Mission 20 – Career Path – Part 2

Written by: Marius          Played on: 21 Aug 2010
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Originally, this scene was written to devolve into a gun fight no matter what. If the team tried to press the Vory pickup squad, they would instigate combat. If the team relented and left the target with them, they would instigate combat as soon as they turned their backs. It was also the only scene that offered a real block of combat, so I understood the intent but it felt odd that groups with high Vory faction ratings, as my group had, really had no opportunities to talk their way out.

I changed this scene around and decided that the likely enemy was going to be the Triad. Considering the teams heavy negative faction rating with that group, it seemed likely that there faces had gone out to most Triad thugs in Denver. This gave me a common enemy the teams could agree to beat upon, a point Tahja even made explicitely during the conversation. I still played the Vory as pretty inflexible, they would only agree to a truce if the team assisted in getting the mark back to their drop off point and would not be paid off or deterred. I also chose to tie Levi into the scene by telling him that he had worked with Tahja before (during a period of games early in the campaign where the player had not been able to attend, the character of Levi was said to be freelancing for the Vory).

It ended up giving the players the desired level of options for the scene without railroading them into any one particular outcome. It also gave the team a choice of options they were happy with. Or at least, they thought they would be happy with.

Levi approaches and asks to speak to Tahja in private, she refuses and states that Mr. Fitts has agreed to come willingly. The team has a quick pow-wow via sub vocal and decides that kidnapping this man is not outside the bounds of what we are willing to do. I am strongly apposed to it, but I must side with the team.

We ask Tahja to wait a moment while we call Marvin’s current employer, she agrees and the call is made. Harold of course denies any knowledge that Mr. Fitts was unhappy. He also tells us that the damn fool signed a LIFETIME contract. We ask about the possability of bringing him back his prototype, but not Mr. Fitts, he says he will pay us half.

After that call is complete we let Marvin and Tahja know the score. At this point Marvin informs us that the prototype is installed inside his brain. Lifetime contract, unproven hardware inside the head, Marvin’s decision making is being called into question, at least by this elf. The prototype fights the effects of aging. After knowing all this the team decides that kidnapping is in fact not going to be ok. We decide to take Marvin in to Tahja’s employer. Tasha says she will see about getting us some dough from her employer as compensation for her not having to try and kill us.

As we make our way towards the lot the youths follow, and we ask for Tahja’s help in killing them. She agrees as they will most likely open fire once we are clear of the civilians anyway.

We all yield the first move to Clint, who utilizes not the element of surprize, but rather the element of “oh shit I’m on fire” as he ignites one of the Triad. I open fire dropping one, Cho hits two, Levi pulls a pistol and scores a hit. All in all a great surprise action that seemed to catch the Triad unaware. It certainly caught most of the civialians in the mall unaware, the were all mostly frozen, pondering the question of whether they should shit or go blind.. an age old quandary.

Only one guy remains undamaged, but that trend is ended quickly when his arm is engulfed in flame, no doubt Clint’s work. As I am unloading my SMG on that guy I notice that there are other Triad heading in from the wings of the mall from all directions, they immediately attack Tahja and her Vory. My concentration on my next shot is interupted by a searing pain in my left shoulder as my armored coat is torn asunder with machine pistol fire. The screaming civilians do not seem to affect Levi and Cho, who dispatch Traid with their pistols.

Thank goodness at this point Wheeler shows up and throws me my rifle and Levi his shotgun. I utilize this rifle to shoot a guy out of the air which Clint just levitated. At this point everyone skips a beat as Tahja emits a stream of fire from her hands like a god damned flame thrower. As another airborn guy returns fire, he explodes into a fine red mist when Wheeler pops him with a Panther assault cannon. At this point I am so entertained I am thinking we should shoot trap with all our enemies.

Clint sees one of us take a round, I am not even sure who, and he then goes berserk like I have never seen; I honestly think I peed a little out of fear. With Clint’s left blade in he lifts the Triad off the ground and stabs him repeatedly with his right, prison style. At this point everyone kind of mops up, one of the Russians finishes his own stab-o-thon while I finish off another Triad, Cho kills a third. Tajha burninates the fuck out of a guy. As we notice most everyone is dead Levi takes the opportunity to cast heal on a few of us, I feel much better. The fleeing Triad are being pot shotted by a few of us. Wheeler liquifies one, Cho takes a guys head off with a katana, you know, the usual.

We hear sirens and it’s time to leave, everyone can sense my disappointment as I do not have time to loot the bodies. Tahja says “Follow me” and we do, she however is not doing so well and we fear she may run into police, so Wheeler jumps into the lead. Clint manages to keep up on his bike. We make it back to the Do-It-Yourself storage place the Russians use a lot, Arctic Cold Storage. Mikael meets us, he looks pleased.

Marvin Fitts however, looks quite confused. He asks if this is Harbor Tech and no one answers him, I start to get a nasty feeling we have, in fact, still kidnapped someone, just for someone else. Mikael thanks us for our service, he will pay us 2,280¥ each for seeing things Tahja’s way. I think most of the team is more interested in looking good in the eyes of the Russians. Levi, however, appears not to get this and starts shooting off at the mouth about how the Russians have damaged our reputation and we need more money as compensation for that. This is one of those instances I frequently talk about in these logs where I wonder why we don’t just get another medic and leave this asshat bleeding to death in a gutter somewhere. The Russian assures us that we will be rewarded eventually. Mikael gives us our cred sticks and we leave.

I make a call to our original employer and explain the situation. He gets quite upset and eventually just terminates the call. Clint calls Tabby to let her know what went down, we make reference to the fact that had the Johnson not lied to us, this might have gone much smoother. She is a little upset, but understanding.

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