D&D: Elderyn – Campaign Introduction

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This campaign is currently in play (now completed -ed) and will (as often as possible) feature session write ups based off our weekly sessions. Rather than having the players write the logs, I will be keeping notes of the sessions and writing them myself. As much as possible, I will keep the logs written from an “in game” perspective.

Out of game comments from the GM will be contained in block quotes like this. I will make notes like this as appropriate to discuss game mechanics, elaborate on the story or players, to summarize lengthy player discussions, or for any number of other reasons.

The adventure takes place in a psuedo homebrewed world based largely off the D&D “default” setting. As the game is a mini campaign, not much time has been spent on fleshing out the world beyond the areas the players are expected to interact with. Where possible, publicly available material has been used to quickly add detail without excessive prep time.

Tha players are using pre-generated charactes freely available on the Wizards of the Coast D&D website. For the game world, I am making use of a game map provided on the NewbieDM blog for his home campaign. For simplicity sake the campaign is named after the world map for the land mass shown on the map.

D&D: Elderyn - Campaign Map

D&D: Elderyn – Campaign Map

– Geoff

PREVIOUS: D&D: Elderyn – Home
NEXT: Character Bio: Clotor

2 Responses to “D&D: Elderyn – Campaign Introduction”

  1. 1 newbiedm
    23 November 2010 at 12:43

    Good luck!
    Nice map, btw…. 🙂


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