Mission 21 – Happenstance

Written by: Marius          Played on: 18 Sep 2010
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Happenstance – a happy accident. That is indeed what happned to us this day. The Team gets a call from a friend of ours, Dean Castello. Dean is a hacker for the Casquilho Family whom we first met when hired by said family to clear him of a bogus murder charge.
We all arrive at the Happenstance together and enter with Dean. (Cho and Wheeler are absent at this time, they had a “prior engagement”) Going to bars with a made man like Dean is great because you don’t have to wait in line, though thinking about it I can’t remember the last time I waited in a line. The bar is loud and there is goofy shit all over the walls. This is the kind of place I would take women on dates back in college.

For a nice blast of nostalgia I order a Midori sour, a weak, sweet drink I used to have a lot back then; mostly sugar syrup with a little melon liqueur thrown in to make it officially a “big boy” drink. It’s almost sickeningly sweet I think to myself as we toast.

I was not paying a whole lot of attention as the news feed in the bar broadcasts that an associate of ours has just been appointed CFO of XCR. “This” the news reporter, a blond with tits as fake as her hair color tells us “comes after the death of Wapasha Blackwolf on the way home from a skiing holiday a short time ago.” The whole team is paying close attention now, as we are probably the only people who know the truth about how the man died. 

As our drinking continues into the second round we see some hard looking guys, fellow runners probably, enter the Happenstance and discreetly make their way toward the back of the bar into a backroom. Seems some business is going down. Other Casquilho people are milling about. Our observation is interrupted by a rapid exchange of gunfire from the back room. The bar begins to empty in the calm orderly fashion usually displayed by crowds fleeing from something in terror. The only people not making haste for the front door are us, who are mostly remaining seated calmly, and the Casquilho soldiers who are rushing toward that back room. After they enter we hear more gunfire. 

As several dark suited Asians that have a sort if “Triadish” kind of look about them burst from the back room and begin firing back into it, I take notice of Clint; who up until now has been taking cover behind a chair. He stands up and kicks the chair out of his way. It violently takes several more with it into a heap on the far side of the area. Clint lets out a roar and rushes toward the Asians with blades drawn! I duck under the table and cover him with my pistol.

By the time I have drawn, Clint has two bloody blades sliding out of one of the Triad who is now on the ground trying to find some of his organs. The dwarf unleashes a mana bolt at a second. A third is raising a pistol at Clint as I gun him down from the safety of the floor. The one who was hit by the mana bolt rushes past Clint toward the door; the Native American Dwarf we have all come to love pauses just a moment (for dramatic effect I think) and then charges the slow moving asian, tackling him out the front door with two blades in his back. It is at this point I notice Dean legged it at some point. We call him on the comm and he tells us he has no idea, but to get the fuck out of there before the cops show up. 

We load into Thumper and head over the boarder to Wheelers shop, where upon we fill in Cho and Wheeler as to what went down at the Happenstance. 

The next morning we get a call from Dean, he looks as though he has been up all night. He wants us to meet Miguel at Marcel’s at 5PM. We have to bribe our way across the boarder, someones documentation was not up to snuff. We make it on time, barely. 

We sit with Miguel, tell him what we saw the night before. The Casquilho underboss tell us some of his crew have been involved in a smuggling op without official sanction. He hands us a photo of the individual who arranged the job. We recognize him as a random guy who took a round on his way out of the restroom at the Happenstance the night before. Before leaving we are tasked with discovering who is having what moved where, for who, and how. Purely a look-and-see, however we are not barred from snagging the loot should the opportunity arise. 

Telling them it was ok to snag the loot was an impromptu decision during roleplaying, though in retrospect I probably should have emphasized the “look-and-see” aspect of the mission.

Once back in Thumper I immediately call Dean and ask him to do some legwork for us. I provide him with the description that we were able to piece together of the gentlemen who got shot and ask him to search hospitals for a GSW that matches his description. He gives us three names, but no other info.

We call Detrius and he gets us addresses from hospital records but can’t get any photos. We call Dean back and with addresses he is able to get into some other databases and snag us photos.  We recognize Samuel Halbert as our guy. He is a current XCR employee, who lives in corporate housing provided by EVO. His emergency contact lives in Seattle. 

We call his home comm and Wheeler leaves a message posing as a Johnson trying to supply him with a new team. We try and track down his Comm link number with no success. I discover he has an MBA from Colorado State University Denver.

Wheeler calls Raven who also wants some info on him, and gives us some info in return. The guy plans to meet up with some college buddies this evening. We decide to crash that party. 

Raven wants info on this guy? Why all the interest? Forshadowing…

We arrive and see the same runners from last night, it is not until I see their GMC Bulldog and notice that they are all young that I remember who they are; a team called “Blood and Mayhem”. They have been getting a lot of ink lately as a new “badass” team, but I have had the impression that if any team gets that much press they are probably either not that good or are a bunch of poser wanabies. I inform the rest of the group via subvocal as Cho and I enter the restaurant, get some food and sit near enough to them to listen in to their conversation. 

“… all right I am transferring you the codes, the foreman will let me know when you leave it in the trunk, and I’ll make sure you get paid”. Cho downloads the info off of all of their comms.

The three smugglers enter their GMC Bulldog van, a fourth gets on a bike. As Cho gets on her bike we notice two dark ford Americars following the van and bike. The team takes Thumper and follows the car Samuel is in. Cho follows the Americar following the Bulldog. 

Split the party. Always a good idea… Actually it worked out pretty ok in this scenario.

The Americar we’re following rams Samuel off the road. We hang back under Wheelers guidance and, as four dark suited gentelmen exit the sedan, Wheeler floors it and pins three of the Triad with the wreckage of their car. I have donned full armor and readied my rifle. One of the pinned Triad pulls a weapon as I step out into the street and I zip him up with three rounds from hip to shoulder. He slumps over dead.

Clint exits as well and pulls an unconscious Sam out of his car and loads him into ours. While he is doing that I loot corpses and snag 4 SMGs, Wheeler strips Sam of his comlink. We call Dean and agree to give him the comlink, we make arrangements for a meeting. We, at this point, head in that direction. 

About this time sunshine wakes up, and I begin to interrogate him. He is acting all tough until Jade looks at him mean; he gives us the code for his comlink. We access a file and pull some info out of it. It contains the passcode for an Atlas Cold Storage unit. He gives us a little more but continues to hold out. Clint smashes his head into the wall and he tells us that he is paying 2,200¥ to deliver this stuff, it’s chemicals stolen from his employer. Clint stunbolts him into silence. We head to the cold storage place.

Cho reports in and says she has some shit that is too heavy to move we need to go pick up. We head that way while she fills us in. She was following when the Triad in the sedan following the GMC pulled up along side and opened fire on the van causing it to lose control and slowly come to a stop. At this point she hangs back in the shadows and throws a flash pack and a high explosive grenade.

Three Triad step out and the van opens and a single smuggler steps out. The brief exchange of gun fire is interrupted by the grenade explosion. All the Triad are dead or dieing and the runner was on top of the grenade when it went off, there is not much left of him. Cho runs over, and slashes the rest to death with a katana. Inside the GMC is a crate that is about 1 meter squared. Cho drags it into an ally and by that point we arrive and load it up. 

We leave the area, call Miguel and meet him at Marcel’s. We tell Miguel what we know and he has more questions. We wake up Goldilocks and intimidate the answers out of him. Miguel pays us 2,000¥ each plus an 1,800¥ bonus for securing the cargo. He did not seem mad we executed so many people on this “look-and-see” mission. 

I got distracted a bit in the action of the above scenes and, again, forgot to emphasize the “look-and-see” aspect of the mission. They backed themselves into a corner in letting the smugglers be caught by the Triad and then stealing their goods rather than tracking them to the facility.

Technically, they should have failed the mission as they never found out who the goods were going to or what they were for. The team had fun though (they’re really not the subtle type of group), and as mentioned I got distracted from the core of the mission, so I ended up giving them full credit on the run.

We investigate the cold storage place, but can’t realy think of much to do other then burglarize the place, so we leave. 

We sell the SMGs and get an extra 200¥ each.

PREVIOUS: Side Mission 05 – Eco Trouble
NEXT: Mission 22 – Backlash

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