Mission 23 – Prodigal Son

Written by: Cho          Played on: 27 Nov 2010
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I was walking back from getting coffee, thinking how my mundane job sucks lately, just the same old same old. Late night drunks coming in for unicorn tattoos… Sigh. God damn retards. 
So I was walking down a side street when a large black bird landed a few feet from me. It appeared to be holding a cred stick in its beak. Immediately I thought of Raven. And funny enough, it was from him. He had a job for us. Thank god! If I had to tattoo one more tramp stamp I might explode… Fucking whores.

So the gang all met up at the Denim bar in the CAS sector. Upon meeting with Raven, he said he had a long… But somewhat simple task for us. With Raven, it rarely is simple. But what the hell… So he was going to keep us on the clock for a week, so we could hijack a bunch of shipments from the XCR.

The team was aware of XCR as they had previously done some work for its current CEO, Alesandro Ibanez in Mission 14: Wetwork, Pure and Simple.

We could do things the easy way and destroy the shipments… But what’s the fun in that? Unlike some other wannabe runners, we pride ourselves in taking the hard route. So we wanted to deliver each shipment to Raven, for some extra yen of course. 🙂 Luckily we had a inside contact, a business fellow that went by PiP, to help us.

I guess the rest of the team didn’t notice but it was Samuel Halbert. We had met for a run a while ago, and we may have been a little harsh when it came to interrogating him. Hmmm. Come to think of it, he did seem rather nervous to see us again. Oh well, maybe the troll just made him uncomfortable. 

When running this scene, I completely spaced that PiP and Samuel Halbert, from Mission 21: Happenstance,  were the same person and that they had encountered him before. Typically the missions I was running do a good job of calling out prior NPC’s who the team might recognize from a past job, but not this time!

It wasn’t until after game I was reading a few of the old logs and recognized Samuel’s name. Hoping to salvage what insight that might give them into the plot of the game, I retconned the mission slightly by telling the player writing the log that she at least recognized him though no one else seemed to. In Samuel’s case, he was to nervous to say or do anything about it.

Raven set us up in a safe house for the week, which I must say wasn’t to shabby. Then we got a call from PiP after 2 days. He let us know that in 36 hours the first case was to be shipped from the Lehow facility. They had hired the Blood and Mayhem troop to deliver it. To put it simply… I ROFL’ed.
Blood and Mayhem were also nearly obliterated in Mission 21: Happenstance. Frankly, I had forgotten about this to by the time it came to run the mission, but my players hadn’t. I rolled with it and played them up as much more paranoid. The few original members of the troop that survived had recieved some cyberware replacements to keep them alive.
On our way there, Pip was kind enough to tell us there should only be one guard at the storage facility. A rigger. Huzza drones! It went simple enough, Levi and Bear went invisible girl style and broke into the place.
Bear petrified the rigger while Levi deactivated the drones and cameras via commlink. We found the crate with ease, and loaded it. We called up Raven later, dropped off the case and went back to the safe house. Easy money.
Two days later Pip calls again, yada yada yada… Blood and Mayhem are on the move with a crate. Now I like to make sure we get the job done. So I make these things I like to call “Panic Buttons”. AKA: High explosives in the path of the enemy. Just as a fail safe device. You know… “I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.” And that ladies and gents is what I have tattooed on my ass.
After following them we have ourselves a good old fashion shoot out. We blow out their tires… Damn it! Did I just get shot? Oh no they didn’t. Oh and they have drones? Hell no.
Marius ends up dispatching the driver with some fancy shooting, which causes them to crash. Tee hee. Jade blows up a drone with a shotgun blast. At this point I jump out and head for their vehicle, oooo Levi just messed up the other drone…. Wait a second… Whoa whoa whoa! Hold the phone! A grenade launcher is our calling card. And damn, it fucked up our paint job.
You have no idea how happy am I to have dove out of the blast. Marius downs the bitch with G-launcher… Wench. Jade takes care of the mage, I get the dumbass standing on top of his car. I mean come on… Annnnnnnnd, I think he’s dead. Another crate secured. Booya. And just for shits and giggles, we pile the dead bodies into their van and move it directly over my panic button. BOOM! And that one is so going on Youtube tonight.
Another 2 days later, we are out to intecept another shipment. This time I’m gonna blow up an overpass. Hehe. We watch as their truck passes over the panic button. Oh! OHHHHHH It just misses. Oh well… Spike strip away!!! I love giving flat tires.
I saw that they had bulked up on security. They had 3 large vans following them. I finished loading my gun in time to watch Bear lightning bolt one van. It looked really cool, but didn’t seem to stop it. Jade hurled a grenade their way, but it missed. That’s when the side doors to the vans slid open and and SWAT looking guys leaned out on ropes. To which I commented “Oh look more targets!”
So making things easy for us… We killed them all, got the last crate, and got out of there just as police were arriving. We dropped off the crate to Raven and headed back to safe house. I suppose at that point Jade, Levi, and Bear got a little bored. Or tired… Or both. Cause they headed home, leaving Myself, Wheeler and Marius alone at the safe house. I ended up calling one of our mechanical friends, Duke, to help us patch up Booomer. Bullet holes arent very descrete. We had a nice dinner and went to bed….
At this point we hit the end of our regularly scheduled sessions. Techincally, the team had hit the minimum requirements to complete the mission and I could have called it there. However, there was a number of fun scenes to follow. Several players had to go home, but I still had a few that wanted to keep playing. Due to our play schedule, once every two weeks if we’re lucky, I’m typically loath to split up a run into multiple parts as it becomes difficult for the players to remember what they were in the middle of doing so long ago.
In retrospect, I probably should have divided this run into two parts if I wanted to do all the scenes. It did end up running into the wee hours of the morning which was fine for us, but the other players also missed out on some fun times.
Now, I always thought that safe houses were supposed to be… Well, SAFE! No one gave me the memo cause in the middle of the night SWAT bust in on ropes through the windows and started shooting up the place.
There were way more than we could handle, I yelled at the two boys to get the hell out as I jumped out the window, grabbed the rope and slid down. I was hoping within a few moments they would follow… But it took a bit longer than expected. And when they did finally make it partially down… They were fucked up!
I attempted to provide cover fire, it didn’t even faze the SWAT guys! I mean, I am shooting at them and they decide to climb down the ropes too. Eventually I made a break for Boomer. When I got back Marius and Wheeler were not doing so grand.
There was a man standing over Marius getting ready to finish him off. I gunned the engine and hit the man right as Marius rolled out of the way. He flew several feet and hit they wall hard in a lovely splatter of blood. The boys jumped in and we got the hell out of there.
Apparently they traced the commlink that Pip had given us.  So we got rid of it. Raven sent us to another safe house where everyone got healed up. I thought we might be done for the evening, but no. There was one last crate we had to get. And we had no time. They were about to fly it out on a helicopter. We made it just in time. To make the long story short… We had to destroy the last crate… With a rocket launcher. Bwahahahaha…Now are we done?
Raven calls us and says we have one last errand to run. Alesandro Ibanez, the CEO of XCR, was kidnapped by the Vory. With a small group of men Raven sent to help us and and a combat mage I hired named, Fluffy, we head out to rescue him.
While the second team creates a distraction at the front, we break in through the back and manage to avoid any guards. After searching around we find a secret door in the basement. It needed a eye scan… Guess what the means? I need a guards head… Trusty sword, away!
I felt like the team was a little outmatched tackeling this scene without six players. Yet another reason I likely should have split this run in half.  To compensate, I allowed the Koshari to assist in distracting many of the mooks that made up security at the Vory compound. This let the team focus on securing Alesandro.
And dun dun dun!!! The secret door leads into a ritual chamber where we find Alesandro… With Tahja!? She’s the bitch that helped us wipe out some Triad that one day.
The team encountered Tahja on a few occassions, most notably in Mission 20: Career Path.
We pretty much get into a epic battle with her and a large fire elemental. Thank god I hired that mage! Fluffly must have saved our ass more than a couple of times… Now why can’t Levi be that useful? Eventually we kill everything… Except Alesandro of course. And just like we snuck in… We sneak out. Huzza! 
We get Alesandro to Raven, and we are paid! Very, very well. And, we don’t have to share the extra yen we made with the three that were too lazy to help. Oh! And thanks Fluffy!
PREVIOUS: Mission 22 – Backlash – Part 2
NEXT: Mission 24 – Hubris and Humility

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