad idea this is. We are planning a trap for people we are sure have already planned a trap for us. I decide to go invisible to make our trap more trap-like.

So the plan is this. Open the door, kill everyone. But that gets complicated, as the door opens, I first thing I see is a whimpering Eliza then the three guards with guns one right next to her. When a shotgun blast hits Jade behind me and the guards raise their weapons I sprint forward to cut down the one that is pulling his gun on Eliza and spill his intestines on the floor. The next minute is filled with gunfire and extreme bloodshed. The highlights I saw or can remember:

Merciless shooting by Jade.

Wheeler tactically shooting through intense injuries and multiple shots.

Cho gracefully striking her targets.

Marius with almost unerring aim.

My magic helping where it could.

Oh and there was something involving a grenade…hmm.

This scene was a toss up. At the time, the team hadn’t done anything completely outragous to tip their hand to Lin Yao, other than the standard “rumors in the shadows say…” method of intelligence inquiring and the fact that they hadn’t been there when she had come calling.

When it came time to run the scene though, we were still pretty early in the afternoon for our session with plenty of time remaining. Plus, the team already assumed it was a trap they were walking into. Why should I be the one to dissappoint them?

All in all we left certainly looking worse for wear, but we saved Eliza and are less dead than our opponents. Lin Yao just made it even more personal. After Eliza gets Jade and Wheeler fixed-up by a street-doc, we drop her off with Raven and go in search of Lin.

Using data Eliza gave us involving Lin’s Comm, Detrius (Marius’ brother) locates where she made her last call almost an hour ago. It seemed like she called the airport, we have to do this fast! The address takes us to an up-scale condo complex. As our luck would have it, we see who we expect to be our target being escorted into a very nice car. It’s on!

In an instant I petrify the bitch as Cho lights-up one of the guards. As the remaining guard shoots back, Jade and Cho finish him off. Wheeler stops Boomer and Marius gets out to take care of miss Yoa. Just as 6 Yakuza roll-up calmly each on their own bike. They slowly dismount looking non-threatening. They don’t react as Marius blasts the statue of Lin Yao (which Cho took a video of) as I drop petrify that bits of dust and rock turn to blood and bone. They ask if they can take her remains and say thank you. Just as we get ready to back away they go full-auto!

This was a strange scene. As written, the Yakuza were way underarmed (I upped their equipment and they were still very underequipped to deal with the team). I expected the team to take issue with them taking charge of the scene so unexpectedly, especialy since Marius hadn’t had a chance to loot corpses yet, but they shrugged and turned to walk away.

As written, the Yakuza also were always meant to betray the team after they left. Again this felt odd since the team was leaving without knowing why the Yakuza were interested in her and given how out of their league they were. Still, it made sure the team got their hands on a particular item…

Fuck! Marius took a full blast, but took no damage and Cho and I literally dodge the gunfire!

What happened over the next 20 seconds could barely be considered battle. It was a massacre where the victims had a “chance”. Marius, rounds still falling off of his armor, returns fire killing the bastard that shot him. Wheeler whipping around, shooting over the hood, opens the skull of the Yakuza leader. Jades deafening hand cannon misses, however I think I saw more than one of them piss themselves. Her next shot lands square not only killing but knocking the target back a good 5 feet. I lightening and mana bolt my target taking him out. Marius stoically continues shooting leaving only one left standing, which Cho made short work of.

The street now silent, Maruis loots the bodies and Cho moves the Yakuza’s bikes and calls Loco. As we leave I ask if Marius found anything. Not much, but Lin had this, Marius held-up a large stone, it was beautiful. As I held it, it seemed to pulse with life, and felt as if it didn’t want to be let go….weird.

Raven was happy with what he heard. We get paid. Gods what a weekend.

I’m now loaded with enough nuyen to not worry about Bliss. Now about this stone…

PREVIOUS: Mission 23 – Prodigal Son
NEXT: Mission 25 – Done Deal – Part 1

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