Side Mission 05 – Eco Trouble

Written by: Clint         Played on: 10 Sep 2010
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To preface, this mission was written after a Harn game I play in got cancelled last minute. Several of the players in that game also play in this Shadowrun campaign, so rather than not playing that evening, I got a few suggestions and then quickly wrote up a side mission on a plane flight home and ran it that evening for the crew. In my haste as well as individuals availability, only Clint, Marius, Wheeler and Cho were present for the game.

“Well it could’ve been worse” Clint explains to a concerned Phil. As the young dwarf picks bullet fragments out of his left arm.

“What the hell happened to you? Well, guess you’re weekend didn’t end as boring as it began, eh?” Asked Phil.

It’s Saturday, and Clint is up WAAAAAY to early.

As Clint stirs awake and rubs his eyes he wonders what he’s going to to before he and Phil blaze up. First to check the time, and if there’s any work.

“FUCK! What the Hell?!?!?! 11? In the morning? Goddamnit! Why the fuck am I up this early? Well, I’ll make some calls, see if I can at least make some cash.”

After an hour of checkin’…

“Nothing? Nothing! Nothing. Well might as well call the crew, see if anyone wants to hang-out.”

After a few missed calls, Wheeler answers.

“Hey Clint, what’s up?”

“Sooo, what’s up? Any plans for the day?”

“Naw man, just workin’ in the garage.”

“Want some company? I think my bike could use a tune-up.”

“Sure man, come on over, I’ll call Marius, see if he can help-out too”

After crossing successfully, hours later the three colleagues and friends are wrist deep in engine grease.

A few hours and a fistful of beers later (between Marius and myself), Wheeler tells us he got a call about a job, and that friends were welcome. We wash-up and shove-off. Something doesn’t feel right though as we all pull up to his buddies place. No response from his commlink, lights are out, even the doors ajar. Tension is high in the group as we move into the room.

There is a burst of light and noise!

I heavily played up the air of unease. Pilot, Wheeler’s friend, wasn’t answering his calls. The door was open. Things in the room were positioned such as to hide individuals behind them. The lights were out. When they turned on the lights, I described how several grizzled figures leapt out suddenly, figures who looked like they had probably killed many men in their lives.

I was kind of hoping one of my players would act first and question later, shooting one of Wheeler’s old buddies. No such luck this time.

As the room is filled with cheers of SUPRISE!!!

The rest of the night was a blur man, but I woke up the next morning with all my clothes. So it couldn’t been that bad of a night. I nearly pissed on Marius who’s head was buried in the toilet.

We limped into the living-room where Wheeler was chatting with three of his friends from last night, after introductions, we’re told of a job they could use help on tonight.

It was a kickass mission. Straight-up tactical shit. Breach an Ares facility, grab some intel, maybe steal a prototype vehicle and then level the facility. Wheeler’s buddies Spot, Node, and Shadow have our way in and out.

For some context for the mission, I did note to the team that they observed a news story on the Trid regarding a recent shipment coming out of Ares that had crashed off the east coast and was creating an ecological disaster in the area. Ares was doing their best to control the situation and the media, but reports were that they were getting significant threats from ecological activist groups.

I spent the rest of the day meditating my way out of a hangover. Nothing else to do until the mission starts. We make our way to the airfield and head-out.

In the chopper on the way some of the guys swapped stories, bragging about their respective guns. Spot most of all, I swear this guys gun was bigger than I was.

The three guys; Shadow, Node and Spot; were old Army buddies of Wheeler’s, from the same unit that was ultimately disbanded prior to his move to Denver. Shadow was their resident stealth and close combat expert. Node was a hacker and, for the three of them as a Shadowrunner team, often operated as their Face. Spot was the burliest of the guys and their weapons expert and demolitions man.

The three of them dropped comments about various missions they had been on during the flight out, while on site doing the mission and a few times as the team exited. The comments were intended to be more off hand remarks of the “Remember that time when…” variety. Some of them the players could have persued and asked further questions about, but they never bit.

The drop-off and hike into position goes smoothly. We get to the facility, one by one I turn the team invisible and they make their way into the grounds. Shadow, Marius, and Wheeler get through without a hitch, but Node gets his suit stuck on the fence!

So Wheeler and Marius have to take out a few of the patrolling guards. With the patrols taken out, we initiate the plan: Marius, Spot and myself work on setting up explosives, as Wheeler, Shadow, and Node get the data and take out the remaining guards.

As they move into the building Wheeler gets hit, everything goes blank until I’m over a mutilated body. I turn, clear headed and patch-up Wheeler. We get word from the crew that outside guards have been eliminated, but back-up may be on the way, and will be heavy.

Clint’s character has a guardian spirit that prevents him from fleeing a battle (I overlook this if they PLAN to flee at a certain point, this only applies to fleeing from battles where they’re being forced away) and also causes him to berserk when he sees one of his teammates get injuried (forcing him to attack that target without regard for his own safety). He can resist either of those impulses with a low Will save, which he often does, but the player often chooses to have Clint persue those ends as a means of staying in character.

Wheeler, Marius and I tear through the remaining guards, that’s where I got this nice new scar, Wheeler and Marius have their own to match. Node downloads the remaining info, and Spot sets the final explosive. Wheeler gets the vehicle opened up and the engine running, while Marius and I open the doors. Just in time too.

As everyone piles into the truck, the mistakable sound of closing helicopters fill the air. Wheeler plows through the remaining gate with ease as the two choppers begin their assault. With a combined effort from Marius and Spots gigantic turret of a gun, one of them goes down.

After I strike the second fucker with lightning, Marius pops the pilot between the eyes of the second chopper, and it nose dives. Reducing it to a pile of rubble.

After a few deep breaths Spot turns to us and says, “You think that was cool? Check this out!” And with a wide, shit-eating grin he produces a detonator and clicks the button. Instantly the area in the distance where the facility was standing was replaced by an eruption of fire and debris.

With the mission accomplished, we head to the pick-up site, the truck is airlifted separately, to be sold later.

They drop us off, and with a nod, and payment, we go our separate ways.

After getting dropped off I came home, we got high, and in a few days…

“I’m gonna get 15 big ones! So, like I said, It could’ve been worse, 17k and I just get a mystery frag in my arm. Not bad at all. So, what’s your poison? ‘Cause tonight, Clint’s buyin!!!!”

PREVIOUS: Side Mission 04 – The Bleeding Edge, Chapter 2
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