Mission 22 – Backlash – Part 1

Written by: Marius          Played on: 16 OCT 2010
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It was a night like any other, I was getting my ass handed to me in a VR game by my brother Detrius. He and I had both lived in Denver almost a year now. We were playing with one of the other few people in Denver I could trust, Clint.
I first met Clint, a Native American Dwarf from the Broken Arrow tribe when our team was assembled. We took an immediate liking to each other as we were both non-human Native Americans. I got along with the rest well enough I suppose, but Clint was the only one I would consider a true friend. We were playing some Player vs Player inside a familiar world that Detrius had designed. He has been working on a full length interactive game about the “Pending Zombie Apocalypse” and in the mean time has created a number of small side games within the same world, mostly as a way of debugging the world itself and the physics and the like. 

But today our session was cut short when the world went dark and my comlink buzzed. On the other end is a man who declines to give us his name, he has called the teams party line, and he waits as we all connect over the course of about a minute. He tells us that Raven said we are “cool” and that he may have work for us. We are to meet Sloan Lake Park in the PCC, This is the same park the team once had to shoot it’s way out of after killing An Peng. The shootout was a little nerve wracking, but all in all that was a good day. 

Once at the park, we notice two individuals step out of a limo, a suit and a bodyguard. He walks to a bench and we all form a sort of semi-circle around him as he explains the job to us. Data theft from a Triad run data storage facility in the Inglewood neighborhood of the PCC. He’ll pay 36,000¥ for the team if we can pull it off. He gives us 9,000¥ up front. As a side not we think Mr. Johnson might be Koshari. 

I call Detrius and speak to him about the job, he agrees to come with us for 4,000¥ to help identify and steal the data. He also hooks us up with one of his contacts who gets us information on where in the data center the server is located, this costs an additional 500¥. We decide caution is needed and stealth our way in. 

After breaking in we are able to extract the data in just a few minutes with no opposition so far. On the way out we run into some Triad. Gunfire ensues. Thumper busts in with Wheeler at the helm, and Jade manning the cannons. We grease a few more Triad then are probably needed to make good our escape, load into Thumper and pimp on out, raining down heavy weapons fire and grenades on the way out; making way more of a ruckus than is needed. 

The adventure I was running called for having the session begin at this point, without any of the other leadup to the mission. The introduction included a brief rundown of what they were doing when they showed up at the park.

This felt like an odd and arbitrary way of introducing the team to the mission, and thought it would be more fun and impactful if they roleplayed through the begginning scene and had at least some hand in determining how the mission went down.

I ended up “hand waving” most of the break in down to a few rolls and general questions for how they wanted to go about doing it. This drastically decreased the time it took to include that bit of the job in the mission, which helped to fit it in our typical four hour session.

I had originally intended to, and would have preferred to, play this job as a seperate session written by me. The job would have ended that evening with them picking up the data at the end of the run, then heading back to meet Mr Johnson. From there, I would have launched directly into this session as written.

By the time we got around to actually playing this session, though, I got busy with work and, frankly, completely forgot about that plan until the night before the session. Our play sessions tend to be a bit sporadic at times, especially during the fall season, so it probably worked out better in the long run that we did it all in one session, but it was always my intention to devote a full run to this introductory scene.

We drop off Dee, who has never been this close to the action before, and would not stop talking about it for the next several weeks. From there we head back to the park to meet Mr. Johnson, thinking this probably our easiest run ever. As we swing into the lot Cho is the first to notice that the limousines door is ajar.  

After doning my full combat armor, I approach with caution. Jade is walking along next to me as if this happens every day.  We notice signs of a struggle, blood, bullet dents in the limo. Mr. Johnson is dead. I loot his corpse (because that is what I do) noticing that all of his effects have been taken. I see a few fingers and part of a gun under the car, Cho comes over and grabs these… I don’t know why. 

As we hear sirens approaching we load back into Thumper just as several Zone Defense Force (ZDF, these are like Denver’s National Guard in this crazy world-gone-mad) vehicles roll onto the scene. This is B A D. They demand our surrender. We comply by throwing a flashbang out of the car and legging it. I jump into the turret right as they open fire. Cho throws a grenade at one vehicle, striking it and causing it to collide with a tree; it breaks off pursuit. Clint ignites the driver of another vehicle, it also breaks off pursuit.

To me, the scenario here was pretty hilarious. Since the ZDF came in through the front gates, the team was forced to try and escape by off roading through a public park. Mentally, it played out to me like a rediculous Dukes of Hazard or A-Team car chase.

To them I’m sure it was much less amusing. The ZDF is practically a military organization and a good step up from the standard Lone Star police forces. Many of the team’s standard tactics were nullified by dealing with an opposing force that was nearly their equals in skill and equipped with high end gear that were trained to deal with well armed Shadowrunners.

Wheeler dodges a car and I take a round through the vehicles armor but I am ok. I depress the trigger on the gun; hell belches fourth aimed at the drivers seat of a third ZDF rig but a bump in the overland route causes me to miss. After Clint, Levi, Cho, and Jade all strike the last large rig it breaks off pursuit, leaving only two sedans.
I riddle the hood of one sedan full of holes, putting it out of the fight. The last one holds distance. Wheeler swings around and Cho uses his Panther assault cannon to disable the vehicle. Striking the left rear quarter and exiting the front right, the round dissects the vehicle diagonally.
All I could see from the turret was the sudden change in interior color from tan to red. 
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